HEC HAT Test 2024 Answer Key Roll No Slip Result

You may find it up here if you’re looking for the roll number slip and results for the HEC HAT Test and Merit List for 2024. HEC has released the HEC HAT Test 2024 Roll No Slip Result, which is available on this page. The test’s answer key has now been released by HEC. Students can evaluate the outcomes with the help of this key. It is the Higher Education Aptitude, a test that is given to applicants who wish to enroll in MS and MPhil programs at various universities connected to HEC. The test is given every year, and thousands of candidates sign up to take it. Additionally, HEC made official the results of the HEC HAT Test 2023 Roll No Slip. The test is divided into four sections: HAT-1, HAT-2, HAT-3, and HAT-4. The test outcome is valid for two years. The test’s answer key has now been made accessible by the administrators. This website, students may check out. Students interested in the HEC HAT Test Result 2024 Roll No Slip can bookmark this website and check back later.

Important Dates for the 2024 HEC HAT Test

  • The HEC HAT exam registration deadline is September 12, 2024.
  • Test execution: September 25, 2024

HEC HAT Test 2024 Higher Education Aptitude

Higher Commission of Pakistan (HEC) administers the Higher Education Aptitude Test (HAT) to determine who is eligible to receive HEC scholarships and enrol in MS and Mphil programmes at public and private universities in Pakistan. HEC will be able to keep an eye on institutions’ and students’ progress thanks to this. test of aptitude for higher education (HAT). HAT Test for Overseas Batch 3 and PhD & MS Technology Candidates. No separate application is required for the HAT test.

HAT Result at etc.hec.gov.pk

For students taking the MS and Ph.D. examinations held on February 4, 2024, the Hec HAT 3 Results 2024 Answer Key 2024 is now accessible. The Higher Education Commission makes the Higher Education Aptitude Test results, answer keys, first-, second-, and third-merit lists of chosen students, final lists of chosen candidates, and more public (HEC).

Results of the HEC HAT Test 2024 Roll No Slip

This website contains the Higher Education Commission HEC HAT Test Answer Key as well as the 2024 HEC HAT Test Results and Merit List. To access the Answer Key, choose the HAT Category you are in and the Book Color. To view the outcome, enter your Ticket Number and CNIC (without the dashes). The exam takers are anticipating the release of the results date. On the same day, the HAT test results will be made public. For the purpose of awarding HEC scholarships and admission to MS/MPhil as well as Ph.D. programmes, HEC (or Education Testing Council) has conducted the competitive aptitude exam that is routinely administered for HAT.

HEC HAT Test Schedule 2024

All applicants who have applied thus far are eligible to take the admission exam on the specified date, according to the Higher Education Commission’s HEC HAT Test Schedule 2024. Additionally, HEC will only administer the test once before deciding whether individuals are qualified.

HEC HAT Test 2024 Answer Key Roll No Slip Result

HEC HAT Test 2024

HEC HAT Test 2024 Syllabus

HEC Approved HAT Test Categories and Distribution by Discipline/Subject:

How to Examine the HEC HAT Answer Key

  • Visit the link provided at the bottom of this page.
  • Additionally, when you click the link, a new web page appears.
  • The entire list of HEC answer keys with all group names may be found here.
  • A group and session should first be chosen, such as HAT General, HAT UG SS, HAT UG M, HAT UG E, etc.
  • Choose a color for your response book now, such as blue, green, pink, yellow, or white, for example.
  • You will view the HEC HAT result for written examinations when you click on the colored book.
  • Please alert the HEC Higher Education Commission management if you discover any missing information.

PDF of the HEC HAT test sample paper

HEC HAT 1, 2, 3 Test Sample Paper Syllabus Pattern Online Download In PDF Format, Higher Education Commission HEC Indigenous Scholarship Test. Books, a syllabus, and sample tests for the Higher Education Aptitude Test are available. For the forthcoming HEC HAT test, you must practice these questions.

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Roll No Slip 2024 for etc.hec.gov.pk

Equal opportunity for all candidates is the aim of the test, which also aims to establish a transparent and fair merit-based system. Every day, new methods of evaluating students pursuing professional degrees and careers are introduced by professionals in the field of education. The ability of those applying for admission to a field of their choosing is evaluated through a variety of examinations. Others are made to ascertain and assess individuals’ suitability for particular industries and occupations. More information on the HEC HAT exam results for 2024 may be found here by roll number, name, CNIC, and registration ID.

 Results for the HEC HAT Test 2024 Merit List

Check the HEC 2024 HAT Test Merit List according to the lists of chosen applicants. Simply enter your feedback in the comment box if you experience any problems when attempting to view your HAT Results and Merit List. Our knowledgeable team will fully resolve the problem. Through the official website Hec Portal, many candidates are unable to view their findings. Following the receipt of your findings, there is a chance that the website will collapse. In this scenario, our page will be updated with all HAT 1, HAT 2, HAT 3, and HAT 4 results.

Results of the HEC HAT Test 2024 Roll No Slip

Download the HEC HAT Test 2024 Answer Key for phases 1/2/3 to check online at from. The Higher Educational Commission (HEC) is an independent institution with headquarters in Pakistan. It was started in the year 2002. The organization’s responsibilities span the entire country. The main duties include awarding degrees and awards as well as faculty development, among many other things. HEC is linked with several educational institutions that deliver the best instruction. You can check out the HAT test’s answer key by scrolling down. A HAT test.

Important Information: Before submitting their application, all applicants who have previously been finalized or tentatively accepted for HEC scholarships must get a No Rejection Certificate (NOC) from the appropriate HEC-Scholarship Section.

Any application submitted by a candidate who has not received a NOC may be disallowed at any point throughout the selection or award procedure. A copy of this NOC must be supplied via email to [email protected] before the closing date for the application deadline, i.e.

 HEC Aptitude Test 2024

The HEC Aptitude Test (HAT) will be administered by the Education Testing Council (ETC) of Pakistan in June 2024. (tentatively). Keep in touch with HEC Overseas Phase-3 via registered email or the website for further information. For test success, there is also online HAT HEC Test preparation accessible.

Check the HEC HAT entrance test result 2024 answer key online. You may check the HEC HAT entry test result 2024 answer key for HAT-GENERAL, HAT-UG-SS, HAT-UG-M, and HAT-UG-E here.


How do I check my HEC HAT results?

Enter your CNIC # on the HEC’s official result page to see your HEC EST score. We let you know about the EST results, key, merit list, test schedule, and eligibility requirements. The list of chosen candidates is also posted on our website.

What is the passing marks of HAT test?

HAT Test Instructions

The required percentage is 50%. The test outcome is still valid after two years. Only applicants who have registered online will be permitted to take the exam. Additionally, the candidates must satisfy the eligibility requirements established by the universities for enrollment in MS/MPhil programmes.

What is the validity of HAT test?

For the purposes of scholarships and entrance to MS/MPhil programmes, the exam score will be valid for two years.

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