HEC LAW GAT Result 2023 12 February Answer key

HEC LAW GAT Result 2023 12 February Answer key check online via @etc.hec.gov.pk. The LAT GAT final results of the HEC Law Graduate Assessment Test have been released by the Educational Testing Council ETC. the graduate evaluation test for Ph.D. and M Phil program admittance. It is required for law school graduates to be admitted as attorneys. Three opportunities are offered to the applicants to ace this exam. There are selection questions in the HEC LAW GAT exam. Anyone who has graduated from a legal school accredited by the PBC and the HEC may apply.

The HEC LAW GAT Result 2023 test aims to guarantee that a law school graduate who wishes to pursue a career in law is properly on this assessed and examined in order to ensure that only those with the fundamental knowledge necessary to practice law may enter the legal profession. The PBC has given permission in accordance with the aforementioned Order of the Honorable Supreme Court, Section 26 (CC) of the Law Practitioners Act, the Bar Council’s Act of 1973, and the PBC’s own guidelines.

HEC LAW GAT Answer Keys

For the most up-to-date details on the ETC HEC Law GAT answer keys, the outcome, and lastly, the merit list for 2023, keep visiting this page every day. We will soon publish the Law GAT 2023 morning and evening results, as well as the pink, yellow, white, black, and green answer books. Watch this space for updates on the ETC HEC Law GAT Result 2023 and the dates for the final Merit list.

For instance, for the test that was just administered on October 3, 2023, all five ETC LAW GAT Answer keys are accessible for download. This test is given by the Higher Education Commission twice a year. If one passes the HEC GAT, their score is good for two years.

LAT Result for 2023 on etc.hec.gov.pk

Like in the past, one week following the test, ETC releases the written test answer key. Applicants can quickly estimate their score before the official results by using the HEC Law GAT answer key on this page. Officials with whom we spoke confirmed that they will shortly post the ETC GAT answer key on this page in PDF format for applicants to quickly save to their computers and mobile devices. The HEC Law Gate color answer keys, which were given in blue, green, pink, blue, yellow, and white on October 23, are now accessible. Choose the color you wish to use in your books, then click “Download” to get the answer key in that color.

How to Check ETC HEC Law GAT Result?

Visit the official page of ETC HEC Pakistan mentioned in the first paragraph entry your CNIC or ticket number and password in the field. press the sign in button and you signed in to ETC portal developed for Education Testing Council announcements. So you easily find your result on that page. You can use it as a result card for admission to LLB. In conclusion, we are trying our best to help you out in your studies. If you have any questions regarding ETC HEC Law Gar Result 2023 Answer key held on February 12, 2023. The results of the July 3 Law Graduate Assessment Test (Law GAT) will be posted on this website.

HEC LAW GAT Result 2023 Date

Answer keys and the Law Gat result are anticipated to be released shortly here. As a result, it’s important to return to this website periodically to keep track of the scheduled date for the law gat outcomes in 2023. The Law Gat exam result cards will be made available soon.

HEC LAW GAT Result 2023 12 February Answer key


 HEC LAW GAT Result July 3, 2023

The Higher Education Commission held an entrance exam for prospective law students on July 3. Those who have received their legal degrees are able to apply to take the HEC LAW GAT test for admission in 2023. All law graduates in Pakistan must take the HEC Graduating Assessment Test in order to join the Bar of Counsel. Anyone who receives 50% or above on the LAW GAT in 2023 is eligible to practice law in Pakistan as an attorney.


Law GAT Passing Marks

40% of those who applied and were approved to enrol obtained passing scores on the LAW GAT. Soon, test takers from abroad will be able to use this website to view their results online.

How to check Law GAT Result 2023

The HEC Law GAT Test results are available. You must enter the CNIC (or ticket) number in the proper area and choose Get result to get the Law GAT Result 2023. The official website http://www.hec.gov.pk will announce the official date for the release of the Law Graduate Assessment Test results. On the day of announcement, you may also obtain the Answer Key and the outcomes here.

To access their test results, candidates can enter the number on their ID or ticket (with a dash). It is significant to note that the results of the October 23 Law Graduate Assessment Test will be made public shortly. While today will see the release of the Law Gate Test answers.

Answer key for HEC LAW GAT 2023 on February 12

Candidates are informed that the 2023 HEC Law GAT results have been made public and are accessible on this website. Recently, the Higher Education Commission HEC Pakistan administered the Law Graduate Assessment Test to applicants for postgraduate admission as well as to those seeking to join as Advocates for the Bar Council to begin their careers.

All law students who have successfully finished the five-year LLB programme are obliged to take the Law GAT in order to join the Bar Council. The whole set of HEC Recruitment Test results are accessible here. The Law Gat exam results and answer keys will be made available soon. In order to stay up to speed on the law gat results 2023 and the announcement date, you should often visit this website. The Law Gat exam results cards will be made available on this page soon.

View the 2023 ETC HEC Law GAT Results.

