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NED Undergraduate Result 2024 Merit List for Spring is now accessible on the official website. NED took the entry test in 2024 according to its schedule. The candidates who were waiting for the result now have their wait over. According to its programme, NED took the admission test in 2024. The candidates who were awaiting the results. The first merit lists for the morning and evening programmes at Ned University have been posted online. Candidates may verify their NED Undergraduate Result 2024 for the spring semester online by entering their roll number on this link. Students submit their roll numbers here to check their Ned undergraduate class results online for fall-spring 2024 admission. So, to stay up to date, check this website. The most recent merit lists for the online BS, MS, PhD, MASTER, BACHELORS, PAF-IAT, PCSIR, PMA, GCT, IIEE, and UIT Morning/Evening programmes are available on this page.

 NED Undergraduate Result 2024. Check Online

Note: On February 13th, 2024, the undergraduate results for the various areas for the Fall Semester Exams 2024 will be made public. On the web, you may find the University of Engineering and Technology Undergraduate Results here. Results for the first year, second year, third and fourth years, and fifth year. Online Bachelor of Science Checks

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To stay up with the NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi merit list, self-finance merit list, list of applicants selected for selection fees structure, and final merit list, check this page periodically.

What formula do you use to determine Ned’s merit?

The first admissions exam merit list was made public by NED. You will find a wide variety of lists of quality here. Sort them according to the roll numbers you have chosen. The NED merit lists provide information on the most recent state of the results. At the conclusion of each roll no., they also provide a comment. Those who don’t pass the test won’t be invited to interviews or vice versa.

  NED University Seats Distribution 2024

The results announcement date and time for 2024 at NED University of Technology and Technology are also available online. They have already successfully passed an admissions test or exam.

NEDUET Results 2024 Merit List

It is anticipated that when they become available, the merit lists and waiting lists for NED University Admissions, as well as the merit lists for self-finance, reserved seats, and the list of selected candidates, will all be published here. For additional information on this list, including the results of the NEDUET Entry Test, the interview call list for candidates (OPEN MERIT/SELF FINANCE), and other important information, keep monitoring this website.

  • Engineering in Electrical
  • Engineering in electronics
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Engineering in the metallurgical sector
  • Engineering Design
  • Materials science

DUET Entry Test 2024 Results

Students interested in attending the NED University of Engineering can take admissions examinations there. All students were required to take the admission exam. The NED University’s engineering students can use a roll number to look up their NEDUET results.

  • Vehicle Engineering
  • Engineering, Chemical
  • Engineering, Civil
  • Building Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering on a Computer
  • Engineering with Polymers and Petrochemicals
  • Software Development
  • Engineering in Telecommunications
  • Engineering in Textiles
  • Engineering in cities.

NED Undergraduate Merit List 2024

NED just made admissions announcements for a number of undergraduate programmes beginning in 2024. The Ph.D., PGD, and undergraduate programmes are presently accepting applications. Candidates who took the entrance exam and completed their application forms before the deadline are awaiting the results.

NED University Karachi Undergraduate Entry Test Results

Every student must be able to pass the entrance exam to the NED University. NED entrance exam 2024–20 was held in September of the previous year. The 2018 NED entrance test was held in August. Information systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Metallurgical Engineering NED entrance test results for 2024 are available. Results from the NED University of Engineering and Technology are also available on our website for 2024.

Percentages of NED University Merit  2024

Before getting admitted, applicants to NED Engineering and Technology programmes must successfully complete the necessary exams. Here are the 2021 NED undergraduate test results. This website contains information on the merit list, the NED entrance test results, and the deadline for submitting application fees. Review your NED pre-engineering entrance test results to see how you did.

What Grade Point Average is Necessary for NED University?

You may see your results on the NED pre-assessment exam for admission as well as your overall eligibility status here. Go here to access the NED undergraduate portal. The 2024 NEED results are available online. Ned University of Technology and Engineering. Test for pre-admission entrance for undergraduate admissions in 2021. held from September 6 to September 12, 2022.

What Advantages Does NED University Offer?

Due to its high academic standards, NED Engineering and Technology University has gained attention and praise on a global scale. It is Pakistan’s primary engineering institution. NED Karachi’s admissions procedure is quite competitive. NED has increased its admittance requirements by more than 10 points in response to this outstanding achievement.

How is the NED Merit Determined?

You may find a number of different merit lists on this page. Sort them according on the roll number pattern you’ve chosen. The merit lists of the NED include a comment on each roll number and information on the results’ current status. Candidates who failed the exam will not receive invitations to interviews or the reverse.

