Income Tax Calculator for Salaried Persons for 2022–2023

Income Tax Calculator 2022–23 for Salaried Persons for the benefit of the workers. The employees may quickly and easily compute their monthly and yearly taxes. Income Tax Calculator for Salaried Persons for 2022–2023 I’m providing this  The specifics are as follows: Income Tax Calculator for Salaried Persons for 2022–2023. This straightforward calculator is for BPS-01 through BPS22 employees. You may view the entire tax that the accounts office will withhold from your paychecks, as well as your taxable income.

Income Tax Calculator for Salaried Persons for 2022–2023


How does the calculator function?

To obtain the results, you must simply provide the following values:

Number of the Basic Pay Scale (BPS-01 to BPS-22)

gross monthly salary

How much house rent allowance do you receive? Just a yes or a no

Findings from the Calculator

You will obtain the following results after providing the aforementioned information:

Income Taxable Each Year

yearly tax

recurring tax

gross income

Gross salary is the term used to refer to the total amount of pay and benefits, which typically includes the Basic Salary, House Rent Allowance, Conveyance Allowance, Medical Allowance, Ardali Allowance, Adhoc Allowances, Special Allowances, Disparity Reduction Allowance, and any other type of pay or benefit.

Gross Salary is not the amount that remains after GP Fund, Advances, Group Insurance, or Benevolent Fund have been subtracted. It’s known as net salary.

Difference in House Rent Allowance

انکم ٹیکس کیلکولیٹر میں ہائوس رینٹ الائونس کا فرق پڑ سکتا ہے خصوصاً جو نہیں لے رہے۔ مختلف صوبوں میں ہائوس رینٹ کی ریشو الگ الگ ہے، وفاق میں 67 پوائنٹ 5 پرسنٹ ہے۔ یا تو اس کالم کو اوپن چھوڑ دیا جائے اور کیلکولیشن کرنے والا اپنا ہائوس رینٹ امائونٹ خود درج کرے۔ اپنے سکیل کے ریٹ کے حساب سے۔ جو آپ چاہیں۔ اس کیلکولیٹر میں ہائوس رینٹ 67 پوائنٹ 5 فی صد کیلکولیٹ ہورہا ہے

There could be some variations in how the House Rent Allowance is calculated. The same is true in that certain cities have higher HRA rates than other ones.

Prior to this, I briefed the staff on Pakistani salaried individuals’ income tax rates and slabs for the years 2022–2023. This Notification serves as the foundation for the same calculator.

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