Gomal University DI Khan Admission 2024 Apply Online

Admissions to Gomal university are open now. Candidates waiting for the announcement can submit their online applications. The prestigious Gomal University in Dera Ismail Khan is one of the universities in KPK. Applications must be submitted by October 21st, 2024 for Gomel University DI Khan Admission 2024, after which time the administration will not process any more applications. The standards needed by HEC are upheld by Gomal University. Although the college offers admission to several programs, only a few of them are published on this website while others are promoted and posted on the institution’s main website. Gomal University DI Khan Admission 2024 is open in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Admission to the university’s several programs is open to applicants from all around Pakistan.

One of Khan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s most well-known institutions is Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan (KPK). It first appeared in 1974. This institution also built new departments such as the law school, the school of education, journalism, public administration, and business administration. Now is the perfect time to complete the Gomal University DI Khan Admission 2024 Last Date Form. Candidates who had been waiting to apply can now do so online as the advertisement has been published. Applications must be submitted by February 2nd, 2024, after which time the administration will not process any more applications. Although this college offers admittance to a number of programs, only some of them are featured on this page while others are promoted and may be found on the institution’s website. The City campus offers these degrees as part of the Gomal University DI Khan BS Admission 2024 .

Gomel University DI Khan Admission 2024 Apply Online

Gomal University D.i.Khan Admission 2024

Gomal University DI Khan Admission 2024

Additionally, the institution provides several distance learning courses. The particular programs provided by the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences FVAS for sub-campuses and Tank campuses are open to applicants from all areas of Pakistan. The time has come. Gomal University is accepting applications for admission to the MPH, M.Ed., MBA (1.5 years), MS, MPhil, and Ph.D. programs, which are offered in both morning and evening sessions and include the following subjects. These degrees are available through the Gomal University DI Khan BS Admission 2024 this year on the City campus. For students, Gomal University Admission 2024 offers a range of programs.

Prospectus for Gomal University 2024

All applicants for spring/fall admission must meet all university-established eligibility requirements. The university posts the list of qualified candidates online after receiving the necessary documentation. The admissions announcement was posted on the official Gomal University website as well as in the top newspaper.

Gomal university fee structure 2024

For information about the Gomal University entrance exam, keep checking the fastest-growing educational website, educated. pk. On the university website, www.gu.edu.pk, candidates can submit their admission applications online. The application form is furthermore available for download at the university’s website, www.gu.edu.pk.

Fee Structure for Gomel University DI Khan Admission 2024

S# Name of Fee M.Phil. PhD.
1.         Registration Fee    (Once) 2200 2200
2.         Admission Fee      (Once) 2500 3000
3.         Identity Card 200 200
4.         Library Security (Refundable) (Once) 6000 6000
Rs.10900/- Rs.11400/-

How to Apply Online for GU DI Khan Admission?

The Gomal University, D.i. Khan’s admissions process is now active, and interested individuals should submit their applications as soon as possible. Details about the application process, eligibility requirements, how to apply online, and contact information are included in the institute’s official advertising below and are also available online at the institution’s website, gu.edu.pk.

GU Dera Ismail Khan Spring Admission 2024

Admissions were made public by GOMAL University for this session of 2024. This university made admission announcements for its two- and four-year programs. Some applicants desire admission just to the DPT department, while others demand entrance to the BS in medical sciences programs. This university is superior to others since it admits a disproportionate number of students with low academic standing and has no admissions test policy.

Students who wish to enroll in various faculties without taking an admissions exam should fill out an application as soon as possible because the deadline is this month. Students who believe they can get an admission test without an interview and without taking the admission test are not eligible to apply for this session. Although interviews are required, some students who wish to be admitted to the weekend category choose not to go through them.

This institution offers several facilities to its students, including an online portal and bus transportation for those studying hospitality. Some students who wish to enroll in the HAFIZ QURAN quota may do so, however, it is crucial to note that there is only one seat available in the sports quota.

