PMF Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd

you may get the Punjab Medical Faculty PMF Supplementary Results 2024 as well as the Merit List online. The PMF Merit List 2024 Notice Board will initially publish the successful applicants’ merit list on December 14, 2024. The results for this year have been made public by PMF’s main campus and associated institutes. The PMF Merit List 2024 merit list of every applicant who took the PMF test will be available online at on the PMF website. For information on how to get the PMF CDC Lab Technician Vaccinator Dental Technician Results 2024, see the section below. On this website, they may now obtain the first, second, third, and final merit listings in 2024.

The PMF Merit List 2024 is an overall ranking of all applicants for admission into medical schools in Pakistan. The list is created by analyzing the scores during their final FSc (pre-medical) exams comprising Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. It is an important factor in admissions since it determines who is qualified to be considered for admission to medical schools and which isn’t.

PMF Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd

PMF Merit List 2024

Download the PMF Merit List 2024 online

The 2024 Punjab Medical Faculty Lahore PMF Merit List will be accessible by completing the online form on this website. students who applied through the CIP for the school year 2024–2024. Recognize that your admission will depend on how well you do in the PMF-accredited courses. Edu Pro eventually provides the most recent evening, morning, hafiz quartan, and passive quota lists for the Punjab Medical Faculty. PMF Result 2024 Merit List

You can use these procedures to determine the PMF Results 2024. For every course that is offered, including Dental Technician, Lab Technician, Operation Theater, MLT, OTT, and Dispenser Radiography, students can check their PMF scores. Moreover, degrees.

Medical Faculty of Punjab 2024 Merit List

For the most recent information, return often. Up to December 7th, 2024, any complaints to the merit list will be reviewed. December 14, 2024, the final merits list is scheduled to be for the public. You may discover the most updated details about the written Punjab Medical Faculty Result and the interview dates on this website. The results were made public on October 25, 2024.

How to View the PMF Merit List 2024

  • I invite you to go to PMF Central Induction System (
  • Register an account
  • Type in your Form-B or CNIC number.
  • Look at your merit list.

Self-Finance  PMF Merit List 2024

Admission is available to both morning and evening groups at Punjab Medical Faculty. Admission to the self-finance/evening group is open to applicants with weak academic records. They are required to pay more than the morning group. Look for your name on the self-finance merit list, then get in touch with the appropriate institution.

Importance of PMF Merit List 2024

The PMF Merit List 2024 is essential for all aspiring medical school students from Pakistan. It is the most important selection criteria for medical schools to choose students to be admitted. Students who have a high score on the merit list stand an increased chance of being granted admission to their preferred medical school. However, students who are not successful may have to accept schools that are less well-known or think about alternatives to their career.

Criteria for PMF Merit List 2024

PMF Merit List 2024 PMF Merit List 2024 is constructed based on a variety of aspects, including:

A) Marks from the FSc (pre-medical) tests

The most important criterion to be used for PMF Merit List 2024 PMF Merit List 2024 is the marks students score on the FSc (pre-medical) exams. It is created by a formula which gives a specific weightage to every subject and with Biology as the one that is most important subject.

The weightage of subjects

The subject’s weightage is as the following:

  • Biology: 50%
  • Chemistry: 40%
  • Physics: 10%

C) Aggregate Formula

The formula that is used to determine the merits is:

Aggregate = ((Total Marks Obtained / Total Marks) x 1100) + Hafiz-e-Quran Marks

The PMF Lahore Open Merit list 2024

To learn the first, second, third, and fourth merit lists for the PMF Lahore, keep checking this website frequently. When their names are not visible in the PMF master merit lists, many candidates are concerned and unhappy. Such applicants ought to hold off until the second, third, and third merit lists are Based one. On the basis of merit and place of residence, PMF has set aside certain places for Hafiz E Quran.

Merit List for Evening Programs at Punjab Medical Faculty

For all of their current courses, including Dental Technician Lab Technician Operation Theater, MLT, OTT Dispenser Radiography, and Diploma, students may check their Merit Lists based on to PMF results. As on the day they received their PMF results, students who filled out the application forms will be permitted to show up in the test room.

Morning Programs Merit List for the Punjab Medical Faculty

By clicking the link, you may see the PMF Merit Lists for the Punjab Medical Faculty PMF Supplementary 2024 Merit Lists online. The PMF main campus and its affiliated colleges have made their Merit Lists available for the year in which they were published. For the PMF Merit Lists, please go here.

SR Description Action
1. 1st Merit List Download
2. 2nd Merit List Download
3. 3rd Merit List Download
4. 4th Merit List Download
5. Disable Person quota Download
6. Evening Programs Merit List Download
7. Hafiz-e-Quran List Download
8. Morning Programs Merit List Download

List of Selected Candidates for PMF Lahore

Candidates who are chosen must go to the institutions where they are applying for admission. Before the deadline, they must submit their entrance forganizationrning organisation that oversees the assessment of allied sciences educational institutions is the Punjab Medical Faculty. Additionally, the merit list of successful applicants will be posted on the notice board at all PMF-affiliated universities.

How Do I Check the PMF Results?

  • I need the PMF Result 2024 Dispenser, Vaccinator MLT Check. How can I acquire it?
    Visit the PMF’s official website first.
    You must then navigate to the Lahore URL on the website.
    You may check the results for 2024 on
    The PMF Dispenser Results 2024 have been released.
    Results for both the previous and current years are available
    To check your results, use the links above.

Contact Information for Punjab Medical Faculty

  • Location: News Muslim Town, 62/A-D Wahdat Road, Lahore
  • Phone: 042-99231352 042-99230506
  • URL:


What is the PMF Merit List?

The PMF Merit List is a listing of all students who applied for admission into medical schools in Pakistan. It is compiled by analyzing the students’ scores during the FSc (pre-medical) exams.

What is the weightage of subjects in the PMF Merit List?

The proportion of subjects that are weighed is as follows The percentages are: Biology 50 percent Chemistry 40% Physics 10%.

What are some preparation tips for the PMF Merit List?

A few tips to prepare to prepare for The PMF Merit List include focus on Biology and time management, focusing on the subject as well as solving previous papers and seeking out professional assistance.


The PMF Merit List 2024 is crucial in determining the admissions to medical schools in Pakistan. It is crucial for prospective medical students to be prepared to take the FSc (pre-medical) tests and be able to achieve a high score on the merit list in order to improve their chances of getting acceptance to their preferred medical school. Students should concentrate on learning the concepts to manage their time, answer past questions and seek out professional assistance to be prepared to take exam day. PMF Merit List 2024.

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