Jobs Announced by the Federal Public Service Commission for 2022

Jobs Announced by the Federal Public Service Commission for 2022
The Federal Public Service Commission, often known as the FPSC, is one of the top government agencies that offers jobs to residents of Punjab and Pakistan. The FPSC makes sure that when it comes to dispersing jobs among the general population, openness and merit are protected at all costs.

For the people of Pakistan, the Federal Public Service Commission has announced a number of Federal Public Position Jobs under the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Overseas Pakistani, and Ministry of Human Resource Development, among other departments, beginning on July 1, 2022. This is a great chance for FPSC applicants who have tried before but were unsuccessful to get back on their feet by applying for government jobs. There are currently 186 open positions.

Jobs Announced by the Federal Public Service Commission for 2022

FPSC jobs

   Jobs Federal Public Service Commission for 2022

Private Secretary assistant (BS-16)
The assistant private secretary offers a range of tasks, including answering phones, managing mail, scheduling appointments, etc. Shorthand speed must be at least 100 words per minute and typing speed must be 50 words per minute in order to qualify for this employment. Candidates must also be computer savvy. There are 52 open positions in total for this role. There are openings in 16 departments.

Professor (Male) (BS-17)

The lecturer offers several services, including instruction and training. A second division or C grade equivalent certificate in the appropriate discipline from a university recognized by HEC is required for this post. The total number of open positions is 89. The Ministry of Defense is in charge of this position. Age restrictions range from 22 to 28 years old plus a five-year general age relaxation.

Other Important Unfinished Business

The FPSC has also made available a number of other job openings, including Junior Ordinance Management Officer (04 vacancies), Junior Scientific Officer (01 vacancies), Statistical Officer (07 vacancies), Social Welfare Officer (01 vacancies), Demonstrator Male (03 vacancies), Assistant Professor Female (11 vacancies), Armament Supply Officer (01 vacancies), Dietitian (01 vacancies), Research Officer (01 vacancies), Veterinary Officer (02 vacancies), Deputy Scientific Adviser (01 (01 vacancy) Inspector (01 vacancy), Assistant Inspector General (01 vacancy), Translator (01 vacancy), Senior Psychologist (01 vacancy), ENT Specialist (01 vacancy), Appraising/Valuation officer (02 vacancy), and Preventive Officer are the positions that are now open (01 vacancy)

Instructions for Application Submission

Applicants are urged to read the general instructions before applying since the eligibility of candidates will be decided in accordance with the Commission’s policy, which has been relocated to the FPSC website. Candidates must submit their applications through the FPSC website at, and they are only allowed to revise them once before the deadline in order to fix any problems.

Candidates for the FPSC are reminded that the application deadline is July 18, 2022.

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