Army Medical College Rawalpindi Admission 2024 Last Date

 Army Medical College Rawalpindi Admission 2024 Out of every five male teenagers, one in two aspires to serve as an officer in the Pakistani military out of respect and dignity. respect. Army Medical College Rawalpindi Admission 2024  The vast majority of Pakistani adolescents are submitting applications to the Army Medical College to gain admission to the school. Some are prosperous. This concludes our coverage of Army Medical College admissions for 2024. Get accepted today for the MBBS/BDS course 2024 if you want to work as a doctor in the Pakistan Army. Your heart’s aspirations to join the Pakistani Army’s khaki unit and serve your country as an officer in the rank of Captain Doctor will come true.

Army Medical College Rawalpindi Admission 2024 Last Date

Army Medical College Rawalpindi Admission 2024

Army Medical College Rawalpindi Admission 2024 Apply Online

 Do you intend to attend Army Medical College like them in the future to practice medicine? Or do you have a fantasy that you’ll put on the khaki garb and serve your country as a doctor in the Pakistan Army? If so, you have come to the correct place. This manual and procedure are the most thorough. Take advantage of the chance to apply to the Medical Cadet Course.

Admission Requirements for Army Medical College Rawalpindi 2024

More than any other contender, you can accomplish it. Candidates must be informed of Army medical colleges and the selection procedure to pass each level of the admissions test for those institutions. Read this post for more information, the AMC Test Syllabus, and the Sample Paper. It will not only provide you with information on the Army Medical College Rawalpindi but also about the entire application procedure, from the initial exam through selection.

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Let’s look at the Army Medical College’s structure before moving on to the categories for membership. Since the bulk of AMC applicants are unaware of the selection process and joining procedure for the Medical College. Are you likewise perplexed and unsure of how to apply as a Medical Cadet, NUMS Cadet, or Paying Cadet to the Army Medical College to study MBBS or BDS? If so, you ought to carefully read this essay.

Last Date for Army Medical College Online Registration 2024

Every Pre-Medical student at Army Medical College aspires to become a doctor or even a physician. For this reason, you can discover more about Army Medical College admission. This page provides information on the Pakistan Army Online registration procedure, eligibility requirements, test schedule, physical test dates, and other aspects of Army Jobs 2024.

Fee Schedule for Army Medical College 2024

 The institution first offered a group of 100 students an MBBS course. For the first time, it was connected to Quaid-e-Azam National University in Islamabad. The college received GMC-UK accreditation in 1981 as a result of the ongoing efforts of its main partners.

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The Army Medical College began offering the four-year Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree in 1981. After graduation, Army Medical College additionally provided programs like the m/Phil and Ph.D. An easy-to-follow handbook for admission to the Pakistan Army Medical College. You will get the chance to apply for AMC Admission 2024 to MBBS/BDS classes at Army Medical College Rawalpindi as well as any college that is connected with NUMS after reading this informative post.

AMC Admissions 2024 MBBS BDS Deadline

One of Pakistan’s leading medical colleges is Army Medical College. Since the institution is located in Rawalpindi, students have access to all five of the year’s distinct seasons: summer, autumn, winter, spring, and monsoon. Summer vacation destinations like Murree and Abbottabad are close to the city. Gandhari and Taxila are two archaeological sites located about 40 to 50 kilometers from the city.

Admissions Schedule for AMC 2024

Within 100 kilometers are two of the largest earth-filled dams in the world, Tarbela, and Mangla. Admissions to the BDS/MBBS program have been announced by Pakistan Army Medical College AMC. The entrance Test is required for all applicants to AMC. AMC Entry Test 2024 Schedule Dates for MBBS BDS Programs have been released by the college. Look at it here.

Army Medical College Programs & Courses

Intermediate Programs
FSc Premedical
Bachelor Programs
BDS FCPS Biochemistry
MBBS FCPS Chemical Pathology
BSc Medical Laboratory Technology FCPS Community Medicine
BSc General Nursing MCPS Community Medicine
FCPS Anatomy FCPS Histopathology
FCPS Physiology FCPS Microbiology
Master Programs
MS Anatomy MS Molecular Medicine
MS Biochemistry MS Pharmacology
MS Chemical Pathology MS Physiology
MS Community Medicine MS Prosthodontics
MS Microbiology Master of Public Health
M Phil Programs
M Phil Anatomy M Phil Prosthodontics
M Phil Biochemistry M Phil Chemical Pathology
M Phil Microbiology MPhil Hematology
M Phil Community Medicine MPhil Histopathology
M Phil Dental Materials MPhil Science of Dental Materials
M Phil Physiology
Last date for applications to Army Medical College Rawalpindi in 2024 and the entry exam

The Army Medical College is a residential school, meaning it provides housing for its cadets. The college has 7 dormitories, 5 of which are for males and 2 of which are for girls. The university has a sizable library that is filled with valuable literature. All the resources needed by students are readily available. There are also excellent lecture halls that are equipped with all of the necessary amenities. It also has seminar rooms and auditoriums for the benefit of the students.

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Contact Information for Army Medical College Rawalpindi

Phone: 0306 8721501

Email: [email protected]

Website of the Pakistani Army:

Affiliation Affiliated

Postal Code: 46000 Abid Majid Road Rawalpindi Cantt

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