FA Private Admission 2024 Last Date

All BISE Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Punjab Boards have released the timetable for FA Private Admission 2024 as well as the deadlines for Single, Double, and Triple Fee. The FA Private Admission Form 2024 has a page for each board in Punjab. Punjab’s Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has started admission for private students who want to sit for the FA annual exam in 2024. The FA Private Admission Form 2024 Last Date Download Online may be found on this page. Exams for first- and second-year FA students will start in May 2024. For the convenience of applicants looking for an FA Private Admission timetable, all educational institutions in Punjab post their admission adverts in well-known national media. You may obtain the FA Private Admission Form from this website, and you can also see the deadline for applications. students of the Lahore Board the FA Private Admission form check on this page.


Last Date for FA Private Admission  2024: Triple, Double, and Single Fee

Lahore University has a form that candidates may use to apply admission to FA for the directorship of the board. Students who desire to participate in the annual examinations and pay the single or double fee for the next year may do so by filling out the private admission application form for the Gujranwala Lahore board. You may obtain the FA Private Admission Form from this page and find out the deadline for applications. Exams for FA Parts 1 and 2 will begin in May. For interested applicants who wish to join private admission for the annual examinations with single, double, or triple fees of the educational board, the Gujranwala board, like other boards in Punjab, issues a private admission form.

Lahore’s Deadline for Intermediate Admission 2024.

Below is the link to the HSSC online registration form. According to the admissions timetable, students will begin in May 2024 after passing the FA part 1 and part 2 examinations. to obtain online information on FA Private Admission Last Date 2024 Fee Form and further data.

FA Registration Last Date 2024

The application form cannot be accepted by any board after March 9th. On this page, a confidential admissions form for each board can be obtained. Private students were also accepted by the Faisalabad Board, Sahiwal Board, Rawalpindi Board, D.G. Khan Board, Sargodha Board, Multan Board, and Bahawalpur Board. The intermediate test is scheduled to start soon.

FA Private Admission 2024 Last Date

FA Private Admission 2024

 FA Private Admission 2024 Charge

One significant benefit of students pursuing the FA is. They can download the admission form in the event that a candidate’s application is private. For the convenience of the students, the admission forms for every Punjab board link are also supplied. They can download and submit their applications before the deadline after clicking.

Last Date for FA Private Admission Form 2024

According to the most recent statement from board authorities of the Punjab boards, intermediate examinations will start on May 5. Now available on this page and the websites for the boards is the online FA Form for Private Admission. The boards also reveal the date for filing the private admission application for 2024 FA.

Final Date for Private Admission 2024

This page for students lists the deadline for submitting individual, double, and treble fees. On the official websites of these boards or by using this website, students can get FA Admission forms for private admission. The admission form must be downloaded and delivered, together with the entrance fee, to any HBL branch in Punjab.

Private Admission Form for F.A. 2024

We are happy to tell you that the Faisalabad board, along with the boards in Lahore, Sahiwal, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, D.G. Khan, Sargodha, Multan, and Bahawalpur, has announced the FA Private Admission form. You may find all the information on private FA admittance on this website.

FA Private Admission form submission Last Date
Single Fee February 2024
Last Date with Double fee February 2024
Last date with triple fee March 2024

 FA Private Admission 2024 Apply online

Lahore board students can apply for private admission to FA using a form provided by the Lahore University Board of Directors. For students who wish to register for the annual examinations with a single, double, or treble fee for the next year, the Gujranwala Board Private Admission Form 2024 is available. The following boards currently offer private admissions: the Faisalabad Board, the D.G. Khan Board, the Sargodha Board, the Sahiwal Board, the Rawalpindi Board, the Multan Board, and the Bahawalpur Board. The intermediate test in 2024 will soon start for FA parts 1 and 2. You may obtain a copy of the FA Private Admissions application form at this location.

F.A/FSc Private Admission Form 2024 for all BISE Boards in Punjab

Name of Board Form
Bise Lahore Download
Bise Faisalabad Download
Bise Sargodha Download
Bise Rawalpindi Download
Bise Bahawalpur Download
Bise Sahiwal Download
Bise Gujranwala Download
Bise Dera Ghazi Khan Download
Bise Multan Download

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The quantity of pupils preparing for the F.A. and the number of private candidates applying has significantly grown now that they have access to the application for the class of 2024. Students may also download and submit their applications before the deadline by using the links provided to all of Punjab’s board entrance forms.

Private Admission Form for F.A. 2024

The FA Private Admission forms for students may be downloaded from this website or the official websites of these boards. Once you have downloaded it, any HBL branch in Punjab will accept your completed application along with a processing fee. Any board will not accept applications after March 9th. Each board has an online form that a parent or guardian can complete.

Lahore Board’s Deadline for FA Private Admission 2024.

Latest announcement for private admissions to the 11th grade in the first year of the FA FSc degree programme for the class of 2024 from All Bise Punjab Education Boards. You can find all of the 2024 FA Private Admissions Forms here.

Faisalabad Board’s 2024 deadline for FA Private Admission

The Punjabi national newspapers will provide a schedule for private FA entrance if you’re seeking for it. On this page, you may download the FA Private Admission Form and find out when to submit your application.

Last date for FA private admission is 2024 Sargodha Board

A link to the HSSC Online Registration page is provided below. According to the admissions schedule, the first and second year students’ FA exams will start in May 2024. Please visit the FA website to learn more about the FA Private Admission Last Date 2024 Fee Form and other pertinent information.

Last day for F.A. Private Admission 2024 Gujranwala Board

All of Pakistan’s colleges and universities currently accept private applications through the Faisalabad Board, Lahore Board, Sahiwal Board, as well as Rawalpindi, Sargodha, and Multan Boards. You can get all the details you want about private F.A. access to this website.


How can I get admission in FA?

Students who are interested in studying privately at the FA (Faculty of Arts) must have completed high school or have an equivalent. Students in the sciences and the arts can study for the FA board examinations and submit applications for board admission as private students.

Can I do FA in one year?

Most learners ponder whether they can finish the FA programme in a year. The FA 1st and 2nd year examinations cannot be taken in the same year. You need to have finished the mandatory term of two years in order to be eligible for passing FA.

How much percentage is required for FA?

45% in SSC exams is the minimum criteria for entrance to the fine arts course.

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