FC College Undergraduates Admission 2023 Last Date

According to Forman Christian College Lahore, admission would be accepted beginning with the 2023 academic year. Applications are being welcomed from local, international, and Pakistani students from abroad who want to enroll in one of two undergraduate bachelor’s degree programmes. FC College Undergraduates Admission 2023 For candidates who took part in Intermediate Part 2 examinations, FC College Undergraduate Admission 2023 Deadline has been set by Forman Christian College Lahore. It is based on the educational system used in America.

Applications are being accepted for the earliest FC College Undergraduates Admission 2023 at Forman Christian College. Admissions are now being accepted for the BA, BSc, MA, MSC, FSc, and I.Com programmes. All qualified applicants may submit an application for FC admission by the deadline. The advertisement also lists the eligibility requirements. Fill out the application completely and enrol in FC College right now. The FC College Lahore has a large number of faculties, including the executive, business administration, and commerce faculties. Here, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on the application process, the FCC Lahore fee schedule, and the application deadline. The FC portal has been established, and the application process is live.

FC College Undergraduates Admission 2023 Last Date

FC College Undergraduates Admission 2023

FC College Undergraduates Admission 2023 Apply Online

It is acknowledged by HEC, nonetheless, and both its baccalaureate (Hons) and the other degrees adhere to that HEC regulation. Students can submit an online application for admission to a BA or BS degree. Before Pakistan gained its independence, Forman Christian College (FCC) in Lahore was one of the nation’s oldest educational institutions.

Online Application for FC College Admission 2023

Online FC College Admission Application 2023 – The deadline for students who participated in the Intermediate Part 2 examinations has been made public by Forman Christian College Lahore. Admissions for Forman Christian College FC for 2023 are now available. Interested students can enrol in FC College. On social media, word has spread that FC College is now accepting new students. A prestigious university, Forman Christian College, is accepting applications for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programmes. You may read more about some fundamental FC College entrance requirements in the paragraph above. In this part, you can learn more about FC’s registration process, programme offerings, fee structure, and other topics.

FC College Lahore Admission Deadline and Costs 2023

Admissions to Forman Christian (FC) College in Lahore are formally notified, and applications with the necessary information are requested. For admission to several graduate and undergraduate programmes including FA, FSc, ICS, ICom, BA, BSc, BS (Hons), BBA (Hons), MBA, MBA Executive, MA, MSc, MS, MPhil, and PhD in various academic subjects, candidates must meet the prerequisites.

  • FC College admission 2023 Last date is  25 July 2023
  • FC College Entry Test 2023 date is  27 – 29 July 2023

Regarding FC College:

Dr Charles Forman, a US missionary, had a vision for FC College Lahore, which came true in 1864. Lahore Mission College was the previous name of Forman Christian College. The HEC granted FCC Lahore the status of a university in 2004 and authorized the introduction of degree programmes in numerous fields.

Admissions FCCU Lahore

Talented individuals are encouraged to apply to a variety of degree programmes at FCC University Lahore since admissions there are solely based on merit. Don’t forget to read the following paragraphs for information on the FCCU Lahore admission process, how to download the admission form, the most recent FC fee schedule, the eligibility requirements and requirements for admission, the schedule of the entry test, the FC college merit list, scholarships, and job openings.

Admissions to Forman Christian College Lahore 2023 [Complete Guide]:

Admissions to Forman Christian College in Lahore are now open. Famous publications publish admissions advertisements (see ad below). The admissions announcement lists several degree programmes, including FA, FSc, ICS, ICom, BA (Hons), BSc, BS (Hons), BBA (Hons), MBA, and MBA.

MBA, MSc, MS, MPhil, and PhD.

At Forman Christian College University, certain academic programmes are provided yearly, while others are semester-based. Admissions for degree programmes are proposed by FCC Lahore twice a year, during the spring and autumn semesters.

