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Biology is a major subject in college and university. We covered all topics for example biology introduction MCQs, diagnostic, molecules, enzymes, the cells, verity of life MCQs, kingdom monera MCQs, kingdom protests fungi planate Animalia, bioenergetics, nutrition, Homeostasis, support and movement MCQs, coordination and control, growth, and development, chromosome and DNA MCQs, cell cycle MCQs, variation genetics MCQs and biotechnology.


These MCQs are taken from 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th subjects .these MCQS are usually asked in ISSB test AKPSC, BPSC, SPSC, CSS, armed forces (Pak air force Navy Army). If you should not afford the fees of the academies and teachers so come to our website. The preparation from our site is free of cost. gives a Golden Facility You Can Spend some Minutes on biology section and prepared you to get success in jobs of ISSB Armed and universities entry tests

biology Test Mcqs Online Preparation

Biology Mcqs

Biology Mcqs

Which is a parasitic plant?

True roots absent in

The mechanism for ATP synthesis is

Enzyme present in the saliva is

Nitrogen is present in

Fungi resemble plants because they lack

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