BISP 9000 Payment Schedule for Registered People 2024 Online

The government of Pakistan has released the schedule for BISP 9000 payments for registered individuals in 2024. You can find this schedule on The payments for the Benazir Income Support Program will be distributed between the end of February and the beginning of March. This program provides financial aid to low-income households, and the payments are released in an organized manner based on poverty levels to ensure timely delivery. The BISP monthly payment for 2024 will be sent via text message at the end of February or the start of March.

BISP 9000 Payment Schedule 2024

The Benazir Income Support Program has announced the BISP 9000 Payment Schedule for millions of families in Pakistan who are registered with the program. These families have low income and are facing poverty. The program has taken steps to help them overcome poverty and improve their lives. People are keen to know when they will receive payments and how much money they will receive. The payment schedule for 2024 will be updated with information about eligibility and the amount of money each family will receive. The money will be distributed according to a schedule that has different layers or categories. Families in the first layer will receive the money, and they are the ones who need it the most.

BISP 9000 Payment Schedule 2024 Check Online

Title BISP Payment Schedule
Year 2024
Monthly Payment Date 25 February to 15 March 2024
BISP Payment Schedule Check Online
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BISP 9000 Payment Schedule

BISP 9000 New Payment Schedule Update

The aim is to provide financial assistance in a fair and organized manner. The assistance will be provided to people in three tiers based on their poverty score and income level. Those with the lowest poverty score will be given priority, followed by those with a minimum monthly income, and finally, those who have previously received financial aid. The payments will be made without any delay or complications, and people will receive all the money they need without any abuse or problems. The authorities in Pakistan are taking all necessary measures to ensure a smooth and transparent process.

Latest Update About BISP Payment Schedule System

While the current date is October 26, 2024, and details for the 2025 BISP payment schedule haven’t been officially announced yet, I can share some information based on previous patterns and announcements:

General Timeline and Approach:

  • Start Date: The payment schedule likely begins in January 2024.
  • Prioritized Disbursement: Expect payments to be distributed in phases, focusing on the most vulnerable households first.
  • Campsite Payment Points: Beneficiaries may need to visit designated campsites for payment after biometric verification.

Official Updates:

Expected Changes:

  • Increased Payment Amount: The government has discussed a potential increase in the payment amount from PKR 9000 to PKR 12,000 per eligible household for 2025.
  • Expansion of Eligibility: There might be adjustments to the eligibility criteria, potentially covering more beneficiaries in 2025.

Additional Information:

  • Registration: If you haven’t registered for BISP yet, visit the BISP website or your nearest Benazir Nashonuma center to check your eligibility and apply.
  • SMS Notifications: Eligible beneficiaries will likely receive an SMS notification from 8171 with details about payment dates and methods.

BISP Monthly Payment Release Date 2024

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has released its monthly payment for 2024, with the following payment dates for each quarter:

  • Quarter 1: September, October, and November
  • Quarter 2: December, January, and February
  • Quarter 3: March, April, and May
  • Quarter 4: June, July, and August
The BISP monthly payment amount has been increased from Rs. 25,000 per year to Rs. 9000 per quarter, resulting in a total amount of Rs. 36,000 per year.To check your BISP monthly payment amount, you can visit the Bisp 8171 portal and enter your ID.


How to Check Eligibility For BISP 2024

To check your eligibility for the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) in 2024, you can use the following methods:
  • BISP Check Online Portal: Visit the BISP Check Online Portal at and enter your 13-digit ID card to check your eligibility.
  • Via SMS: Send your CNIC number to 8171 from your mobile phone to verify your eligibility.
  • BISP Official Website: Visit the official BISP website at to check your eligibility and status.
The eligibility criteria may be based on the latest poverty score data. Those with lower poverty scores, minimal monthly income, and beneficiaries who have not received payments recently are likely to be prioritized.


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