ANMC Lahore Merit List 2024 MBBS and BDS

Check online the Azra Naheed Medical College ANMC Lahore Merit List 2024 ANMC MBBS Merit List for Admission 2024. PM&DC took the MBBS Entry Test. Candidates who wish to enroll in this medical college are awaiting the 2024 Merit List. They are hereby informed that the wait is ended. Today, the MBBS and BDS Merit List were released. Students must examine the merit list and list of selected candidates online by going to this page. The applicant must make their fee deposit by the deadline. The AMNC First, Second, and Third Merit List for Admission in 2024 will be formally announced here with the assistance of the students. Wait for the formal announcement before acting. Assist students in getting ready for the MBBS and BDS programs’ ANMC Lahore Merit List 2023 from Azra Naheed Medical College. The merit list is now available on this page for candidates who have applied for admission to the MBBS or BDS programs provided by this institution.

 ANMC Lahore Merit List 2024 MBBS and BDS

ANMC Lahore Merit List 2024

Download the ANMC Lahore Merit List 2024

Authorities have announced the first three verified dates for the Azra Naheed Medical College Merit List 2024. The date of the Azra Naheed Medical College Lahore Merit List has been made available to all applicants who took the entrance exam to get admitted to ANMC. You’ve come to the right site if you’re one of the applicants who has been waiting to see the merit lists for chosen applicants. The first, second, and third merit lists will be available from Azra Naheed Medical College in Lahore.

Merit List at

The Shaukat Khanum Cancer Research Hospital is 15 minutes away from Ezra Naheed Medical College, which is situated 17 kilometers from Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore on Main Rivand Road. The region is expanding quickly and will soon serve as the center of the medical school.

First through third on the ANMC Lahore Merit List 2024

The breathtaking campus is 9.4 acres in size and is located in a serene environment. The site is well-kept and has facilities for every sport, such as dormitories (for boys and girls), a cafeteria (for students and instructors), and an auditorium, among other things.

MBBS Merit List for Azra Naheed Medical College 2024

Other amenities include transportation to Azra Naheed Medical College Lahore, scholarships, cost reductions, and a different hostel. Candidates for the MBBS or BDS programmes can examine their merit lists using our tools. In October 2024, Azra Naheed Medical College will release the names of all applicants. One can verify their names on this merit list if they have applied for admission to Azra Naheed Medical College.

BDS Merit List for Azra Naheed Medical College 2024

This page will enable you to swiftly and easily obtain your BDS merit list, claims ANMC Lahore. To get your merit list, you don’t have to go very far. It is only available on the college notice board, however this page offers you educational activities. In this merit list, the names of qualified candidates will appear.

DPT Merit List for Azra Naheed Medical College 2024

As a result, Azra Naheed will publish a list of every applicant’s name in October 2024. Check your name on the DPT merit list page if you apply for admission to Azra Medical College Lahore. They have not yet released a merit list schedule. The University of Health and Sciences (UHS) is accepting applications from all colleges, and it has also released the full timetable.

 ANMC First Merit List 2024

On May 21, the merit list for MBBS and BDS was released. The merit list and the list of applicants who were chosen online are both available to students who visit this website. By the deadline, the applicant must submit the fee.

 ANMC Second Merit List 2024

On this portal, according to representatives of Ezra Naheed Medical College ANMC Lahore, you can quickly and accurately verify your merit list before others. based on the authorities. The names of individuals who can or cannot be admitted in 2024 will be listed on the merit list. This information relates to the Ezra Naheed Medical College 2024 Merit List.



MBBS Merit List Download
BDS Merit List Download
DPT Merit List Download

3rd Merit List for ANMC 2024

There are two ways to get your merit list, therefore there is no need to go elsewhere to get it. The first is from the college notice boards, and the second is from this page because it also provides activities relating to education.

Contact Information for ANMC

Address: Main Raiwind Road, Lahore, 17 kilometers.

Phone: 0311-4373714

Telephone numbers: 042-111-00-00-78, 04238103777, and 38104221

Email:  [email protected]

Internet Address:


Q: What is the final advantage of MBBS?

You may view the whole UHS merit list, organized by category, here. The kind of list where you can determine your position in the college is a merit list. The UHS MBBS Government Admission final merit is 92.80%.

Q: Can I pursue MBBS in Pakistan without the MDCAT?

Any student wishing to enrol in a medical or dental college must have successfully passed the MDCAT test administered by the Pakistan Medical Commission.

Q: If I earn 250 marks, can I get a private MBBS?

Yes, with 250 marks, you can secure a private MBBS seat in a state or across all of India. given that the government MBA cutoff is roughly 600.

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