Karakoram International University KIU Result 2024 Check Online

KIU Result 2024, Second Part Visit this page to check Online. Results from www.kiu.edu.pk in 2024. Using your name and roll number, you can check the Karakoram International University KIU Result 2024 Check Online BA, BSc, MA, MSc, BA, SSC, HSSC, ADP, ADA, M.Com as well as Associate Degree Part 1 and Part 2 Online. KIU Results for SSC and HSSC in 2024, Parts 1 and 2 (9th and 10th classes 11th and 12th) Results of the Karakoram International University of Gilgit Baltistan’s yearly examination Look it up Online at www.kiu.edu.pk.

KIU Result 2024 Check Online – Here you can check KIU results for different programs. The examinations for several programs were taken at the Karakoram International University in Gilgit Baltistan. The students were anxiously awaiting the outcome of their labor of love. The results of the following programs will finally be announced by the KIU: SSC and HSSC Part 1, 2, BA, BSc, B.Com, ADP, MA, MSc, M.Com, and Associate Degree in Sciences.

Karakoram International University KIU Result 2024 Check Online

KIU Result 2024

KIU Result 2024

Gilgit Baltistan’s International University is known as KIU. After receiving the notification from the KIU test officials, students can access their KIA Online using their name and roll number slip.www.kiu.edu.pk Karakoram International University Result 2024Karakoram University in Gilgit, Baltistan, conducts exams for Supplementary and Annual subjects (GB). Online Outcome. Exam Season. 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2024, 2024. Exam.

HSSC-II, B.com, and the SSC-II Old Syllabus Section I, B.com M.A. Economics, Part 2. Results for KIU in 2024. BA Module 2: View Online. KIU-affiliated students who are eagerly anticipating the release of the results of the upcoming exams. The BA and BSc categories of the KIU’s Online Result for 2024 have been made public. BA and BSc. Online verification is available for SSC, HSSC, ADP, ADA, M.Com, MA, MSc, and Associate Degrees of Part 1 and Part 2.

 KIU Result 2024 SSC 1 and SSC 2

Students have been informed that KIU is now prepared to release the Matric/Intermediate Higher Secondary School Certificate, SSC Part 1, and Part 2 results. On, you may find the Karakoram International University KIU Result 2024. The most current KIU Results for the years 2024 SSC I, SSC II, HSSC I, HSSC II, BA, BSc, B.Com, ADP, MA, MSc, M.Com, and Associate Degrees are available on the date at Pakmcqs. pk. The KIU officials will soon make the final results public. Download the results from kiu.edu.pk for 2021 right away.

 Students who are excitedly awaiting their exam results are invited to follow us on social media to stay up to date. KIU Matric Board Result 2024 will be revealed shortly here. You can examine your KIU future results in 2024 by visiting this page, which covers all regular and private students from the science, arts, and computer departments. Keep checking back for the latest updates. KIU Results Online for the main Karakoram campus as also other colleges and schools are published by Pakmcqs. pk immediately. Soon, you’ll be able to watch Online or download the results of the SSC-II and HSSC II Annual Exam 2023 here.

 Karakoram International University

Karakoram International University Gilgit-Baltistan admissions are open for B.Ed. Click on the “Find Result” button. The result will be what you’re searching for. kiu result ba part 2 2024. After ADE, B.Ed. (1.5), B.A, BSc, B.com, M.A MSc Fall Admissions 2024. The Karakoram Institute of Gilgit Baltistan’s annual exam results is Online at www.kiu.edu.pk. Apply Online. In the wake of KIU’s announcement, students will be able to check their KIA results Online with their names as well as the number of their roll on their test slips. The result of the SSC annual test is scheduled to be announced today.

KIU Matric Result 2024

KIU Matric Board Result 2024 is expected to be announced shortly here. Keep checking back for the latest updates. All KIU students who are interested in finding the date when their examinations will be announced. We’d like to inform you that KIU will soon announce its results for examinations for HSSC, SSC Part 1 as well as SSC Part 2 exams. Karakoram International University Result 2024 All Programs. There’s a good possibility for the 2024 KIU Matric Board Result will be released shortly. Keep your eyes on this page for any announcements. Gilgit Baltistan 10th Class Matric SSC Result is declared.

KIU Result 2024 Matric FA BA MA Part 1, 2

You can access the results 2024 with the Name or Roll Number on the internet. Shortly, you’ll be able to download and lookup up the outcomes of SSC-II and the HSSC-II annual Exam 2024 on this page. Karakoram University or KIU has announced its results for HSSC II (F.A/F.Sc half two) Results 2024. An international university, Karakoram International University, is situated within the Karakoram Mountains. It is the International University of Gilgit Baltistan also known as KIU. Gilgit Baltistan is where you’ll be able to find it. It was established in 2002.

