Driven Innovation Fund 2023 by Ignite from 10 Million to 100 Million

The Challenge-Driven Innovation Fund, supported by PKR: 10 million to 100 million, is now available, according to IGNITE. The Challenge-Driven Innovation Fund 2023 aims to promote interdisciplinary, collaborative research in the strategic priority fields relevant to the Pakistani industry and society today and in the future. Driven Innovation Fund 2023 by Ignite from 10 Million to 100 Million The purpose is to request the innovators’ assistance in addressing the issues facing the nation. Research proposal submissions must come from a group of individuals who are affiliated with academic institutions, businesses, or research organizations. Merit will be given to project participation from businesses, the government, or other pertinent organizations.

Driven Innovation Fund 2023 by Ignite from 10 Million to 100 Million



 Fund by Ignite 

The coordinator must submit the proposal on behalf of the consortium, which must include at least two independent legal entities with a physical presence in Pakistan (such as a university or research organization and an industry). The application deadline is August 7, 2023, and the legal entities can be universities, research organizations, big businesses, or SMEs.
Smart Mobility & Transportation

Environmental Change & Climate

Agriculture enabled by ICT

Wellness & Health

Learning & Education

Adaptive Energy

Smart Communities & Cities

Digital Life

Reliability, Security, and Safety

Connectivity & Interoperability in the Digital Industry

ANALYSIS PROCESS Themes for IGNITE Research funding

Grants will be awarded in accordance with international standards for funding research and innovation projects through an open, exacting, transparent, competitive, and merit-based process.


The estimated budget range for challenge-driven innovation projects is Rs. 10 million to Rs. 100 million, with a maximum project length of 3 years. Co-financing by industry partners, including in-kind and monetary contributions, will be regarded favorably and is a sign of support from the industry. It would be ideal if the initiatives had complementary finance. The lead partner institution will be responsible for distributing and managing the grant awards. The following activities may be funded by the project budget:

Based on the amount of time invested in the project, the PI and copies salaries are determined.
Stipends for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral scholars to carry out research and innovation activities, such as developing and testing products
Travel to attend meetings at home and abroad to deliver research findings and to promote the research proposal
Processing charges for publishing research findings in open-access journals
having a patent
the acquisition and upkeep of suitable, certified tools and materials needed to carry out the suggested research
institution-wide expenses
The award will include money for the problem-solving portion (i.e., it will be released only if there is demonstrable evidence of success in solving a problem). low expenses for research and development





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