LUMS Admission 2024 Last Date Fee Structure

The LUMS Admission 2024 is now accepting applications for a range of undergraduate programmes. With jobs available to its graduates right away, LUMS is the best private institution in all of Pakistan. Admission to Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS) for 2024 is currently open. Before the deadline, students apply. A new version of the LUMS Merit list will be made public at the university. Below are all the specifics about LUMS tuition and short courses for 2024. The institute urges students to submit an application for admission to LUMS, which will present an exceptional opportunity to pursue studies of a high calibre on a global scale. The business department’s famous LUMS institute offers admittance to a number of degrees, including the MBA, BBA, BSCS, BS Biology, Electrical engineering, chemistry, and numerous PhD degrees. The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is a renowned academic center with an impressive track record of accomplishments and bold aspirations for the future.

LUMS Admission 2024 Last Date Fee Structure

LUMS Admission 2024LUMS Admission 2024

Anyone who wishes to be accepted into one of LUMS’ undergraduate programmes must submit their SAT I score. However, in addition to the SAT I, candidates for admission to the undergraduate programmes of the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering must additionally take the SAT Subject Test (SAT II), the LUMS, and the SBASSE Subject Test. The SAT II test is a requirement for candidates. In three out of the four SAT II subjects listed below, at least.

Candidates who are interested are informed that Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore, is currently accepting applications online, and they are encouraged to submit them as soon as they can.

 LUMS Admission 2024 Management Sciences

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Application for Admission to LUMS 2024

Students can always get help from LUMS. The online application form must be filled out and submitted prior to the application deadline. Due to the university’s streamlining efforts and improved website accessibility, admission is now simple and feasible.

Admission to LUMS 2024: Short Courses & Costs

You can enrol in a variety of business-related programmes at Lahore University of Management and Sciences, including MBA, BBA, BSCS, BS Biology, BS Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, and Ph.D. degrees. You may find detailed information about the LUMS tuition schedule and short courses for 2024 below. The institute extends an invitation to enrol in LUMS, which will offer a top-notch platform for studying to worldwide standards.

The university also has a library with hundreds of books, a unique Java lab, sunray appliances, and more. For the faculty members of the institute, a residential area with contemporary, cutting-edge flats is available. The institute’s pupils are given a thorough education that includes periodic tutorials and instruction from collegiate leaders in their squares.

Fee Schedule for LUMS Admission 2024

The fee schedule for this year has also been announced by LUMS University Lahore. The students who are paying the full amount will pay according to the following fee schedule in 2024. Fee reductions are available from LUMS on both a partial and full basis. The full list of costs for the Lahore University of Management and Sciences is provided below.

Undergraduate 26,000
Graduate 24,200
Tuition Fee
Undergraduate Full Time 312,000 Per Semester
Graduate (6 Hour) 145,000 Per Semester

LUMS Dormitory Fees

Below is the general pricing schedule for LUMS hostel residents. In addition to the Lums hostel registration price, it offers information on the exact hostel fees for double and triple occupancy.

Last Date for LUMS Admission  2024

  • Admission Decisions: 15th April – 30th July
  • Online Application Deadline (PST): 12 Feb.
  • SBASSE Subject Test: 20th March.
  • LUMS Common Admission Test: 21st March
  • Deadline to take SAT (Second Round Offers): 13th March.
  • Deadline to take ACT: 17th April
  • Undergraduate admission decision: Tuesday, June 15, – Saturday, July 31
  • MS/M.Phil. admission decision: Tuesday, June 15, – Saturday, July 31
  • PhD admission decision: Tuesday, June 15, – Saturday, July 31

Online Application for Admission to LUMS 2024

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to submit an online application for admission to LUMS. To apply for undergraduate, graduate, or master’s level programmes, strictly adhere to the instructions.

Visit this page to submit an online application:

  • To apply for a degree programme, click on it.
  • Register or log in to your Lums account.
  • There will be a form. Fill out all the required fields precisely.
  • Fill out the application, then wait for updates.

Dates of the Entry Test and the Merit List

The organisation announced the dates for both the entry test and the merit list, both of which will be administered by the university.
Please click on this link to view the Lahore University of Management Sciences’ most recent announcement of admittance exam dates.
SAT submission deadline is March 10, 2024.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements for LUMS 2024

The NMF (National Management Foundation), a subordinate organisation of Lahore University, was established in 1984 with the assistance of ten significant public and private sector organisations in Pakistan. The Lahore University of Management Science awards engineering degrees that are recognized by the Higher Education Commission and Pakistan Engineering Council.

B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Finance & Accounting B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Economics & Politics
B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Political Science B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Anthropology & Sociology
B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Computer Science B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Management Sciences
B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Economics B.Sc. [Hons] degree in History
B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Mathematics BA [HONS] degree in English
BS degree in Chemical BS degree in Physics
BS degree in Electrical BS degree in Chemistry
BS degree in Biology LLB degree in Law

Criteria for Admission to LUMS Lahore:

The prerequisites for entry into the LUMS undergraduate and graduate degree programmes are listed below.

  • The eligibility requirements for LUMS undergraduate admission can be found here.
  • Please click this link to view the requirements for graduate admission.
    University Scholarships at LUMS:
  • The university awards financial aid based on merit and need. According to the laws, scholarships are normally given based on merit or exceedingly great need.
  • Candidates are typically given a mix of financial aid, including loans and tuition waivers. Click here for more details.

LUMS Lahore’s Contact Details

Website address:

Location: D.H.A, Lahore Cantt. 54792 Lahore, Pakistan

Email address: [email protected]

Phone number: (042) 35608000


Q: What is the last date of LUMS admission?

Please click on this link to view the Lahore University of Management Sciences’ most recent announcement of admittance exam dates. SAT submission deadline is March 10, 2024.

Q: Can I apply to LUMS without SAT?

As soon as the results are released, applicants must submit their SAT (with Essay), ACT (with Essay), and/or SAT II subject test scores to the LUMS Admissions Office. All other supporting documentation should be supplied with a copy of the student report.

Q: Does LUMS have entry test?

Examinations for Admission to LUMS

Candidates for the SBASSE must take the LUMS SBASSE Subject Test if they do not take the SAT subject test. This exam measures proficiency in Biology, Physics, Advanced Math, and Chemistry.

Q: What is the merit of LUMS?

Merit Scholarships are gifts that don’t have to be paid back. Students with a track record of academic success are given Merit Scholarship Awards by LUMS. The scholarship is not available through a separate application. When students apply for admission to LUMS, they are immediately considered for the grant.

Q: What is the lowest SAT score for LUMS?

In order to guarantee your entrance to LUMS, you must take the SAT exam and score well. A score of roughly 1400 out of 1600 is sufficient to have the best chance of admission. In rare circumstances, though, you can be admitted with a score of approximately 1300 if you have an extraordinary academic background.

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