NED University Undergraduate Result 2024

Ph.D. Check Online
PAF-IAT Check Online
GCT Check Online
PCSIR Check Online
IIEE Check Online
PMA Check Online
UIT Check Online

NED Examination Results 2024

The results of the ned entrance exam are also available here. This page also contains information about ned entrance for 2024 as well as the allocation of seats at the ned university. Here are the NED exam 2024 results. You may check the 2022 NED Exam Results online. The NED admission test result for 2024 has been made public and is available for review.

Distribution of NED University Seats 2024

Visit this link to view the NED Exam 2024 Result from this website. Results from the first through fifth undergraduate years. A BACHELOR OF SCIENCES is a good way to characterize this degree. All applicants must take the NEDUET University admission test. The NED 2024 test was administered in September, exactly like it was in August the year before.

How Many Points are Needed to be Admitted to NED 2024?

Merit Score (MS) equals the sum of the HSSC and entry test scores (100) MS1200, or the merit score. UNIVERSITY RESULTS (FALL SEMESTER 2021). discipline BACHELOR OF SCIENCES first year, second year, third year, fourth year, and fifth year. Thus, this NED University is one of the first educational institutions in Pakistan to educate engineering and generate engineering graduates. There was the D.J. Sindh College before this.

What Proportions of Students must enrol at NED University?

To pass the university’s Pre-Admission Entry exam, candidates must receive at least 50% of the possible points. Admission may also be considered for applicants with SAT I and II scores of at least 1000 or 800 points.

  • Pakistan’s top international universities for electrical and electronic engineering
  • Islamabad’s COMSATS University (CUI)
  • Pakistan’s National University of Sciences and Technology

NED Portal Outcome

The main structure, Seth Fateh Chand Demands Khilnani Hall, was located in the block. The Power House, Electrical and Hydraulics Laboratories, and Workshops are located in the block that bears the names of Bacharbai and Bai Purina.

NED Undergraduate Result 2024 Merit List |

NED Undergraduate Result 2024

 NED Undergraduate Result 2024 Check the Neduet Portal

There is no need for candidates to visit any other websites because we will publish their results here as soon as the announcement is made, so they must wait for the official announcement.
NODE Portal

How Can I Check My Undergraduate NED Admission Test Results?

Results of the NED University Undergraduate Admission Test: A Guide

You are eagerly anticipating the admissions process to Pakistan’s NED University as an undergraduate student. Verifying your results is the next step after passing the NED entrance test. We’ll explain where to look for the NED University undergraduate entrance exam results in this article.

Step 1:

Visit the official NED University website as your initial step in confirming the correctness of your undergraduate entrance exam results from NED University. You may accomplish this by putting “” into the address bar of your web browser or by clicking on this link:

Step 2:

Click on the “Admissions” tab in the main navigation menu towards the bottom of the homepage after visiting the NED University official NED University website. Visitors will then be directed to the website’s Admissions section by this.

Step 3:

The admissions area, then choose “Undergraduate Admissions.” You’ll be sent to the undergraduate admissions website by clicking this.

Step 4:

On the undergraduate admissions page To access the page displaying the results, click the “Admission Test Result” link on the undergraduate admissions page.

Step 5:

On the test result page, you must enter both your Roll Number and your birthdate. The admission card you were given before the entrance exam contains the information. After entering the necessary data in the correct fields, click the “Submit” button.

 NEDUET Merit List 2024

The final chosen candidates will be sent here along with the NED University Admission merit list, waiting lists, self-finance merit list, and merit lists for reserved seats. For more information about the NEDUET Entry Test Result and the call list for the interview of Candidates (OPEN MERIT / SELF FINANCE), check this page frequently.

 NED Final Merit List 2024

Hello students Simply leave a note in the comment section if you experience any difficulties when seeing the NEDUET merit list. Anyhow, we’ll be here to assist you.

 NEDUET Contact Information:

  • Address: University Road, Karachi, Pakistan, 75270, NED University of Engineering & Technology
  • Contact number: 92-21 99261261-8
  • Fax: 92-21 99261255
  • Email:
  •  Website:

NED Result 2024 Merit List


How can I check my NED result?

Date of NED Entry Test: 2024
There is a status and feedback link for each roll number. Only those applicants who pass the test will be invited for interviews. The NED portal is activated via the official website. The most recent NED merit lists and admission test results are available for download.

What is the passing marks for NED university?

To qualify and become eligible for admission, you must receive 50% of your grades.

What percentage is required for NED?

a) The year the exam was passed should not have been taken earlier than three years before the application was submitted. I Each candidate must have had an overall grade point average of at least 60%.

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