PSO Internship Program 2024 Apply Online

PSO Internship Program 2024 For six weeks, Pakistan State Oil (PSO), Pakistan’s biggest oil marketing company, will welcome young and aspirational talent. amazing learning and development internship opportunity is glad to provide L.E.A.P, a chance for you to experience a firm that inspires you to be passionate, agile, and does better while learning from the industry’s pioneers. Through the use of a very open and organized hiring process that eliminates prejudices and rewards ability competence, PSO makes sure that we only hire the most qualified and competent people for the position. The corporation will provide them with a monthly stipend. Additionally, graduates of the PSO Internship Program in 2024 will get a certificate. To submit an online application for the PSO mentoring program 2024, go to the PSO website, Remember that until June 26, 2024, interested applicants may submit an online application for this mentoring. After then, the new registration will be closed.

PSO Internship Program 2024

The official page for job vacancies is located here. We’ll let you know about the most current positions that have been posted in the Pakistan State Oil PSO Internship Program 2024 and need to be applied for quickly. Candidates who are interested in applying may do so through the designated channels or on our website, Applications that are submitted late or are not complete will not be approved.

PSO Internship Program Salary

In 2024, both men and women may submit applications for the PSO mentoring programme. To be eligible for this job, you must have one year of experience. Candidates for mentorship in PSO must hold a BS/BE in electronics, computer science, software engineering, or business with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Pakistani nationals are encouraged to apply for the scholarship indicated.

PSO ACCA Trainee Program

For the PSO Mentorship Program 2024, a minimum 3.0 CGPA is necessary. People who meet the requirements and are at least 30 years old can apply for the Pakistan State Oil Mentorship programme in 2024. This mentoring programme lasts for two years. PSO employs thousands of people and operates all throughout Pakistan. Being the biggest oil provider, it occasionally hires new personnel.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Students from reputable domestic and international universities.
  • Having completed 16 years of schooling, including a BBA (Hons), LLB, BS in engineering, accounting and finance, information technology, and management and social sciences (Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical, Civil, Mechatronics and Software).
  • Students from the above fields’ second and final years.
  • With a CGPA of at least 2.7.

How should I apply on L.E.A.P?

By February 16, 2024, local universities must provide the name and phone number and email address of their focal person to [email protected]. After thorough review on the part of the university, PSO shall offer a login and password to the focal person for registration of their eligible pupils. The registration process must be finished by the deadline listed below.

Foreign students should apply directly through the page.

PSO Mentorship Program 2024

Country   Pakistan
Company  Pakistan State Oil
Monthly Stipend  30,000 Pkr
Program Duration  2 Years
Application Deadline   26-06-2022

Important Directions:

Individual applications from students at nearby universities won’t be taken into consideration. Local pupils should be scrutinized by their local institution placement office against predetermined criteria. Applications and registrations that are incomplete will not be accepted. Any attempt to sway the internship selection process will result in the candidate’s disqualification. Candidates will get a predetermined stipend after completing their internship successfully. No TA/DA, boarding, or lodging is permitted throughout the internship. The Local University will be in charge of making sure the submitted statistics and information are accurate.

Just so you know:

  • PSO is an employer that values diversity.
  • Applications and registrations that are incomplete will not be accepted.
  • The initiative is only for a two-year training term. Since there is no employer-employee connection at this time, the firm is under no obligation to provide trainees permanent work when the project term is up.
  • The incumbents will not be supplied with boarding or lodging.
  • A set monthly stipend will be given to the candidates.
  • Candidates must hold at least 16 years of education from HEC accredited institute or comparable international degree.
  • Application deadline: June 26, 2024

 PSO Internship Program 2024

The ideal platform for students and job seekers is The website is a reliable resource for anyone seeking for work around the country to identify openings in both the public and private sectors. Students and job seekers may use Pakistan Job Portal to look for and apply for the jobs they desire by receiving accurate and trustworthy career information.

PSO Internship Qualifications:

  • The following qualifications must be met to be eligible to qualify for Pakistan’s PSO paid internship programme:
  • Candidates must have earned a degree from an institution recognized by the HEC.
  • Minimum CGPA 2.00 or 80% in the subject
  • At the time of the commercial, 30 years at most
  • Candidates with and without experience may apply.
  • Both guys and ladies from Pakistan are welcome to apply.

Internships with PSO:

  • This compensated position
  • Fantastic location for internship learning
  • Excellent and helpful management.
  • A comfortable setting Delicious food.
  • Every employee receives a complimentary lunch

PSO Internship Program 2024 Apply Online

PSO Internship Program

PSO Internship Program 2024

Job seekers might also get employment with PSO and receive alluring compensation. In order to support emerging talent in Pakistan, PSO has also developed training, mentoring, and internship programmes. Our website has fresh job listings. Apply online if you’re prepared to work with your mentors at the biggest oil firm in the country. PSO has begun to accept applications for its mentoring programme online.

Program for PSO Management Trainees 2024

On June 26, 2024, the present PSO mentoring programme will come to an end. Males and ladies who are interested in mentorship should apply before the dates indicated. Dear colleagues, we have outlined the PSO mentoring programme 2024 here. Additionally, you may get in touch with us using the comment area. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you with your confusion.

 PSO Internship Program 2024 Apply Online

Applicants will receive a stipend of 3000 Pk throughout the programme. Candidates must have completed at least 16 years of education at a reputable, HEC-approved university to be eligible. Don’t pass up this opportunity; the PSO Mentorship application process is quick and easy to complete online.

Check PSO Internship Program

PSO Contact Information:


Is PSO Internship paid?

A set monthly stipend will be given to the candidates.

How to apply in PSO trainee program?

The corporation will provide them with a monthly stipend. Additionally, graduates of the PSO mentoring programme in 2024 will get a certificate. To submit an online application for the PSO mentoring programme 2024, go to the PSO website,

What is the salary after internship?

The typical annual wage for an entry-level intern with less three years of experience is 2.9 lakhs. An experienced intern with 10–20 years of experience makes an average income of $85,000 per year, compared to mid-career interns with 4–9 years of experience, who make an average compensation of 4.8 lakhs.

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