Fazaia Education Scholarship 2024 Apply Online

 The Fazaia Education Welfare Scheme made its merit-based scholarship announcement. Only higher education levels (Bachelor’s/ Master’s) are covered by the policy’s financial support provisions. Fazaia Education Scholarship 2024 Students selected under this program will earn scholarships on a monthly or annual basis, depending on how well they perform in their classes and how long they continue their studies. For the Master’s level, a total of 50 scholarships are awarded, and for the Bachelor’s, 120 scholarships.

Children of retired or active Pakistan Air Force personnel who have been admitted to either a Master’s or Bachelor’s program are eligible to apply for the Fazaia Education Scholarship 2024 through the Fazaia Educational Welfare Scheme (FEWS), which has started applications. For 2024, there are two different Fazaia educational scholarships available. The Merit-based Scholarships for 2024 are set to be announced by the Fazaia Education Welfare Scheme.

Fazaia Education Scholarship 2024 Apply Online

Fazaia Education Scholarship 2024

Fazaia Education Scholarship 2024

Students who are chosen for the scholarships will receive numerous scholarships worth Rs. 80,000 (or 75% of their yearly cost, whichever is lower) for universities in category “A” and Rs. 40,000 (or the annual cost, whichever is lower) for institutions in category “B”.is accessible on the FEWS website for universities.

 The FEWS website is where candidates must submit their Online scholarship applications (www.few.pk). Applications must be submitted Online through the FEWS website in their entirety. Along with all relevant paperwork, you must also deliver a printed copy to the Directorate of Education (FEWS Section). Each year, applications for this category will be accepted in September and October. The nation’s main newspapers feature adverts from the Directorate of Education. By publishing, notices in BROs, Uros, and FROs and posting them on the notice boards of all schools and institutions located on PAF bases and formations, the Directorate of Education also offers extensive public exposure.

Scholarships under the Fazaia Education Welfare Scheme 2024

To show the same information on notice boards, the Directorate of Education also transmits comparable material to PAFROA chapters and District Armed Services Boards (DASBs) across the nation. Registration is currently available. For bachelor’s and master’s students presently enrolled at any HEC-recognized university, Fazaia the Education Welfare Scheme will begin offering FEWS scholarships in 2024.

www.fews.pk 2024 Scholarship

This is a fantastic opportunity to borrow money from Hassana to cover your educational expenses. They are merit-based base-only scholarships for the offspring of active-duty or retired employees of Pak Fazaia, or for the heirs of those airmen or civilians who passed away.

FEWS Scholarship with Merit

If you’re interested in learning more about the Fazaia Education Welfare Scheme 2024 application process, eligibility requirements, and deadline for Online registration, you should read this article. You must read through this article, so keep an eye on this page.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for the Fazaia Education Welfare Scheme 2024 must be met by all applicants. Only candidates who meet the requirements will apply; those who do not are advised not to.
Only the living, deceased, or retired employees who are Faiza’s offspring (son or daughter) who are students at a university accredited by HEC.
Students must have at least 70% in intermediate or the equivalent to qualify for a bachelor’s degree. Students must have at least 65% of their bachelor’s degree to be eligible for master’s scholarships.
Students who are ill or disabled are also eligible for this award even if they don’t achieve the required grade point average.

Need-Based Scholarship from FEWS

You should also be aware that students who have already received an award from Faiza are not eligible to apply again, and applicants who submit their applications after the deadline will not be considered for the 2024 Fazaia Education Welfare Programs. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin your registration; instead, start as soon as you finish reading this article. You can register Online by clicking the registration link at the bottom of this article.

 Fazaia Educational Scholarship 2024 Online form deadline

For more details, see the following article. You can sign up Online by the deadline for completing the form, and all the specifics on the Fazaia Education Welfare Scheme 2024 are available here. Applications received after the due day, even if they are submitted by an eligible applicant, will never be accepted in any way. Applications received after the deadline day will never be considered in any form. You can leave a question in the post below if you have any further inquiries about this topic.

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