Like in the past, ETC releases the written test’s answer key a week after the test. Before the official results release, candidates are expected to use the HEC Law GAT answer key on this page to compute their individual scores. Officials have confirmed to us that they will shortly release the ETC GAT answers on this page in pdf format, allowing applicants to store them on their PC and mobile devices.

How to View the HEC Law GAT 2023 Results?

  • Visit the ETC HEC Pakistan official website.
  • Put your CNIC or ticket number here.
  • Give a password
  • Your screen will display the outcomes.
GAT 2023: Graduate Assessment Test

Each year in December, HEC administers the GAT admission exam to those wishing to pursue a career in law. However, to be eligible for this test, candidates must hold an undergraduate degree from a law school from a college or institution that has been approved by the PBC and HEC. They must receive 50% on the GAT admission test before they are eligible to take it. The Test, however, is made up of multiple-choice questions. It will be helpful to have the outcomes if you plan to take the Law GAT entrance test in the upcoming years. You may get the GAT results for 2023 on this website. The entire list of centers is also available here.
HEC LAW GAT Test 2023 by CNIC Result

The Higher Education Commission provides access to the public for the Law Gat Results 2023. To view the results, enter the CNIC or roll numbers (with dots). Make sure to often visit this website to see whether the 2023 deadline for the final legal decision has passed. The answer key and results from the most recent “legal access” test will be available online within a week and a month, respectively.

ETC HEC Law GAT Answer keys 2023 Download

Hec Law GAT Answer keys are given here issued on 24 July 2023.

Law GAT Test Result 2022 by CNIC

In the comments area, raise any questions you may have regarding the Law Graduate Assessment Test GAT Test Result 2023. As most students are studying law and have little knowledge of it after a time, this is an important move by the administration. Before starting to practice in courts, students must be able to pass the GAT test. You must take the test, per the HEC. This website contains all the information about the HEC LAW GAT 2023 Result from CNIC Passing. We’ll post any news or information they release here if it becomes available. Additionally, you can ask questions in our comment section. We’ll reply to you right away.

LAW Gat 2023 24 July Result

In the paragraph before that, the GAT admission test for students was announced. The test results are available on this website. On the webpage, enter the CNIC number and press Enter. Prior to that, the findings will show up on your device’s screen. View the HEC HAT Test 2023 Answer Keys online.

Your final Law Graduate Assessment Test (Law GAT) score will be shown on this page. You must enter both your CNIC and your ticket code to verify the score (with the dies). Law Gat Answer Keys will soon be accessible. You should come back frequently as the Law Gat 2023 results date is anticipated to be provided here.

 HEC Law Gat Portal

Following that Law gat Test, the solution’s key will be available within a week. The results will be updated when they have been posted on the HEC website for a month. HEC Pakistan offers the Law GAT Test three times a year. After receiving the LLB degree, the LAW GAT exams are administered. A passing score of 50% is required for the Law Graduate Assessment Test, according to a recent announcement. The examination can be taken three times. The applicants may take GAT Law three times.

HEC Tests Take Place within a year

Three times a year, Pakistan’s HEC performs gait examinations. The Law test will be given to you when you have finished your Bachelor of Laws. The Law test for graduate students has a passing score that you need to get. There are just three options available to candidates for the Test on Legality. Click here for additional information on preparing for the GAT.
Answers to the HEC Law GAT 2023 results

Answer keys have been published for the test that was administered on July 3, 2023. Links were modified.

LAW Gat Result Announcement:

Description Action
Test Name HEC Law GAT
Test Date 12 February
Result Date 5 March 2023 Expected
Check Result by Roll Number Check Online
Law Gat Result by CNIC Check Online
Law Gat Result Check By Name Check Online
Final Result Check Online
Merit List Check Online
Check Online ETC HEC Law GAT Result 2023 Answer Keys

On February 28, 2023, the Law Graduate Assessment Test (Law GAT) is expected to release its final results. HEC Publications. Announcing the outcomes of the law GAT. Tests for the Law GAT were administered on several occasions. The following dates will mark the announcement of the Law GAT’s final results. The results of the 2023 Law Graduate Assessment Test (Law GAT) will be published here.

Contact information for HEC

Telephone: (051) 9040 0000

Email:  [email protected]

Address: Sector H-9, East Service Road, Head Office, Islamabad

Site Official: www.hec.gov.pk


How to Check the Law GAT 2023 Results?

  • Visit ETC HEC Pakistan’s official website.
  • your CNIC or ticket number
  • Give the password.
  • The outcomes will be shown on your screen.
  • By clicking Here, you may print and download the result card.

What are the GAT legal test passing Marks?

A minimum score of 50% is needed to pass the assessment test. Candidates must also satisfy any additional requirements outlined in the Pakistan Bar Council’s rules and regulations.

Why is the GAT for law important?

Proper examination of law graduates is one of the key goals of taking the Law-GAT test. assessment of professionalism to remove those with degrees but no abilities from the flow.

How many chances are there in the GAT test for law?

A maximum of three attempts are allowed for applicants to pass the Law-GAT exam. The test will be given three times a year by HEC.

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