TESCO ETEA Result 2024 by Name and Roll Number

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about checking the TESCO ETEA Result 2024 Merit List online by name and roll number. jobs for assistant line managers in the helpline The merits list of candidates for the TESCO ETEA Result 2024 can be viewed online with the help of the Roll and the Name. The ETEA Screening written exam took place at TESCO Tribal Aerial Supply Co. on March 31, 2024. Results of the Assistant Lineman and Assistant Lineman TESCO Reception 20 January 2024 was the advertised date. According to ETEA, tests on posts for Tribal Areas Electric Supply have been completed and are now being announced. Here are the test results for ETEA 2024. You can use this roll number to check the TESCO ETEA Result 2024 online.

A written exam is required for all candidates applying for Tribal Areas Electric Supply TESCO positions. Results for the TESCO ETEA Jobs 2024 Exam will be made public whenever they are made available by the authorities. If you’re interested, we’ve made it easy for you to find all the details here: Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company ETEA Jobs 2024 TESCO Test Scores and Exam Answer Keys, as well as the full list of chosen applicants.

TESCO ETEA Test Result 2024

On this website, test results for applicants who applied for Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company TESCO ETEA employment for 2024 may be obtained. On this website, you may get the solutions to the exam questions for the TESCO ETEA in 2024. Candidates who passed the written test filled out this page of the National Testing Service’s ETEA test application. Candidates may view the TESCO ETEA Test Results for Jobs 2024 on this page after completing the test. Following the exam, ETEA will publish all test results for available positions online.

 TESCO Merit List 2024 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

On this website, candidates applying to Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company will find the ETEA results for the post, the ETEA Answer Key, and the merit lists (TESCO). Anybody who applies for a TESCO position in the tribal regions of 2024 must pass the test in accordance with ETEA regulations. For individuals who took the Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company TESCO post-2023 ETEA test, the exam results, questions, and merit list are available online via this link.

Download PDF for TESCO ETEA 1st Merit List

If you’ve taken the ETEA test and want further information about your score or a list of people who did well on the test, check out the winners’ list thus far (experience or interview scores not included). You’ve located a website with all the necessary information, so you’re at the proper spot. The list for 2024 that is published online is the most recent merit list of positions for the Educational Testing and Assessment Agency.

ETEA Outcome Date for TESCO

The official authority often updates the TESCO ETEA test schedule, and the findings are made public within a few weeks. Each year, a new day is chosen for the results release. For any changes, students are recommended to visit the official ETEA website. Usually, during the second or first week of the designated month is when the outcome is made public.

TESCO ETEA Result 2024 by Name and Roll Number

TESCO ETEA Result 2024

TESCO ETEA Result 2024 by Roll No.

Here, you may view the results of recent TESCO ETEA job vacancies, including the merit lists and shortlists. Applicants that successfully passed the NTS test will be considered for positions with TESCO in 2024. Now, Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company 2024 has online access to the ETEA exam answers and results.

1. Selected Candidates Click Here
2. Rejected Candidates Click Here
3. Blacklisted Candidate Click Here
4. Driving Test Date Click Here
5. ETEA Test Syllabus Click Here
6. ETEA Past Papers and Syllabus Click Here
7. Interview Schedule Click Here
8. List of Candidates for Interview Click Here
9. Physical Test Date Click Here
10. Provisional List (Eligible/Rejected) Click Here
11. ETEA Roll No Slip Click Here
12. Written Test Date Click Here
13. ETEA Application Status Click Here
14. ETEA Result Click Here
15. ETEA Merit List Click Here

TESCO ETEA ALM Result 2024

Please let us know about any difficulties you may be having in the space below. For Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company TESCO ETEA positions for 2024, the test results are published and may be downloaded online right here. On this website, you may get the questions and the solutions to the TESCO ETEA test from 2024. All candidates who pass the written test must complete the ETEA test application found on this website, which is provided by the National Testing Service.

