Pak Railway Pay Slip 2024 Download Online

Pakistan Railway Pay Slip 2024 Downloadable by CNIC and name from this Page. Pakistan Railways employs thousands of people in various positions. The Department of Pakistan Railway sends out salary slips online. The online delivery of pay slips is a free service provided by Pakistan Railway. PIFRA provides online access to various departments and Pak Railway Pay Slip 2024 each month. Online pay stubs are a great employee benefit that Pakistan Railway is offering. Employees who have enrolled can access salary slips online via Pakistan Account Office. Following registration for a PIFRA account, federal government personnel may view their Pak Railway Pay Slip 2024 online. Pakistan Railway’s excellent effort for its workforce is the online pay slip. Online pay stubs for registered employees are distributed by Pakistan Account Office. Employees of the federal government can access their pay stubs online after creating a PIFRA account.

 Pak Railway Pay Slip 2024 Download

Online pay stubs are available for download for Pak Railway workers. For online pay slips, the Account Office of Pakistan would not charge anything. To begin with, you must register for an account on the PIFRA website. There, you may enter your credentials to establish a personal account. Your subsequent pay stubs will be sent to you through email by PIFRA. You may download that slip in PDF format. Additionally, former Pakistan Railway personnel can access their pension and paystubs.

Pak Railway Pay Slip 2024 Download Online

Pak Railway Pay Slip 2024

 Pak Railway Pay Slip 2024 by CNIC and Name

Salary Slip for Pakistan Railway for 2024 Download from this website using your CNIC No. and name. Visit the Pakistan Railways Prep Login site. Use underscores when entering your employee number, email, or CNIC, as well as your password. Salary slips are sent online by this Pakistan Railways department. You must login in using your credentials in order to see Your Pakistan Railway Salary Sheet 2024. By clicking the link, you may check your pay stub and salary information for Pakistan Railway workers. The pay stub/salary slip includes all compensation, benefits, allowances, and dedications. Each job title can have the pay stub shown next to it. Where can I get the railroad employees’ pay stubs to download? To get the Pak Rail Pay Slip 2024, click the link below.

How do I get Pak Railway Pay Slip 2024?

The railroad track in 1956 The 2′-6″ gauge Jacobabad -Kashmore railway line has been changed to open gauge. From 1969 to 1973, the railway line Kot Adu-Kashmore was built, providing a different route to Karachi for the upper area of the nation. However, they still need to visit the bank. There is no need to leave the convenience of home. You have the option of working from home.

Code for Government Employees

  1. Complete name of the employee
  2. Number CNIC
  3. Born on [date]
  4. Employee’s mobile phone number
  5. Use just your Gmail email address to register.
  6. Private Number

Download a salary slip from Pak Rail. Gov.Pk

Many workers prefer getting their pay stubs electronically. In Pakistan, a number of government organisations may verify their salaries online. To facilitate online employee registration, a PIFRA has been developed. Online pay stubs are delivered by the Pakistan Railway Department. Online downloads of them Here is the NTS Roll No Slip for National Transmission & Dispatch Company Jobs.

Pakistan Station Master Pay

You will be completely informed about pay rates and other departments inside departments within the Pakistan Railway department. The BPS 02 gateman position with Pak Railway is a paid employment. Employees at the gate may expect to make a minimum of Rs 9310 a month, and authorities can earn up to Rs 19210. Gatekeepers might anticipate a 333 rupee pay raise. The most recent wage raise that gatekeepers may anticipate receiving is this one.

Post Pay Scale Salary
Sub Engineers  BPS-11  12570 to 38970
Assistant Driver  BPS-09  11770 to 33670
ASI Officer  BPS-09  11770 to 33670
Railway Guards  BPS-09  11770 to 33670
Cabin Man  BPS-08  11380 to 31480
Points man  BPS-05  10260 to 25260
Gateman  BPS-02  9310 to 19210

Online Registration is Available at

PIFRA is responsible for making this feasible. PIFRA software enables online login for employees. The Pakistan Railway Department is responsible for electronically dispersing pay stubs. The Director’s General Office MIS/FABS and the Controller General of Accounts (CGA) are in charge of managing the system’s operations. Financial Management Information is linked into the Financial Accounting & Budgeting System (FABS). The ASI workers who work for the Pak Railway department receive an increase of 730 Rupees.

Registration for PIFRA Salary Slips 2024

Construction of a railway line from Karachi City to Kotri, steamboat travel on the Indus and Chenab to Multan, and finally a railway line to Lahore and beyond were all suggested. The first railway line, which stretched for around 105 miles between Karachi City and Kotri, opened to the public on May 13th, 1861.

How can I find out what my railroad pay is?

You need to complete your online registration form in order to obtain a PIFRA payslip. Downloading the PIFRA pay slip registration form is the first step. Fill out the registration form if you want to get your pay stubs through email or Gmail. Download the PDF file to print a copy of the slip.

Salary of a Railway sub-engineer

It is a remarkable integrating force that contributes to the country’s life by addressing the demands of the massive mobility of people and things. It is significant to notice that this year’s cabin men’s dues are little. 11380 is the most recent one. Their basic wage may not exceed 31480 rupees. There will be an increment for them, totaling 670 rupees. You can read more about Pakistan Railway Pay Scale 2024 in the section below.

Online Pay Stubs from Railway Workers in Pakistan

The lifeblood of the nation, Pakistan Railways transports enormous volumes of both freight and passengers. It not only serves to advance the nation’s integration but also the growth of the economy and development. The standard pay scale for security guards is a minimum of 11770 rupees and a maximum of 33670 rupees.

Registration for PIFRA Salary Slips 2024

What is the best way to obtain railroad pay slips? Be mindful that the gateman isn’t giving you the most current increase amount. To get the Pak Rail Pay Slip 2024, click this link. We also made available a Points an BPS-05 scale that runs on Pakistan Railway in this section.

How can I get a Pak Railway Pay Slip 2024

The 2′-6″ Jacobabad-Kashmore line was converted to wide gauge in 1956. From 1969 to 1973, the Kot Adu-Kashmore railway line was constructed, offering a different route from Karachi to the upper country. They must still go to the bank, though. There is no need to leave the convenience of your house because you can work there.

  • Code for government employees
  • The entire name of the employee, their CNIC number, and their birthdate; their mobile phone number
  • Use just your Gmail email address to register.
  • Private Number

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Contact Information of Pakistan’s Railways

  • Address: Empress Road, Pakistan Railways, Lahore, Punjab
  • Phone: 042 99201738
  • Website:
  • Train Auto Number: 042-2872
  • Fax: 042-99201961
  • Email Address: [email protected].


How can I download salary slip?

  1. Obtaining a Salary Slip
  2. Log in to the salary portal for your company.
  3. Look under the “Profile Section” menu for the “Salary Slips” option.
  4. Select the option for “Salary slip with Tax Slip.”
  5. The wage slip for the selected month and year is displayed here.
  6. Select “Download” from the menu.

What is basic in salary slip?

As shown on the paycheck pay sheet, the Basic Salary

The entire monthly take home pay is the fundamental component of every salary pay slip. The typical range is between 30 and 50 percent of the entire compensation on offer. However, there is no specific recommendation for what proportion this element of a pay stub should be.

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