Eligibility Requirements for Gomal University DI Khan Admission

  • If a student does not meet the requirements for admission, they cannot be considered for admission. Students can only be admitted if they have an intermediate degree with first-division grades. The four degrees given, according to the marketing, are significant. Students who have earned at least a 2nd division or 45 percent in their pre-medical coursework are eligible to apply. Admission to Gomal University requires a minimum age of 2024.

Gomal University GU

In Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Dera Ismail Khan is home to the Gomal University. For all of the programs at the city campus indicated before, the admission exam is required. It started operating in 1974. It is on one of the biggest campuses in the province and is the second-oldest institution in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Gomal University M.Phil. Admission 2024

Here you may discover details about Gomal University’s merit list from the previous academic year (2021) as well as the merit claims for admission to the university in 2024. For all programs, an admissions timetable is available, and candidates can look it up. On this website, you can also see the dates for the interview and the merit list. For the convenience of the students, the application date is 21 October 2024. They won’t extend the deadline beyond that day. They also released the whole admissions timetable.

Gomal University GU Di Khan BS Admission 2024

Admission 2024 DI Khan BS at Gomal University. The sub-campus is also accepting applications and has open admission. The following is the Gomal University admissions calendar for 2024. The BBS honors in computer science, the BS English, the BS Pakistan studies, and the B.Ed. Hons programs are all studied by members of the sub-campus tank. The candidate must have passed the prior test with at least a 2nd division and a 45 percent overall grade to be admitted.

 Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan KPK Admission 2024

Gomal College One of the most well-known universities in KPK is Dera Ismail Khan. Gomal University upholds the HEC-required quality. The university also provides several programs for distance learning. Gomal University is now accepting applications for admission to the MPH, M.Ed., MBA (1.5 Years), MS, MPhil, and Ph.D. programs in the morning and evening sessions for the following topics.

Doctoral degrees in agronomy, entomology, horticulture, plant breeding and genetics, politics, computer science, soil science, biotechnology, business administration, education, Islamic studies, management studies, chemistry, mass communication, physics, and biochemistry, as well as sports science and physical education

Offered Master Programs for Gomal University DI Khan Admission

Gomal University Programs

BS Programs
BS Computer Science BS Islamic Studies & Arabic
BS Software Engineering LLB (5-Year)
BS Physics BS Economics
BS Chemistry BS Sports Science & Physical Education
BS Mathematics Pharm-D (5-Year)
BS Statistics DVM
BS Electronic BS Animal Science BS Poultry Science
BS Zoology BS Microbiology
BS Biotechnology BS Bioscience
BBA (Hons) BS Fresh Water Biology & Fisheries
B.Com (Hons) BS Wildlife Management
BEd (Hons) BSc Engineering (Electrical)
BS English BSc (Hons) Food Science & Technology
BS Mass Communication & Media Studies BSc (Hons) Agriculture
BS Political Science BS Environmental Science
BS Public Administration BS Management
Master Programs
MSC in Biology MSC in Chemistry
MSC in botany MSC in computer science
MSC in Economics MSC in Mathematics
MSC in Physics MSC in Sports Science and physical education MSc
MSC in Statistics Master in Banking and Finance
MSc in Zoology Master in Commence
Arts Faculty Programs: Master in English
Master in Arabic Master in Islamiyat
Master in Business administration 3 ½ years program master-master Master in Communication and Media Studies
Master in Public Administration Master in Political Science

Gomal University  Contact Information

Telephone: +1 966 750424-9 Ext.

 Gmail:  [email protected]

 website: gu.edu.pk

Address: Multan Road, University Town, D.I. Khan


Q: Is admission open in Gomal university?

Online applications are now being accepted for the 2024 class, according to the Khan Admission Office. Online applications for admission are being accepted from local, international, and Pakistani students studying abroad for the following undergraduate bachelor degree programmes.

Q: How can I get admission in Gomal University?

You must first sign up before you can submit your application to the Graduate/Undergraduate programme online. After submitting your information online, download the form, fill it out, and ship it to Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan with a bank draught for Rs. 2000.

Q: Is Gomal university is private or government?

Gomal University is a public research university with its main campus in Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

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