Abasyn University Islamabad Merit List 2024 1st 2nd And 3rd

Abbasi University Islamabad Merit List for Islamabad Campus in 2024. The charter of Abbasin University Peshawar has been authorized by both the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). Under the previous ranking system, only Abasyn University Islamabad Merit List 2023 received the highest category from HEC, the highest category given to any school. The departmental notice boards will post the university’s merit lists. You will, however, release the finalized merit lists for each programme we provide here.

The programmes that the Institute is providing during the spring term are listed below. Under the previous ranking system, which was the highest category that could be given to any institution, Abasin University was the only university in KPK to get this distinction. As far as we are aware, this university has ended its admissions, and the first merit list has just been released. Students are eligible to get a merit list after submitting this application.

Abasyn University Islamabad Merit List 2023 for the Islamabad Campus online at Visit this page to check a schedule of upcoming interviews. Check the online Abasyn University Merit List for Spring Admission 2024. The charter of Abasyn University Peshawar has been approved by both Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). An American government-chartered private research institution ABASYN University is situated in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Abasyn University Islamabad Merit List 2024 1st 2nd And 3rd

Abasyn University Islamabad Merit List 2024

Abasyn University Islamabad Merit List 2024 Download

Candidates for admission to the class at the Abbasin University Islamabad Campus. To find out if they have been admitted or not, they are now awaiting the admission merit list. You may see the merit list and interview schedule here when the university administration has made them public.

All Programs’ Abasyn University Islamabad Merit Lists

Everyone who applies is accepted by the institution based solely on their qualities. Candidates who applied to Abbasin University Islamabad’s numerous programmes are currently awaiting the online publication of their merit lists. University Merit Lists will be published on departmental notice boards.

Eligibility Requirements for Abasyn University in Islamabad 2024

Officials will soon ask applicants to take an entrance exam, which is necessary for admission. Applicants for the 2024 class at the Abasyn University Islamabad Campus. Abasyn University Islamabad Campus The federal government has granted a charter to the private research institution known as ABASYN University. It is situated in Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad.

 Abasyn University Islamabad Merit list 2024 Online Access

When the merit list for all of our programmes is ready, you will put it here. Keep this page bookmarked for the most recent Abbasin University Islamabad information. For the Gulshan Iqbal Campus, Abbasin Islamabad, each merit list and Defence will be made available in a distinct URL on this website. When they become available, merit lists for spring and autumn admissions will be shared here.

Abasyn University Islamabad Merit List to be announced

A list of the top students at Abasyn College in Islamabad is scheduled to be released by August 20, 2024. But the date isn’t set yet and you should keep an eye on the official website of the university for any updates.

Merit List and Entry Test Results for Admission to Absyn University Islamabad 2024

The link below contains all of our team’s public admission information, including qualifying requirements. In our subsequent publication, we will also provide the whole departmental ABASYN University Merit List and Entrance Test Results for 2024. To determine the acceptance percentage, they are now awaiting the merit list for admission.

Abasyn University Islamabad’s Tuition Schedule.

You may find the cost breakdown for IU’s undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programmes here. Most prospective applicants wish to learn about the fees connected with certain programmes before applying. The tuition at Abbasin University Islamabad is the same for both the autumn and spring semesters. Students pursuing a BS in computer science and software engineering will pay $89,000 per year.

Electrical Engineering Check Online
Electronic Engineering Check Online
Software Engineering  Check Online
BS Computer Science  Check Online
BS Telecommunication  Check Online
BBA Hons  Check Online
Bachelor in Accounting & Finance  Check Online
Bachelor of Media Science (Film & TV, Advertising, Animation)  Check Online
DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy  Check Online
Doctor of Pharmacy  Check Online

Scholarships / Reduced Fees

Abbasi University in Islamabad is available to deserving students who are struggling financially. We give young people in our neighbourhood financial aid for their schooling to support their academic success. The institution also provides student loan and tuition payment options based on need and performance. A mechanism for applying is provided for position holders and need-based scholarships.

Entry Test Sample for Abasyn University Islamabad 2024

This page lists the costs for the undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and graduate programmes offered by Indiana University. Officials from Abasyn are anticipated to hold the entrance exam for accepted applicants very soon. The university’s administration will publish its merit lists and set up interviews; they may be found here. Additionally, we have published the entire admission details as well as the programme descriptions for the available courses.

 Abasyn University Islamabad Merit List 2024 First Second And Third

Abasyn University in Islamabad is available to qualify but underprivileged students. We provide aid with schooling so that our youngsters can succeed academically. Additionally, the institution provides student loans and has payment schedules based on performance and need. Through the application procedure, you can apply for need-based or applicants for job scholarships.

Abasyn University Merit List 2024 BS BSC MS 1st 2nd 3rd Check Online

The institution also offers student loans and tuition payment options. Abasyn University Islamabad Merit List 2024 Based on Need and Success All applicants must pass the admission exam, according to the institute. By applying, you can locate applicants for need-based and position holders’ scholarships. The results of each applicant’s admission exam will be accessible from this page.

Contact Information:

Contact:  (915) 8438320

Email: [email protected]

Web Address: www.abasyn.edu.pk

Address: No. 210, Street# 6,  Islamabad


Q: Is Abasyn university take an entry test?

Ans: Unless they are moving from another campus of Abasyn University, all prospective applicants must take the Admission examination. Students must finish at least half of the programme, per university rules, to get a degree.

Q: Is Abasyn a good university?

Ans: Ranked first in private sector universities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (General Category). ranked sixth among all private universities (General Category). ranked #25 out of all Pakistani private and public universities (General Category).

Q: Is Abasyn University Govt or private?

Private college:

In Peshawar, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, there is a private institution name Abasyn University. In 2007, it was formed.


Abasyn University Islamabad is a recognized university with a reputation for excellence. It offers a variety of degrees in various areas. If you’re planning to attend this university be sure to meet the requirements for admission and be aware of their merit lists announcement. We hope that this article given you all the details you’ll need.

Abasyn University Islamabad Admission 2024 Apply Online Last Date

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