Institute Space Technology IST Islamabad Admission 2024 Apply Online

Institute Space Technology IST Islamabad Admission 2024 is currently open for all programs. Admissions for the class of 2024 have been announced by the Institute of Space Technology in Islamabad. Local, international, and Pakistani students living abroad who are interested in bachelor’s degree programs are all eligible to apply. Although they have closed their most recent admissions, they have made their admissions for the spring semester public. since IST will be announcing its spring and fall admissions. The most well-known and reliable institution for studying space technologies is the Institute of Space Technology.

Admission for Undergraduate & Graduate Programs 2024 has been declared by the Institute of Space Technology in Islamabad. Candidates can find out everything they need to know, including the application form, the process for submitting the form, the deadline, the requirements, and the exam date. All the candidates who want to get admission to IST Islamabad must read our article attentively and then apply for admission. You must study the instructions and eligibility requirements before applying. Therefore, if you share this desire, you are on the correct track to enroll in the Institute of Space Technology in Islamabad.

Institute Space Technology IST Islamabad Admission 2024 Apply Online

IST Islamabad Admission 2024

 IST Islamabad Admission 2024

It is for this reason that it is listed as one of Islamabad’s best institutions and is accredited by Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission. Students that are interested in attending the Institute of Space Technology can apply for admission. Numerous programs in the fields of materials science and engineering, electrical engineering, avionics engineering, and aerospace engineering are available through ITS Uni. On their official website,, is accessible. Astronomy, astronautics, and aeronautical engineering are the main areas of study in IST.

 Fee Structure the Institute of Space Technology

The interested applicants should be aware that they have been advised that admissions at the Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad are now available and that they can submit their applications as soon as feasible. The IST offers a wide range of additional undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs. There is an Online program that provides admissions details, including the cost. criteria for eligibility, merit lists, and more.

For Pakistani students from domestic and international locations as well as for international students, the application procedure is explained in full along with the eligibility requirements. The university is located in Islamabad, Pakistan, and is known as the Institute of Space Technology (often referred to as IST). The institute’s official advertisement is included below and includes information on how to apply Online and how to reach them.

Admissions for undergraduate BS programmes 2024

IST has been given an ISO-accredited management standard since the year 2008. The goal of IST is to raise living standards by promoting economic and intellectual vigor through research, teaching, and outreach initiatives in the field of space science and technology. An array of national and international students will be able to receive a top-notch education at the Institute of Space Technology. The academic programmes provided by IST are concentrated on theory and the principles of science in order to produce professionals who have a solid grasp of these concepts and the ability to apply them to research, analysis, and design. Aerospace engineering MS Local and evening Ph.D. programme admissions have begun at the IST Islamabad campus.

IST Islamabad Admission 2024 Apply Online

Admissions for the 2024 academic year have been released by Global Navigation Satellite Systems, the Institute of Space Technology. You can submit an Online application using their website or the link. Admissions for MS, Ph.D., and Linked Programs for Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Remote Sciences, and Karachi Campus have started.

 IST Islamabad Admission 2024 Last Date

Students can apply now to submit their admission forms, register for entrance exams at IST University, and be admitted to the BS-MS/MPhil, MS/Ph.D., and Ph.D. programmes at the university. The interview and entrance exams will be held when admissions are closed.

Programs/Courses Programs/Courses
BS Aerospace Engineering MS Cosmology
BS Electrical Engineering MS Solar and ionospheric Physics
BS Materials Science & Engineering PhD Aerodynamics/CFD
BS Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Aerospace Materials
BS Space Science Ph.D. Ceramics Materials
BS Avionics Engineering Ph.D. Composite Materials
MS Network and Communication Security Ph.D. Fluid & Thermal System
MS Aerospace Engineer Ph.D. Galaxy Dynamics
MS Electrical Engineer Ph.D. Geo-Information
MS Materials Science & Engineer Ph.D. Gravitational Waves
MS Mechanical Science PhD Guidance, Navigation & Control
MS Global Navigation Satellite Systems Ph.D. Manufacturing System
MS Astronomy & Astrophysics Ph.D. Mechanical Design & Analysis
MS Aerodynamics/CFD Ph.D. Metal and Alloys
MS Propulsion Ph.D. Non-Engineering Materials
MS Structural Design & Analysis Ph.D. Polymer Engineering
MS Guidance, Navigation & Control Ph.D. Propulsion
MS Wireless Communication Ph.D. Remote Sensing & Geo-Information Science
MS Signal and Image Processing Ph.D. Single and Image Processing
MS Aerospace Materials Ph.D. Solar and Ionospheric Physics
MS Nano-Engineering Materials Ph.D. Spatial Information Technology
MS Composite Materials Ph.D. Structural Design & Analysis
MS Metal and Alloys Ph.D. Wireless Communication
MS Ceramics and Glasses Ph.D. Astronomy & Astrophysics
MS Polymer Engineering Ph.D. Mathematics
MS Fluid & Thermal System Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
MS Mechanical Design & Analysis Ph.D. Nanotechnology
MS Manufacturing System Ph.D. Aerospace Engineer
MS Remote Sensing & Geo-Information Science Ph.D. Materials Science & Engineer
MS Spatial Information Technology Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer
MS Geo-Informatics Ph.D. Applied Mathematics & Statistics
MS Galaxy Dynamics NAT
MS Gravitational Waves

 IST Islamabad Admission 2024  Local and International Students

Based on academic performance and admission exam results, merit lists are created. Students may apply for admission to the undergraduate programmes of IST if they have completed the HSSC/Equivalent exam or are preparing for it to be taken in 2024. Apply Online through IST University’s admissions website. Applications received on or after the deadline won’t be considered by the university.

Contact details for IST Islamabad

Phone:+92-51-9075406; +92-51 9273310
Email [email protected]
Address: Institute of Space Technology, P.O. Box 2750, Islamabad 44000, Pakistan, is a recognized HEC address.

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