Dow University DUHS Merit List 2023 MBBS and BDS

For those who were selected, Dow University of Health Sciences has released its DUHS Merit List 2023 MBBS. The first, second, and final lists of merit are now available to applicants who submitted for DUHS admission into the MBBS program 2023. The candidates who satisfy the requirements and have done so have taken the test. To complete the DUHS Admission Test preparation, you must take the Dow University of Health Sciences Entry Test 2023. You may now see the eligibility list by going here if you were a candidate to be considered for MBBS admission to the Dow University of Health Science. Karachi’s Dow University of Health Sciences The official announcement of the DUHS Dow Medical College Entry Test Results, Answer Key, and Merit List for the MBBS/BDS Course for Admission 2023 will be made here. Candidates awaiting the MDCAT DUHS Merit List 2023.

First, Second, and Third Check the DUHS Merit List 2023 Online at The 2023 MBBS aspirants who made the DUHS Merit List have been announced by Dow University of Health Sciences. The initial, second, and final merit lists are now available for applicants applying for DUHS admission to the MBBS program in 2023. The test was taken by applicants who complied with the prerequisites. The cutoff date for finishing this DUHS admission Test preparation is 2023 for the Dow University of Health Sciences Admission Test. Here you may see the online entry test results as well as the first, third, and second merit lists, as well as the merit lists that are accessible through this website.


Dow University DUHS Merit List 2023 MBBS and BDS


DUHS Merit List 2023

Download the Dow University DUHS Merit List 2023.

The first, second, third, and fourth merit lists for the MBBS program at Dow Medical College in Karachi are expected to be made available to all applicants who have registered to sit the admission test on November 29, 2023. According to an official announcement, if you are one of the applicants who has filed for admission and is looking for your merit list, you are on the correct track to getting your merit list.

First Merit List for Dow University

You can use on this website to seek something up based on the admission announcement, which is also posted on this page. This website is for the admission test that will be administered on November 13, 2023. For additional information about the call lists for interviews at the DUHS Main campus and Sub-campuses, check this website frequently.

Second Merit List for Dow University

The Sindh government established the public research medical institute known as DUHS. You’re on the proper road to getting your merit list, according to the official, if you’re one of the applicants who applied for admission and are seeking their merit list. According to the new laws and guidelines for the medical industry, the Sindh Government.

3rd Merit List for Dow University

As a result, you may anticipate that the Merit List will be revealed following the admission test. You don’t need to look elsewhere to get your merit list precisely and completely since this website will provide you with all the information you need to know about merit lists, protecting you from missing anything.

final merit list for Dow University

There is no need to search elsewhere to receive your merit list precisely and thoroughly since this page will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on merit lists. If you want to be on the DUHS Merit List 2023 before other students, it is advised that you visit this page.

SR Description Action
1. MBBS Merit List Download
2. BDS Merit List Download
3. 1st Merit List Download
4. 2nd Merit List Download
5. 3rd Merit List Download
6. Final Merit list Download
7. Self Support Merit list Download
8. Reserved Quota List Download
9. Selected Candidates List Download

Selected Candidates for Dow University DUHS Merit List 2023

To ensure that the general public is informed, PM&DC is recognizing the DUHS as a very reputable university that enrolls students only based on merit and operates in Pakistan. They offer knowledgeable professors who instruct pupils. Numerous individuals graduate from this university each year for free and go on to careers in medicine.

MBBS BDS Dow University DUHS Merit List 2023

Dow University of the Science in Health A premier medical school in the public sector, Dow University of Health Science offers its students a top-notch education. Merit List 2023

Students can use this website to submit their admissions applications and to view notifications regarding admission. Students who took the DUHS Admission Test and applied for admission to the MBBS program can look at their test results. The results of the Entrance Test have been made public by DUHS, and those who were chosen have received merit lists. We are informed that the Merit List is one of the most important factors in the admissions process since it is always used to determine whether or not applicants are qualified to be admitted. It follows that it is obvious that no candidate will be admitted to the DUHS 2023 procedure if he or she is unable to add their name to the Merit List.

Address and Phone Number for DUHS

Phone: (92-21-99215754-57) and (38771000)

 E-mail: [email protected].

Address: Baba-e-Urdu Road, Karachi, Pakistan, 74200



Q: What percentage is required for admission to Dow University?

Ans: Minimum cumulative grades of 60% in intermediate science (pre-medical) or “A” Level” or an exam of equal standing

Q: How many seats are there in Dow Medical College MBBS?

Ans: A constituent institution of Dow University of Health Sciences, DIMC enrolls 150 MBBS students annually to facilitate access to medical education for the offspring of Pakistanis living abroad. By PM&DC’s instructions, DIMC uses an annual method.

Q: Is Dow a private medical college?

Ans: The Dow International Medical College, which is owned by the government and located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, is accredited by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). Only 150 pupils are permitted to enroll each year.

Q: How are Dow components selected?

Ans: There are no set criteria for inclusion in the Dow components, which are determined by S&P Dow Jones Indices. Generally speaking, firms that make up the Dow should be well-known and substantial. However, they don’t rank among the top 30 businesses in the market (a common misconception).

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