How to Examine a TESCO ETEA Result

Students can check their scores when the results are released by going to the official ETEA website. You can use the following step-by-step approach to examine the outcomes of your TESCO ETEA results:

  • Go to etea.edu.pk to see the official ETEA website.
  • The “Result” tab will appear on the home page.
  • Choose the TESCO ETEA test from the drop-down menu.
  • After entering your roll number, press “Submit.”
  • On the screen, your score will be shown.
  • Create a picture of your results for future reference.

PDF of the TESCO ETEA Second Merit List

The most recent list of applicants taking the ETEA in 2024 is provided below. There is a list of people who are on the merit lists as well. The ETEA students are anxious to hear about their accomplishments. The results of tests performed on various dates were released by ETEA after only 15 hours. Those who passed the exam can learn what they learned on this website. If you want to discover how you passed the ETEA test, please input your CNIC or registration number below.

 TESCO ETEA Download PDF 3rd Merit List

Those on the “blocklist,” or those who failed the test, won’t have access to any test results. For more details on the results of the Educational Testing and Evaluation Agency’s tests, visit this page. How to apply for the admissions or admissions tests and an application number are the most recent updates on job openings at the Educational Testing and Assessment Agency. This page contains information on the trial date, educational testing and assessment agency findings, the interview schedule, the merit list, and the most recent merit lists.

http://www.etea.edu.pk/TESCO Result 2024

The ETEA ALM Written Test Results 2024 for KPK are available on this page. ESCO All participants in the ETEA’s ALM jobs at TESCO Written Test 2024, finished March 31, 2024, at the KPK’s Educational Testing & Evaluation Agency KPK, are eligible for positions for 2024. On this page, candidates may get their 2024 ETEA TESCO ALM Jobs Written Exam Results. Online TESCO Result Checker

How to See the TESCO ETEA Result 2024?

Exam questions and answers for the TESCO ETEA in 2024 can be found online. All candidates who have passed the written test must complete this National Testing Service ETEA exam form. The applicants will be able to get their TESCO ETEA Test 2024 Results online at this website after passing the test. Any exam results that are relevant to employment will be posted online by ETEA after the test.

How do I view the TESCO ETEA Test  Results 2024?

  1. If you’d like to evaluate the outcomes of your ETEA exam, visit this website.
  2. There are two ways to evaluate the outcomes.
  3. Your ID card’s number is the first. The birth certificate number follows.
  4. Enter the number from your ID card or roll into the form below, followed by the relevant code, as shown in the illustration below.
  5. Make one last push by selecting “Search.”
  6. The final scores and results will be revealed.
  7. You also have the choice of saving your outcome. With the keys Ctrl+p, print your TESCO ETEA test results.

 TESCO Written Test and Screening Results

Please get in touch with us via the comments section below if you or your fellow applicants are having trouble locating your TESCO jobs 2024 ETEA result, ETEA answer key, or merit list. On this website, you may see the ETEA results and merit lists for the TESCO employment 2024. The ETEA has announced the results for the Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company TESCO positions for the 2024 ETEA roll without slips after the test results, and we’ll post them on this website as soon as they’re available.

Verify the TESCO ETEA Result 2024 via SMS Code

Each student will get an SMS message with their grade, sent separately from the teacher. Students can thus send an SMS to each mobile device to confirm their test results. The SMS format should be followed by students. Your result will be sent to your mobile device through SMS if you text “ET (Space) Roll Number” to 8583.


After the registration code is entered, your ETEA 2024 results will be shown. To check your score, go to the aforementioned Link and enter your name or listing number. Your ETEA 2024 results may be seen below in the online checker by Name. First Merit List of Applicants for Employment Based on ETEA Test Scores, Name List Number, and Written Test Answers, www.etea.edu.pk, 2024. The ETEA Exam results for 2024 are available here with a number.

 TESCO NTS Answer Key 2024

Here, you may view the results of recent TESCO ETEA job vacancies, including the merit lists and shortlists. On the official website, www.nts.org.pk, many candidates are unable to access their results. When you get your results, there might be a website crush. All NTS results will be promptly posted on our website Pakmcqs.pk for that reason.

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