University of Karachi Admission 2024 Last Date

To submit an online application, go to the UOK University of Karachi Admission 2024 portal. Click Here for Karachi University Admission 2024 For Karachi University KU Admission 2024, Jamia Karachi is accepting applications from qualified applicants. Please keep in mind the 2024 deadline for admission if you want to apply to any of the BS, MS, MPhil, or Ph.D. programs at the University of Karachi. The University of Karachi has just announced admissions for M.S., B.S., Ph.D., and M.Phil. programs in five faculties, including Islamic Learning, Administrative Science and Management, Pharmacy, Science, and the Arts. Students from all throughout Pakistan are eligible to apply for admission to several graduate and postgraduate programs, M.S. and Ph.D. programs, short courses, and professional credentials. The students at Karachi University are given moral and virtuous principles as well as mental and character clarity in order to achieve success and victory.

University of Karachi Admission 2024 Last Date

University of Karachi Admission 2024

Apply online for University of Karachi Admission 2024.

Open, merit-based bachelor’s and master’s programs at the University of Karachi will be admitted in 2024. Lists are revealed, and the website is also updated. The most recent announcements of engineering university and college admissions as well as the deadline for applications must be found here. As a result, you should periodically check-in. If you have any questions about this or would like to make comments about how our website could be improved, you can leave a remark.

Bachelor Programs at University of Karachi Admission 2024

Candidates must evaluate the necessary credentials on a merit-based basis. As a result, candidates can quickly obtain the online application, fee schedule, and advertisement from the website below. Candidates must submit their applications by the deadline listed in the UOK ad for 2024.

Admission To The University Of Karachi Private 2024

Keep in mind that some seats are set aside for those from Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Baluchistan, FATA, Interior Sindh, Northern Areas, disabled people, and the children of teachers and Karachi University employees. The Higher Education Commission has acknowledged it (HEC). The goal of every student is admission to this university.

Prospectus for Karachi University 2024

Learn how to enrol here if you want to pursue a career as well. Additionally, you can apply online by going to, our admissions portal. Additionally, the prospectus contains the most recent cost schedules by semester for all programmes, which are available to all interested candidates.

Admissions portal for the University of Karachi

Through the admission portal on the University of Karachi’s official website, applications for admission to the morning and evening programmes are available. Review the eligibility criteria and the cost structure. UOK Admission Advert and Entry Test Dates for 2024. Results of the entrance exam and a list of merit. Visit the KU Admission Portal 2024 to register online.

B.Com. Admission Deadline Karachi 2024

The official hasn’t yet released the date of the entrance exam for admission to UOK, but when they do, this page will be updated as well. According to the advertisement, the University of Karachi has begun accepting applications for its BS, LLB, BBA, BA, BArch, PharmD, DPT, BEd, and BBA programmes.

Admission Form for Karachi University 2024

Candidates who wish to join the institutions that provide quality education are able to submit their application forms until February 16, 2024, as this is the final date for submission of application forms. Bachelor’s and Master’s University of Karachi UOK Admissions 2024 in programmes of BE, B.Ed., BA, BBA, MBA, BPA, MA MSc, MPA, and M.Com are now open to applicants.

SR Description Action
1. Bachelor Programs Admission Apply Online
2. Master Programs Admission Apply Online
3. MPhil Programs Admission Apply Online
4. Other Diploma Programs Admission Apply Online

Fee Schedule for University of Karachi Admission 2024

For the most recent information on admission to the UOK Bachelor Program and Master Admissions in 2024, stay up to speed by visiting this website. If any admissions-related information becomes available, it will be shared on this website. Additionally, it can be seen on the official website, A private university in Pakistan is called UOK.

Morning/Evening Admission Programs at Karachi University

So always stay up to date. Keep yourself informed and current. According to reports, the University of Karachi is one of Karachi’s largest universities, and as a result, hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of students enrol there each year. The university’s excellent faculty, which is knowledgeable and skilled, is one of the key factors contributing to its enormous popularity.