Fee Schedule for FC College Lahore 2023:

The FC College University in Lahore offers a high-quality education at extremely reasonable costs. Fees are needed each year for yearly programmes, and each semester for programmes using the semester system. The registration charge, entrance fee, tuition price, library fee, and sports fund make up Forman Christian College’s pricing structure. The following is a description of the FC College Lahore fee schedule for degree programmes in 2023:

 Degree Programs Fee Structure
FA (arts) First year Rs. 201500/-
FSc (Science) First year Rs. 201500/-
ICom (Commerce Subjects) First year Rs. 201500/-
ICS (Computer Science) First year Rs. 201500/-
FSc, ICS, ICom Second year Rs. 163000/-
BA (Hons) Rs. 358,200/-
BS (Hons) Rs. 358,200/-
BBA (Hons) Rs. 536,700/-
BSCS (Hons) Rs. 454,800/-
MSc Rs. 157,500/-
MS, MPhil Rs. 157,500/-
PhDs Rs. 182,000/-
MBAs Rs. 550,000/-

 Online Admission Form for FC University 2023

Any student wanting to apply for admission to a BA or BS degree can do so online. This contains subjects like chemistry, business, Urdu, Statistics, English, Biology, Education, Economics, Physics, Mathematics, Geography, Political Sciences, History, and much more. Since there are deadlines for submissions, you must submit your application by those dates. that are not satisfied are not taken into account.

Last Date for FC College Undergraduate Admission 2023

For bachelor’s degree programmes like BA/BS, you must obtain the FC College Undergraduate Admission 2023 Last Date Form if you want to get admitted to Forman Christian College Lahore (Hons) After that, carefully review all of the admissions material and the necessary paperwork, including a copy of your test results and a character reference letter from the previous college or university you attended.

Admission Criteria FCC College Lahore  Submission of Application Forms

Christian College of Forman The admission deadline for the Fall Session at FCC College Lahore is 2023. You must check your eligibility here if you want to apply for admission to FCC College Lahore. Submission Forms Following the submission of the admission application, the submission dates and timetable, together with the results of the exam for college entry and the Final Merit Lists, are released here.

 Forman Christian College University (FCCU), Lahore Admission 2023

The main account office for Forman Christian College, which is housed in the Ahmed Saeed building, as well as online on this website, both include the undergraduate admission form. A four-year degree programme in America is known as a baccalaureate. In Pakistan, undergraduate degree programmes last four years, therefore this is equal.

 fcc Intermediate Admissions 2023

Everything you need to know about Forman Christian College University Lahore (FCCUL) admissions for the autumn of 2023 is on this page. Form for BA and BSC Admission to Forman Christian FC College in Lahore in 2023 This page also provides access to additional details, such as the deadlines for submitting payments and the dates for the admission examinations and, later, the merit list. The Fall Undergraduate Admission Program 2023 for Students in 26 Major Disciplines has been announced by Forman Christian College University Lahore. Admissions for the Fall Session of 2023 have been announced by Forman Christian College FCC College Lahore. Review the qualifying requirements listed below if you want to get admitted to FCC College Lahore.


How can I become a student at FC College?

You must submit an online application to be considered for admission to the FA, FSc, ICS, ICom, undergraduate, master’s, or postgraduate degree programmes. For admission to a variety of academic programmes at FC College University Lahore, you can submit an online application. At each stage, further information on how to complete the entry form is provided.

For intermediate students, is FC College Co?

For FC College undergraduate admission in 2023, go here.
Forman Christian College offers a full-time, two-year, English-medium intermediate curriculum for male students. FCCU provides the following topic alternatives in addition to the subjects mandated by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Lahore: Pre-engineering in the sciences.

public university Is the FCC?

The institution relocated to its current expansive campus of more than 100 acres on the picturesque banks of the Lahore Canal in 1940. The government nationalized the college in 1972. On March 19, 2003, it was given back to the college’s current proprietors. The government gave FCCU university status in March 2004.

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