UCMD Merit List 2023 MBBS & BDS Check Online

UCMD Merit List 2023 MBBS & BDS 1st Provisional, 2nd, 3rd, and Final Merit list check from this page. The UCMD Merit List 2023 for MBBS and BDS programs has been released. Obtain the 2023 University College of Medicine and Density Lahore merit list. Here you may find the UCMD MBBS and BDS merit list for 2023. Every year, the institution offers the MDCAT admissions exam. There are many applicants taking the UCMD test. Candidates for open merit and self-finance are listed separately on the merit list. We highlight the main components of the fall/spring UCMD merit list in this post. The students who were waiting for the UCMD merit list for 2023 no longer must. Additionally, PMC monitors the MDCAT procedure and upholds the merit, fairness, and openness policies. We divulge the merit list, score, and answer key for the UCMD admission test. To receive the UCMD second, third, fourth, and fifth merit lists, keep checking this website.

Download the UCMD Merit List 2023 MMBS & BDS

The University College of Medical & Dentistry publishes online merit lists for both boys and girls. Candidates may, however, be admitted on a self-financing basis. Until all slots are filled by qualified applicants, UCMD will present a merit list. Candidates should wait for a subsequent merit list if their names don’t appear on the first and second merit lists. The self-supporting University of Punjab is UCMD Lahore.

UCMD Lahore Merit List 2023

UCMD courses and degrees have been accredited by HEC and PMC. The management of the UCMD is done by the University of Health Sciences Lahore. At UCMD, honesty, justice, and merit are paramount. 75 seats for BDS and 150 seats for MBBS are permitted by PMC at UCMD. Based on MDCAT results, it enrolls for the designated seats. The MBBS and BDS programmes at University College of Medical & Dentistry are well-known.

UCMD Merit List 2023 MBBS & BDS Check Online

UCMD Merit List 2023

UCMD Merit List 2023 at ucmd.uol.edu.pk

Since the university’s founding, several doctors have graduated from it. For the ill mankind, they are working in Pakistan and abroad. Because of this, several organisations have praised UCMD’s contributions to mankind. It is now linked to hospitals that educate medicine. To receive news updates about the Ucmd.uol.edu.pk merit list 2023 and other topics, keep checking our website.

 UCMD Final Merit List

The University College of Medicine and Dentistry’s morning and evening and spring/fall merit lists are available online. The deadline for the merit list is keenly anticipated by students who took the MDCAT admission test. We’d like to let you know that the university’s official website has posted the merit list for the college of medicine and dentistry. It is a private institution called the University College of Medicine and Dentistry.

Admission to the University College of Medicine and Dentistry 2023

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re seeking for the University College of Medicine and Dentistry UCMD Merit List 2023 1st 3rd, 2nd, as well as the Final Merit List. The preliminary and final merit lists of UCMD are available to applicants. The institution recently stated that it had completed the entrance test and accepted applications for all of its programmes. On the official website, you may see the merit list.

UCMD Merit List 2023 MBBS

Additionally, UHS arranges MDCAT for UCMD once a year. For admission to MBBS and BDS programmes, MDCAT passing is required. Regarding admittance, there is no differentiation between men and women. Equal opportunities are available for admission to UCMD for both sexes. PMC has a relationship with University College of Medical & Dentistry. It must thus adhere to the MDCAT exam.

UCMD First Merit List 2023

You must use the login portal on the official website if you want to view the University College of Medicine and Dentistry’s (UCMD) first merit list. To view the merit list 2023, an applicant must physically present in the admission test. All programme merit lists for the main campus and satellite campuses are available online at the institution.

 UCMD Second Merit List 2023

The official notice of the UCMD 2nd merit list 2023 has now been posted on the admission authority’s website. Students must obtain the online merit list and search for their name if they are anticipating the UCMD 2nd merit list. By the deadline, admission forms must be submitted by candidates on the second merit list. Download the online merit list

UCMD Third Merit List  2023 at ucmd.uol.edu.pk

The University College of Medicine and Dentistry (UCMD) released the third merit list of students who did not match the requirements of the UCMD’s first and second merit lists after the second merit list procedure was complete. A candidate’s admission form and fee must be submitted as soon as feasible if their name appears on the third merit list. The university allots a specific number of days for payment of all dues.

UCMD Final Merit List 2023 for MBBS

A student-centered learning environment, collaborative, evidence-based healthcare practitioners, and research and critical thinking training are all goals of UCMD. The university wants to establish itself as a respected and well-known institution. Create skilled healthcare personnel equipped to handle issues in the future.

SR Title Action
1. MBBS 12th Selection List Download
2. MBBS 11th Selection List Download
3. MBBS 10th Selection List Download
4. MBBS 9th Selection List Download
5. MBBS 8th Selection List Download
6. BDS 8th Selection List Download
7. MBBS 7th Selection List Download
8. BDS 7th Selection List Download
9. MBBS 6th Selection List Download
10. BDS 6th Selection List Download
11. MBBS 5th Selection List Download
12. BDS 5th Selection List Download
13. MBBS 4th Selection List Download
14. BDS 4th Selection List Download
15. MBBS 3rd Selection List Download
16. BDS 3rd Selection List Download
17. MBBS 2nd Selection List Download
18. BDS 2nd Selection List Download
19. MBBS First Selection List Download
20. BDS First Selection List Download
21. MBBS Final Merit List Download
22. BDS Final Merit List Download

The Medical & Dental Colleges Admissions Test is known as MDCAT. This test is created by PMC ETC for those who want to become physicians. Dear aspirants, we have covered all the details regarding the UCMD merit list for 2023. Additionally, you may learn more from us in the comment area. Award list. UCMD merit lists. MBBS 12th Merit List * BDS 14th Merit List is accessible at this URL.

Check UCMD Merit List

Contact Information of UCMD:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +92 42 111-865-865
  • Official Website: ucmd.uol.edu.pk
  • Address: Defence Road Lahore, Pakistan

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