Undergraduate Admission 2024 at Karachi University

The admissions office of University of Karachi Karachi has announced that it would be accepting online applications and is available for the class of 2024. As a result, there are openings for University of Karachi Bachelor admission in 2024. Each member of the team aspires to provide a thorough overview of their entire career by adapting to the students’ level of comprehension.

Admission to KU 2024 at

The results of the Karachi University entrance exam will be made public here. To instantly check their results online, candidates are advised to enter their roll number on the slip of their roll. You can check the written exam’s answer keys here to see how you did before the results are announced. Additionally, you can get the results of your test entry here by name.

Private Admission to University of Karachi 2024

You can use the online admissions portal for the University of Karachi. Log in to your admission site at The website offers details on how to apply for admission to the University of Karachi as well as other crucial details. Applying for admission to the University of Karachi is possible.

Admissions at 2024

Each programme at the University of Karachi has an own set of requirements. The following advertising lists the requirements for each programme. Additionally, you can access KU’s official website. The admission notice can be downloaded from this page.

UOK Eligibility Requirements

The first, third, and second merit lists from Karachi University will be shown here. Candidates who are awaiting merit lists or students who have been shortlisted should visit this page. As soon as we have the announcement, we will publish our final merit lists on this page.

Online Admission Portal for Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Karachi 2024

Master Programs

MSc Marine Science MA Geography
MA English MA Geology
MA Sindhi MSc Health Physics Education and Sports Science
MA Botany MA Islamic History
MA Bengali MA Special Education
MA Urdu MA Usooluddin
MA Persian MA Quran & Sunnah
MA Philosophy MA Islamic Learning
MSc Zoology MA Education
MCom M Ed
MA/MSc Economics MSc Physiology
MBA Banking MA Physiology
MBA Finance & Investment MA Genetics
MA Criminology MPA (Public Administrate)
MA Statistics MS Medicine
MSc Statistics MD Medicine
LLM MSc Petroleum Technology
MA Mathematics PhRMA Pharmaceutics
MSc Mathematics MA Pharmacology
MA Chemistry Pharma Pharmacognosy
MA Biochemistry MBA Marketing
MSc Biotechnology MBA Islamic Banking
MA Industrial Business & Mathematics MBA Project & Industrial Management
MSc Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology MBA Supply Chain Management
MSc Applied Physic MBA HRM
MSc Microbiology MA Computer Science
MSc Environmental Studies MCS
MA Mass Communication MBA
MA Arabic MBA Executive
MA Social Work MA Sociology
MSc Space Science and Technology MA Pakistan Study
MA Library and Information Science MA Woman Studies
MA General History MA Political Science
MA International Relations

MPhil Programs

Mphil Islamic Banking & Finance MPhil Computer Technology
MPhil Analytical/Physical/Inorganic Chemistry MPhil Pharmacology
MPhil Clinical Psychology MPhil Leading to Ph.D. in Biotechnology
MPhil Bio-Organic Chemistry MPhil Leading to Ph.D. Marine Biology
MPhil Molecular Medicine MPhil Biotechnology
MPhil Business Administration MPhil Islamic Studies
MPhil Textile Chemistry MPhil Chemistry
MPhil Plant Biotechnology MPhil Organic Chemistry

Callback Number for Karachi University

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 92-21-99261300-06

Fax: 92-21-99261340

Web address:

Location: University Road, Karachi, Pakistan, 75270


Q: Is Karachi University Admission open 2024?

Admission is now being accepted for the 2024 academic year, according to the University of Karachi Karachi admission office. Applications for the following undergraduate bachelor degree programmes are being accepted online.

Q: What is the last date to apply in Karachi University?

UOK Admission Deadline 2024

Below is a list of the deadlines for applying to the Bachelors and Masters Programs in 2022. Morning Shows: Admission application deadline: February 16. 3,000 PKR is the processing charge for the application.

Q: How can I get admission in Karachi University?


Students may apply if they have received 45% on the H.S.C. (Intermediate) Examination or an equivalent exam from a recognised technical board. Diploma holders with at least 60% on their diploma from an accredited board are also qualified to apply.

Q: Which field is best in Karachi University?

It is particularly well-known for its research and teaching in the fields of social science, science and technology, and medicine.

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