Niazi Medical College Merit List 2023 MBBS/BDS

The Niazi Medical College Merit List 2023 MBBS, BDS is now being finalized, and the merit list has been created. Merit lists will be issued in January 2023, according to the organization’s official announcement. This is a list of applicants who have been chosen for a variety of programs based on their achievement in the entrance exam that the institution conducted. This is a complete description of the Niazi Medical College Merit List 2023 MBBS, BDS Merit List. The most recent Merit List 2023 for MBBS, BDS, OTA, Diploma in Nursing, DPT, BS Nursing, BS, MS, and many other programs is available at Pakmcqs. pk at this time. On this page, students will soon be able to study the whole final and selected list of applicants for the MBBS regular and self-support courses for the Evening and Morning sessions. The Niazi Medical and Dental College Merit List 2023 is available here. It is published on the university’s official website following the release of the admission test results. Test Results and the Fee Schedule for the Morning and Evening Sessions of 2023 for the MBBS and BDS Regular and Self-Support Courses check on this page.

Niazi Medical College Merit List 2023 Online

Ten kilometers outside of Sargodha city on Lahore Road are the Niazi Medical & Dental College and the Niazi Welfare Foundation Teaching Hospital. M/S Niazi Medical & Dental College (Private) Ltd. manages the college. The best faculty members are extremely knowledgeable because they have worked in the field of medicine for a long time and are able to provide their services at the present time they transfer their experience to students about to enrol, according to PMC Niazi Hospital. This hospital claims that it offers students a skilled and comprehensive education in a superior manner.

Niazi Medical College Meri List 2023 1st, 2nd and 3rd

First, Second, and Third Place Merit Lists for Niazi Medical and Dental College will be made public when individuals who have filed their applications and are waiting for the merit lists are anticipated to view it on this website within the next few days. There’s no need to be concerned about them. It will appear on the page after they make the announcement. You will be permitted in if your name is on the list at the top.

MBBS Merit List for Niazi Medical College 2023

On this website, you may obtain the Niazi Medical College Sargodha Merit List for 2023 MBBS admissions. The dates for the merit list are being awaited by students who have been accepted into the MBBS programme. We are pleased to inform you that the Merit List will be live on 2023. This implies that if you want to see the merit list right now, you must check this website.

BDS Merit List for Niazi Medical College 2023

The final chosen applicants as well as the Niazi Medical College Entrance BDS merit list, waiting lists self-finance merit list, and reserved seats merit list will be published on this page. For frequent updates on the results of the NMDC Entrance Exam and the applicant call list for interviews, visit this website.

DPT Merit List for Niazi Medical College 2023

The merits lists will be made available on our website within the next few days to everyone who was able to submit an application for DPT and is eager to see them. New students have been accepted by the institution for the next term. To get admitted, a sizable number of candidates have submitted applications. Yet admissions choices are made after a merit-based evaluation.

Niazi Medical College Merit List 2023 MBBS/BDS

Niazi Medical College Merit List 2023

 Niazi Medical College Merit List 2023 AHS

We are pleased to inform you that the AHS Merit list will begin to be made public by the end of the month of January 2023. This indicates that there is no need for concern. You’ll be there if they make the announcement. The admissions procedure will start once they publish the Niazi Medical College AHS Merit list for 2023. As soon as possible, check this page for further details about the merit lists.

  Niazi Medical College Self-Finance Merit List 2023

According to the organization’s release, the merit list will probably be revealed around the start of January 2023. Students interested in applying to MBBS and BDS programmes eagerly await the release of the merit list. It’s competition time, and each school chooses candidates based on their qualifications. Therefore, this is what takes place. The first, third, and second self-financing Niazi Dental and Medical College merit lists will be released as soon as is practical.

 Niazi Medical College Admissions Result 2023

The latest recent rankings and results for 2023 MBBS, BDS, AHS, OTA, Diploma in Nursing DPT BS Nursing, BS, MS, and other programmes are now available on Students can visit this website to check the whole and chosen lists of applicants before submitting their applications for the morning and evening sessions of the MBBS Regular and Self-support courses.

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 Niazi Medical College Closing Merit 2023

Yet the merits list will be used to determine the applicant’s final outcome. The whole information about Niazi Medical College Sargodha Admission 2023 Application Form, Fee Structure, and Admissions Procedure Information can be downloaded on this website by those who desire to get admitted into the MBBS as well as the BDS programme.

1. 1st Merit List Download
2. 2nd Merit List Download
3. Self-Finance Merit List Download

Niazi Medical College Provisional Merit List

The merit list, however, will be used to make the ultimate selection. The whole information about the Niazi Medical College Sargodha Admission 2023 Cost Structure, application form, admission procedure, and other facts is available on this website for those who seek to get accepted to the MBBS or BDS programmes.

NMDC Fee Schedule

The 2023 Niazi Medical and Dental College Fee Schedule is accessible online. See the 2023 tuition and fees for Niazi Medical and Dental College.

Sr. No Niazi Medical And Dental College Fee Structure MBBS
1. 1st Year Rs 1,428,000
2. 2nd Year Rs 1,374,994
3. 3rd Year Rs 1,472,812
4. 4th Year Rs 1,577,966
5. 5th Year Rs 1,691,008
6. Total Excluding Miscellaneous Charges = Rs 7,544,780

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