HEC Law Admission Test 2024 for LLB and LLM

Admission to a five-year undergraduate LLB degree program at HEC/PBC recognized public and private sector universities/institutions and their certified associated schools, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is holding the Law Admission Test (Law-LAT). The HEC Law Admission Test 2024 will be given in the nation’s major cities. Any center can be chosen by the students.  On the HEC website, applications can be filed electronically. Please be aware that entrance to any government or private university’s LLB program and its associated institutions requires passing the HEC Law Admission exam.

LAT test registration is now closed, and people are looking for the 22 January 2024 LAT test date. Additionally, the Supreme Court’s judgment states that the LAT results are admissible for entrance to the undergraduate LLB degree program. In this sense, the order from March 6th, 2018 was significant. All students who plan to continue their legal studies must pass this exam. No admission will be allowed without this. As such, it serves as a prerequisite test for LLB admission. The Supreme Court’s ruling did not specifically address the test fee. This examination is valid for the LLB 5-Year program. The purpose of this announcement is to determine whether or not the candidate is qualified to pursue legal studies, not to evaluate any of his abilities. Admission to a law school is a separate process that is offered by several institutes and is entirely based on merit. You must therefore strive and pass this test in order to continue. The exam will now take place this year. Check the LAT Test Date 2024 right now.

HEC Law Admission Test 2024 for LLB and LLM

HEC Law Admission Test 2024

HEC Law Admission Test

Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or equivalent-qualified students
Students whose results are pending after they took the HSSC final test or an equivalent exam
Any adjustments to the exam date will be announced on http://etc.hec.gov.pk. A week before the test date, candidates who registered themselves through the HEC Online registration method may get their Roll Number Slips at http://etc.hec.gov.pk.

To inform registered candidates of the examination date, time, and location, emails, and SMSs will be issued. Candidates must fill out the Online application form with a valid email address and cell phone number.

To access the examination center, a printout of the roll number slip and the original CNIC will be needed.

Schedule, date, and time for LAT exams

The LAT Test will be given by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on January 22, 2024. Only once every two years will the test be administered, and it will be valid for admission to five-year LLB programmes. There will be no charge for the exam. You may find detailed information on the LAT Eligibility Procedure and the application deadline below. Online MCQs and solutions for HEC Law Preparation. Online registration at etc.hec.gov.pk LAT has begun and will continue through January 10, 2024.

HEC LAT Written Test Roll Number Slip 2024

Get your LAT Test Roll No Slip 2024 on the day and at the time of the test. On its main website, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) awards qualified candidates a roll no slip for the LAW Admission LAT Test 2024. On this website, you can access the ETC HEC Roll No Slip online. The candidate’s name, roll number, test date, test location, and other details are all listed on the HEC roll number slip. The Higher Education Commission took a fantastic action in response to the Supreme Court’s and the Supreme BAR Council’s honorable directive.

Online registration for the LLBHEC Law Admission Test 2024

With this strategy, the standard of legal education would rise and the industry would be rejuvenated. Such a test must be passed before a student can submit an application for intended admission to any university in order to pursue LLB (Hons) or admittance. This standard has been introduced simultaneously for all types of law colleges and universities. Choose a testing location, pay the 1250 Rs. entry cost (Non Refundable). This Sunday, January 22, there will be 100-point MCQ exams.

Visit http /etc.hec.gov.pk to register online as of 2024. final date

The HEC LAW admission test registration period has officially begun, and the deadline to apply is January 10, 2024. LAT LLB Admission Test 2024 Registration was just made public by HEC. The Roll No Slip, Last Date, Test Date, Apply Online Registration Roll No Slip, Result, and LAT Test Roll No Slip are all available to candidates on this page. Registration for LAT LLB Admission Test 2024 Rolling No Slip Challan Form Stay tuned for the LAT LLB Roll Number Slip 2024. This is a fantastic chance for those who wish to ensure their career in the field of LLB. Don’t miss this opportunity, so be ready to apply for LAT LLB Admission 2023.

Centers for the HEC LAT LLB Exam  2024

Although it is advised that applicants select a test facility that is close to their home or district of domicile for their own convenience, applicants may choose a test center from the list provided on the HEC website.

LAT Submission Forms Due Date

The LAW Admission Test LAT’s online enrollment period ends on January 10, 2024. Consequently, register online before the deadline to avoid any problems.

Test date for HEC Law Admission Test 2024

The test will be administered in January 2024, and LAT Roll Number slips will be sent to the applicants’ respective addresses as soon as possible, in accordance with HEC regulations. The list of qualified candidates and their roll numbers will also be available on this website.

Lat Test HEC Account Number

You can pay the charge at Habib Bank Limited using account number 1742-79001334-01. For submission to the HEC when required, the applicant should keep the original Bank payment record or slip on hand.

LAT Test Online Registration Deadline 2024

Use the link below to register online for the HEC LAT Test 2024. The HEC LAT Registration deadline is January 10, 2024. Before the first week of the HEC Written Test of LAT on January 22, 2024, a roll number slip for the law admission entry test (LAT) will be provided. The HEC LAT Entry Test 2024 is open to applicants who have passed the Intermediate Class or the Intermediate Part 2 Exam. Applications can be submitted online at etc.hec.gov.pk.

HEC LAT Exam Syllabus 2024 Sample Questions

100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are included in the Law Admission 2024 admission tests. A 50% passing mark is required for LLB admission in any university or college in Pakistan, according the Honorable Supreme Court. The following describes the HEC LAT Test curriculum and paper format:

How to Apply for the January 2024 HEC Law Admission Test?

  • Candidates for the LAT must have completed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or a test of equal standing.
  • Students who are awaiting the results of the HSSC or analogous final exam
  • Through http://etc.hec.gov.pk, you will be advised of any changes to the exam date. One week prior to the exam date, applicants who registered online with HEC could access their Roll Number Slips at http://etc.hec.gov.pk.
  • A message with the date, time, and place will be sent to registered applicants by email or SMS.
  • Online applicants must use their real phone numbers or email addresses.
  • A duplicate of the Roll Number Slip and the original CNIC are needed in order to enter the examination center.


Q: Is LAT test necessary for LLB 3 years?

Although the LAT test is a requirement for LLB entrance, all universities and institutions are currently accepting applications for LLB admission without LAT results. Apply for LLB at universities or institutions that provide open admissions because you must give them your LAT results within a year of being accepted.

Q: How do I apply for HEC entry test?

Select Add The screen below will appear. Completely fill out the Matriculation or O Level Information form, then click Add. The screen below will appear. You have been successfully enrolled for the Entry Test; click Apply for Test (you will receive this message).

Q: What is LLB salary in Pakistan?

Admission to the LLB programme requires the LAT test, however all universities and schools are
The base salary package starts at 35,000 per month and can reach as high as 250,000 per month, depending on experience and expertise.

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