Sindh Education Endowment Fund Scholarship SEEF 2024 Last Date

Seats reserved under the Sindh Education Endowment Fund Scholarship SEEF 2024  Quota for Deserving & Talented Students 86% of seats are designated under a special quota for students with disabilities. a special quota of 2% reserved for minorities 02% Special quotation for students who are orphans 5% of the seats are been aside for kids of the government of Sindh workers. five percentPrograms for Sindh Education Endowment Fund SEEF Scholarships in 2024

Sindh Education Endowment Fund SEEF Scholarship  2024 Last Date

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Eligible to apply for SEEF scholarships:

Business Management

EngineeringLLB (5 Years)

Physiotherapy doctor

Technology Information

B&D Drugstore (4 years)

farming engineering

Medical (MBBS & BDS)

Behavioral Sciences

veterinarian science (DVM)

Applying for a SEEF Scholarship in 2024

The Sindh Education Endowment Fund website has the SEEF Scholarship application form for 2024. Visit for a list of universities and institutions. Applications are available for download. The applicant must have a permanent address in Sindh and be a resident of that province.
During the academic year 2021–2022, deserving individuals must enroll at institutions and universities that have been accepted. Students with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and a 60 percent or higher attendance rate. The appropriate Assistant Commissioner of Revenue or FBR must certify the income certificate. Any other officer’s income certificate won’t be accepted. Children of government employees who fall within lower income categories must present a service certificate for their parent that has been properly issued by the head of the institution or department. Parents and guardians of students must earn no more than the specified maximum yearly net income from all sources.
The self-financing plan, overseas entrance, and foreign education are not taken into consideration.

Part-time students and courses, executive education, and distance learning are not eligible.

The pupils’ grade point average (GPA) or percentage of marks shall not be less than 2.5.

Applications that are incomplete won’t be considered. Documents need to be enclosed. The candidate will not be considered for the scholarship if they provide the inaccurate or missing information. The pupils who left class early or graduated will not be entertained.

What are an endowment fee and value?

The Sindh Education Endowment Fund (SEEF) Scholarship is announced by the Sindh government. The Sindh Educational Endowment Fund Trust and College Education Department are the sponsors of the scholarship. To help deserving students from low-income groups and meritorious students pursue quality higher education at recognized public and private sector universities and institutions, SEEF offers scholarships. For the academic year 2024–2023, the Sindh Education Endowment Fund SEEF Scholarship only covers the cost of one year of tuition.

The term “Endowment Fee” refers to that portion of the mitigation fees that consists of a one-time charge per gross acre of land converted to urban development that is calculated and collected in accordance with the terms of this Agreement in order to fund the establishment of an endowment that will provide funding for the operation, management, and maintenance of the urban development project.

A donor who stipulates that a gift’s principal cannot be squandered and who anticipates that its value will rise over time through a responsible balance between spending from and reinvesting earnings generally leaves money in an institution’s endowment.

SEEF Scholarship applications.

Students enrolling in business administration, information technology, engineering, MBBS, BDS, pharmacy, agriculture, law, and social science program are eligible for SEEF scholarships. August 30, 2024, is the deadline for SEEF Scholarship applications. Applicants must send their applications to the universities or institutions they are interested in, together with the supporting documentation requested in the application form.


What is Sindh Endowment Scholarship?

In order to assist needy and deserving Sindh residents enrolling in full-time BBA, BS(AF), BS(CS), BS(EM), BS(SS), BS(ECO), MBA, and MS programs for the Academic Year 2020–21, the Government of Sindh has introduced “Endowment Fund Scholarships.”

  • How do I register an endowment fund in Pakistan?
  • Documentation instructions for creating endowment funds
  • The endowment Deed must be on an electronic stamp that costs Rs. 1000.
  • According to the registration Act, an endowment deed needs to be registered with the appropriate registrar.
  • One original and two copies that have been attested by the sponsoring entity must be included with the endowment deed.

What is an endowment account?

What exactly are “endowments” to begin with? Endowments can be broadly defined as assets set aside so that the original assets (referred to as the “corpus”) expand over time as a result of income produced from interest on the underlying investments (often cash accounts invested in equities or bonds, or other investment vehicles).

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