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The followers of Islam live their life according to Islam. Many prophets delivered the message of Islam to people. Islam teaches the words of Allah was revealed by the prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) .and Muhammad SAW is the last prophet and Allah .here we provide all facts of Islam. Muslims believe that text and tradition were delivered to Muhammad SAW by angle Hazrat Gabriel. All angles and their work describe in tests. The holy book Quran Majeed is the massage of Allah. The Quran describes the five pillars of Islam. Shahada, Namaz, Roza, Hajj, zakat are the basics of Islam. Hazrat Muhammad traveled Mecca to Medina with supporter Hazrat Abu Bakr. This journey is known as hijra.

By attempting our quiz on Islamic studies you will be able to know about your weakness. On the website, all subjects and categories are provided which are included in the jobs test. Every single test will be helpful for students in the preparation and analysis of their level of knowledge. Some people did not afford the coaching and teachers’ fees for study and preparation of test. So preparation through our site is free of cost. Candidates should have a piece of good knowledge after preparing for all tests. We provided the best content for the preparation of any type of Islamic study.

Islamic Studies test Mcqs Online preparation

Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies

The first Ummayed Caliph was?

The color of the first Islamic flag was?

In Hajj, touching the Black Stone is called?

In Hajj, stoning the Devil is known as:

Which surah starts without “Bismillah” ?

How many surah does the Holy Quran contains?

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