Nishtar Medical College Merit List 2024 Download Online

Check the merit list and admission exam results for Nishter Medical College Multan NMC Admission 2024 for MBBS, BDS, DPT, and diploma programs like DCP, DTC&D, DOMS, DA, and DCH online from this page. UHS Lahore administered the MDCAT Entry exam. Please be aware that the notice board will display the first, second, third, fourth, and final merit list or list of selected applicants. Candidates who participated in the most recent written exam are awaiting the release date of the merit list. The most recent merit lists for all Morning/Evening programs are available online As a result, check this page frequently for changes. Here you may find the MBBS and BDS Spring/Fall Morning/Evening Nishter Medical College Merit List 2024. All applicants who took the MDACT entry test and applied for admission to NMU. The merit list is what they are waiting for. We would like to let you know that the NMU official website cheche

Nishter Medical College Merit List 2024 Download Online

Nishtar Medical College Merit List 2024

Nishter Medical College Merit List 2024

Along with Nishter Medical College admission, it is possible to check the Multan  Apply Online, online form, merit list cost, and list of chosen students. The initial merit list, which is described in the text below, is anticipated to be released as part of the Nishter Medical College Multan Merit List 2021–22.

Selected Candidates List for Nishter Medical College, Multan, 2024

The initial merit list will include the names of candidates who have previously applied. In the next weeks, we’ll reveal the other merit list. will be made public soon. All steps and processes related to admission have been finished.

Nishter Medical College Merit List 2024 First Merit List

The office has issued the Nishter Medical College Multan Merit list, and applicants who have already filed their applications may now check her name. You must pay all fees on time if your name appears on the first merit list. The students waiting for the next merit list are those who don’t meet the requirements of the first merit list.

Second List For Nishter Medical College Merit List 2024

To establish merit lists, the medical college is working. The Medical College’s official website will be the first place the merit lists are published. However, the staff of our website has consented to put all merit lists on our website for the benefit of students.

Final Merit List for Nishter Medical College 2024

Nishter College will publish the second merit list of students who don’t meet the requirements of the merit list for the first time after today’s presentation of the first merit list. As a result, we will make an announcement about the list on this website when the second merit list is made public.

MBBS Merit List for Nishter Medical College 2024

Public universities include Nishter Medical University. It is situated in Punjab, Pakistan’s Multan. The university was founded in 1945. Dr Mohammad Jamal Bhatta had the concept of building a medical school in Multan. The King Edward Medical Institution in Lahore was the sole medical college in Punjab at the time. Hindu physicians moved to India when Pakistan gained its freedom. Additionally, there was a substantial enrollment of Muslim pupils. The Punjabi government decided to build a new medical college and hospital in Multan to meet the need for physicians.

Admission to Nishter Medical College Multan 2024

The goal of Nishter University is to establish a solid, open, and trustworthy system of evaluation, to forge international partnerships with reputable universities, to create a parallel schedule of extracurricular and sporting activities, to introduce best practice guidelines, and to maintain a vigilant system of periodic surveillance. Our website lists the deadline for submitting admission forms. Before the deadline, the applicant must review it and send their application. After the final day of admission, the institute does not list any more dates.

Sr No Programme Name/Department Name Merit List
1 Selection list of Orthotics & Prosthetics Technologist 2024 View
2 Selection list of Dental Technologies 2024 View
3 Selection list of Gastroenterology Technologist 2024 View
4 Selection list of Optometry & Orthoptic Technologist 2024 View
5 Selection list of Anesthesia Technologist 2024 View
6 Selection list of Renal Dialysis Technologist 2024 View
7 Selection list of Medical Laboratory Technologist 2024 View
8 Selection list of Medical Imaging Technologist 2024 View
9 3rd Merit list of all technologists view View

The Nishter Medical University first, second, and third place final merit lists, waiting lists, lists of accepted and rejected applicants, lists of applicants who were interviewed, open and self-finance merit lists, and final lists of accepted applicants are all available on  Keep checking back here for the most recent NMU developments.

Essential Documents

You must provide several important papers to get admitted. The department will remove your item if any document details are erroneous. So, the original papers must be submitted. The following list includes these necessary documents:

  • Your most recent image
  • All of the earlier certifications with accurate information
  • NOC (Mandatory in specific instances) (Mandatory in particular cases)
  • CNIC or B-Form
  • Certificate of Hafiz-e-Qur’an (If the candidate is Hafiz)
  • Domicile (Optional) (Optional)
  • Father’s CNIC

Fee Schedule for Nishter Medical College in Multan

If a student’s name appears on the merit list, he or she must pay the first-semester fee by the deadline. The Nishter Medical College fee schedule will be posted on our website. All applicants can review it here, and if they have any questions concerning the pricing schedule, they are welcome to contact us.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The candidate passed their previous FSC pre-medical degree with at least 70% above the number or another equivalent degree with at least 70% above the number
  • A candidate must pass the entry test with at least 60% above the number is passed the MDCAT 2 with at least 70% above the number
  • Three photographs of the candidate
  • The photographs must be passport-size and have blue background
  • The photographs and other documents must be attested
  • No one document accept they not be attest
  • Two C I N C of fathers
  • To C I N C photo copies of candidate

How may I apply?

Nowadays, admittance is not difficult to come by. No longer is it necessary to visit the institution and buy the form from the admissions office. Our website has the application form available. Candidates can apply for this institute for free. Anyone interested in applying can download it from our website. Print it out and input your information into it. Include your name, your father’s name, your postal code, the name of your prior degree, and their grades. After the processing is finished, download the voucher form, pay the fees, and pay the invalid Bank. The voucher form includes the name of the bank.

Contact information for NMU

Telephone: +92-61-9200231

Email:  [email protected] [email protected]

Website of NMU:


Q: What will be the merit of MBBS 2024?

Ans: The closing merit for MBBS in 2024 is 89.60%, according to the Punjab public sector medical colleges’ MBBS merit list for that year.

Q: What is open merit?

Ans: The definition of open merit based recruitment and selection is the process of hiring individuals based on their aptitude for the position as determined through objective selection. criteria that do not favour or discriminate against any group or individual.

Q: How many seats are there in Nishter Medical College?

Ans: The University of Health Sciences’ (UHS) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document states that as of June 2017, there were 280 open merit seats in the MBBS programme at Nishter Medical University (NMU), Multan (previously Nishter Medical College – NMC).

Q: What is a good score in MBBS?

Ans: Through the state quota, a GPA of 590 or higher can get you a spot in the state’s best universities. A score of 480 or higher will help you surpass the State quota. Less qualified applicants may be admitted to private medical schools.

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