RMU Merit List 2024 Download Online

All students who want to take admitted to the Medical and Dental University of Pakistan must keep up with this page as it not only provides you with the Rawalpindi Medical University but also all the Medical University Merit List. The first, second, and third open Rawalpindi Medical University RMU Merit List 2024 for MBBS and BDS Program will be announced on January 2024. The Pakistan Medical Commission officials’ RMU Merit List 2024 will be displayed to you once you’ve chosen the institution. The MBBS 1st merit list will be displayed on January 2024, PMC is the official authority that will conduct the entry test exams for all of the Medical and Dental Colleges in Punjab. After announcing the MCAT result, the schedule of the merit list has been issued.

RMU Merit List 2024 Download Online

RMU Merit List 2024

 RMU Merit List 2024 rmur.edu.pk

Following the release of the MCAT results, the PMC, the recognized body that will oversee the entrance exams for all medical and dental schools in Punjab, will display the merit list. hence the MBBS merit list will be shown first. Beginning in November 2024, the application materials and admissions procedure will be made available.

Merit List for Rawalpindi Medical University 2024

It differs somewhat from the PMC merit list for Rawalpindi Medical university from the prior year. The quality of last year’s admissions was 95It will be 85% in this year. Points won’t be altered. Percentage

First through third on the 2024 Rawalpindi Medical University Merit List

It is putting a lot of effort into realizing the RMU Merit List in 2024. All students who have a cumulative grade point average of at least 80% are eligible for admission to this medical university. The merit list won’t be made public, though, until Rawalpindi Medical University makes it known.

RMU Merit List 2024 Ahs Check Online
RMC Merit List 2024 Check Online
RMC Merit List 2024 MBBS Check Online
RMC Closing Merit 2024 Check Online
Rawalpindi Medical College DPT Merit List 2024 Check Online
RMU Merit List 2024 Check Online

rmur.edu.pk RMU 1st Merit List 2024

The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom have both granted their accreditation to Rawalpindi Medical College, which was established in March 1974.

rmur.edu.pk RMU 2nd Merit List 2024

Over 1200 students get instruction from the medical college each academic year in a range of academic courses and activities. Since it was founded, the institution has given Pakistani students access to a high-quality education.

rmur.edu.pk RMU3rd Merit List 2024

The major objective of the institution is to provide students with research advantages. The majority of the teaching staff members are very experienced and well-qualified. There is no discrimination against students based on their age, gender, color, or nationality. The college supports equality.

Eligibility Requirements

  • A applicant must hold a prior FSC degree with at least 70% above-average grades, or an equivalent degree.
  • A applicant must achieve at least 60% above in the admission test.
  • If the candidate received FSc grades of 90% or above. He or she receives a sc organizations the organization.
  • Consequently, three copies of the candidate’s passport-size photos with a blue backdrop
  • Copies of my father’s CINC, two
  • Copies of applicants’ CINC photocopies

Site: There are two primary campuses for the university: the Holy Family Hospital campus and the Tipu Road campus. Basic science classes are taught at the Holy Family Hospital site, while clinical science classes are taught at the Tip Road location.


Q: How can I apply for Rawalpindi Medical College?

Admission has been opened at Rawalpindi Medical College for the 2024 academic year.

Contact Information

Fax: + 92 51 9280462.

Email:  [email protected].

Phone: 051-9280403, 928101.

Website: Rmur.edu.pk

Address: Tip Road, Rawalpindi Medical College, Pakistan.

Q: Can I gewithmedical college in 550 marks?

Candidates may submit applications for the Deemed/Paid Seats Quota MBprivatelyStreams at private deemed universities. If your score is between 550 and 600, you will undoubtedly get admitted to the government college.

Q: Can I get medical college with 200 marks?

Yes, candidates who fall under the SC, ST, or OBC categories can get into prestigious institutions with a 200 GPA. What should I do if my neat score is 20applymit an application to any of the aforementioned pertinent universities to begin their studies for a degree in medicine?

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