KIU Online Result 2024 BA, BSc, MA MSc

This page will cover all 2024 Karakoram International University KIU Exam Results. Karakoram International University Gilgit Baltistan is an international-level university that was formed in 2002. Students who were waiting for their results were informed. The mission of the university is to be a world-class university of higher learning that contributes to sustainable development and fosters pluralistic communities and knowledge economies in the mountains of Pakistan as well as similar geographically-based settings across the world.

The results are accessible via KIU’s website. KIU website (www.kiu.edu.pk) (www.kiu.edu.pk). Sometimes, the official website is inaccessible. The purpose of KIU GB is to deliver top-quality academic programs that fit regional, local and global needs. KIU Hunza and Women Campus is under the direction of the school. It is not required to sweat over it since you may acquire the findings through a direct link. It is free to talk with us using the comment box. We will react to you as quickly as we can. Just click the “Find Result” button and enter the roll numbers and your names. Click in the “Annual or Supplementary” drop-down menu to select your test year, year of study, and exam session.

Online Result

SSC-I First Annual 2024 Check Online
SSC-II First Annual 2024  Check Online
HSSC-I First Annual 2024  Check Online
HSSC-II First Annual 2024  Check Online
MA Economics – II Supplementary 2022  Check Online
MA Political Science – II Supplementary 2022  Check Online
MA Urdu – II Supplementary 2022  Check Online
MA English – II Supplementary 2022  Check Online

MA Result 2024

Karakoram International University KIU result 2024 BA Part 2 is available Online at the KIU’s official website www.kiu.edu.pk. This page provides the KIU results for 2024. The major cities of Gilgit Baltistan such as Skardu, Hunza, Ghizar as well as Diamer, Chilas, and University have satellite campuses that are part of their main campus. Gilgit along with Baltistan is the home of Karakoram University. Admissions are available currently for the following courses: B.Ed. After ADE, B.Ed. (1.5), B.A., BSc., B.com, and M.A., M.Sc. Fall 2024 Admissions. It is possible to apply by making the Online form. Go to www.com Kiu results in 2021 here.

The results of the Intermediate/ Higher Lchee Certificate HSSC Part 2 of the 12th class are being released by KIU. This campus Skardu campus was inaugurated with the help of Gilgit Baltistan Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah in 2011, following receiving an official charter issued by the Federal Government on the directives of General Pervez Musharraf. Its Karakorum International University (KIU) is situated in Gilgit the capital of Pakistan’s executive and the largest city. The campus was named the University of Baltistan in 2017 after it was granted its independence.

At present, the 9th-grade pupils might develop a belief that the outcome is likely to be sooner, and that there’s some time left. Pakmcqs. pk has the most current KIU results in 2024 HSSC I BA BSc B.Com ADP MA MSc M.Com and Associate Degrees at the year of the publication. Find the results of KIU 2021 SSC 2. By staying connected and attentive to us and you’ll be able to look forward to the formal proclamation piece. The chancellor of KIU and Pakistan’s president and president of Pakistan, Ms. Mammon Hussain, stated that the University’s Hunza and Women Campus will be open soon.

 How Can I Check KIU Result 2024 Online ?

The KIU Online Result 2024 may be viewed here.

  • Select a Year of Exams (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2024, 2024) (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2024, 2024)
  • Make a Decision Regarding the Form of Assessment (SSC-II Old Syllabus) (SSC-II Old Syllabus)
  • (Annual/Supplementary) Exam Session
  • Enter Your First and Last Name Here
  • Please enter your Student ID number.
  • Select the “View Result” button.
  • KIU Result 2024 SSC, BA Part 2

KIU Contact Information

Ph. 05811-960010

Email: [email protected]

Website: examinations.kiu.edu.pk

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Q: How do I check my KIU Result 2024?

The annual exam results for Karakoram International University Gilgit Baltistan are available online at @www.kiu.edu.pk. Soon after receiving the notification from the KIU examinations administration, students can see their prior KIA results by names and roll number slips.

Q: How much is admission at KIU?

For both Ugandans and foreign students, the application fee is 50,000 Ugandan Shillings (non-Ugandans). The application cost for online applicants is paid to the Finance Office when you report picking up the initial admission.

Q: How much is tuition at KIU?

The exchange rate will reveal that five-year medical courses, such as medicine, cost approximately five million (five million) naira to finish, whereas liberal arts, law, information technology, and business management courses require about one million (1,000,000) naira to complete.

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