Federal Board FBISE 10TH Grade Result 2024 Check Online

The last week of July 2024 will see the release of the FBISE Matric result for the 2024 academic year. The Federal Board Chairman indicated that the Federal Board FBISE 10TH Grade Result 2024 would be revealed in the final week of July at the latest by the first week of August while responding to questions from the students on Facebook Live E-Kutcher. He said that preparations for the 2024 Matric exams are well underway, and results would be made public by the end of July. The FBISE website will host the results for the 10th grade. The board has also declared that there won’t be a supplemental test this year; instead, there will be a second annual exam.

The federal board FBISE 10 Grade Result 2024 has been made public by the Federal Board of Secondary Education. The schedule for the federal board result announcement for class 10th in 2024 was previously published by the board, and the result has since been made public. Students may use their roll number or name to check their results online. Students can also receive their results by texting their roll number to the board officials’ supplied SMS code.

Federal Board FBISE 10TH Grade Result 2024 Check OnlineFBISE 10TH Grade Result 2024

FBISE 10TH Grade Result 2024

The results of the matriculation tests from May are being prepared. Every year, FBISE typically reveals the Matric results in July or August, and the results are never significantly delayed. As a consequence, it is anticipated that the 10th class result will be made available on time, exactly like in previous years.

Results for the Federal Board Matric Annual Exam 2024

The Federal Board for Intermediate and Higher Education as a result (FBISE). The Matric Class Bulletin 2024, however, was prepared by the Ministry of Education’s regulating authority. But the Pakistani government has given the ministry of education a wide range of duties. Consequently, this also covers the approval of the curriculum and the planning of examinations. However, the assessments are performed by the caretakers while taking into account everyone’s physical and resource demands. The collaborating organisations thereby impart knowledge at the secondary and intermediate levels. But across the nation, internal arts are combined with market demands.

How to Check the 2024 Bise Federal Matriculation Results

There are numerous ways for students who are not familiar with the process to check their results to confirm their fbise result 2024 10th class. The actions are

You can check your result by:

  • Name
  • Roll number
  • SMS
  • Gazette

Check your FBISE 10TH Grade Result 2024 by name:

It is simple to verify the federal board results for the 10th grade in 2024. The process of checking results is unknown to many pupils. Follow the instructions on this page. Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education FBISE 10th Class Result FBISE Federal Board SSC Annual Examination Result 2024 will be released soon. If you want your Fbise result for SSC 2 right now, keep tuned to this page. when the BISE Federal 10th Class results are announced. We’ll make a straight link update. A new window will appear as soon as you click the link. To view your results, enter your name or roll number.

  • Visit the federal board’s website at fbise.edu.pk.
  • From the drop-down option, select “For Students”.
  • By selecting results, choose the sort of exam you took.
  • From the drop-down box, select “Search by name.”
  • Type your name here and press “Submit.”

Check your  FBISE 10TH Grade Result 2024 by  Roll Number

By roll number is the most popular way to look up the fbise result for the 10th grade in 2024. Most students use their roll numbers to access their grades online. For the benefit of the pupils, the method is described below.

  • Visit the official website at fbise.edu.pk.
  • Then, choose “For Students.”
  • From the drop-down option, choose “Results”.
  • Pick a test type.
  • Put your Roll Number in the appropriate field.
  • Once you’ve submitted your results, review them.

FBISE 10TH Grade Result 2024 By SMS

The simplest way to check the fbise result for the 10th grade in 2024 is via SMS. Most pupils are not familiar with this approach. Therefore, all you need to do to check your score is text your roll number to the 5050 short code. The federal Board is the one who issues the code. You will be able to get your result using this method. This website offers guidelines as well.

  • Select “Message” from the menu.
  • Put FB (space) Roll number here.
  • Message sent on “5050”

View your FBISE 10TH Grade Result 2024  Newspaper: –

All of the results’ information is available in the Result Gazette. Students can browse and download the “Result Gazette” in pdf format. One hour after the results were announced, the Result Gazette was posted online. Students can check their results in the “result gazette” if they choose to.

 FBISE Federal Board Matriculation Results 2024

The main website of the Federal Board will publish the FBISE Matriculation Result 2024. https://www.fbise.edu.pk/

The results will be sent by SMS to students whose mobile phone numbers were submitted on the registration forms.

Send your Roll Number (FB) to 5050 to receive the results through SMS.


How do I access FBISE to check my 10th-grade results?

The simplest way to check the fbise result for the 10th grade in 2024 is via SMS. Most pupils are not familiar with this approach. Therefore, all you need to do to check your score is text your roll number to the 5050 short code. The federal Board is the one who issues the code.

How can I pass FBISE with a perfect score?

Consistently study. Can you finish the entire syllabus in one evening? Establish a schedule and stick to it.
Invent Your Own Notes.
Study in accordance with the format of the test.
Utilize acronyms. Work on your paper presentation. Solve previous papers.
Use detailed Urdu responses.

Is FBISE a good board?

When it comes to managing everything, whether it’s releasing results or sending important documentation to students’ homes, FBISE moves quite quickly. When it comes to the law and the rules, this board is tough. They have severe examiners at the testing locations, and if pupils are caught, they must deal with the law.

Home Economics College Lahore Merit List 2024 Check Online

Lahore College of Home Economics 2024 Merit List Additionally, according to the scorecard created by HEC, the University’s Quality Promotion Cell is ranked #1 among Pakistan’s private “W category” universities. All of the applicants who submitted applications for the FA Home Economics and FSc programs have received their merit lists. The challenge now is how to access your merit list and determine your position on the list. You may view the 2024 Intermediate (Home Economics, Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering) Home Economics College Lahore Merit List 2024 online from this page. Female applicants who are awaiting the release of the merit list for admission to the Home Economics College. They may currently see their merit list online. You must wait for the second and third merit lists if your name does not appear on the first merit list.

You may check the 2024 Intermediate (Home Economics, Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering) Merit List for the University of Home Economics (UHE), Home Economics College Lahore Merit List 2024 online from this page. Female applicants who are awaiting the release of the merit list for admission to the Home Economics College. They can currently access their merit list online. You must wait for the second and third merit lists if your name does not appear on the first merit list. The most recent merit list for the Spring and Fall, Morning, and Evening programs is promptly provided by Educated. pk. For the most recent updates, you must thus check this page.

Home Economics College Lahore Merit List 2024 Check Online

Home Economics College Lahore Merit List 2024

Online Access to the Home Economics College Lahore Merit List 2024

The merit lists will be available on this page for students to reference whenever they are made public. It has HEC certification and also provides BS (4 years), FA (Home Economics), FSC (Pre-Medical), and third Syndicate recognized BS: Human Nutrition and Dietetics I Textile Design (ii) Fashion Design (iii) Hospitality and Tourism Management (viii) Interior Design (vii) Sociology (vii) Human Development and Family Studies (v) Numerous students are accepted each year to the prestigious University of Home Economics in Lahore.

 First Year Home Economics College Lahore Merit List 2024

On various days, the university will provide two merit lists. You should look at the second merit list if your name does not show on the first. Candidates who received appropriate scores on the entrance exam and finished in the top third of the exam will be accepted. You won’t be eligible to compete and can submit applications to other universities if your name isn’t on the second merit list. Students at this college have access to a variety of amenities.

Second Year Merit List for University of Home Economics Lahore

Everyone, therefore, wants to learn. Since it is the only registered but unconfirmed university, people who apply will have their admissions verified after the publication of this University of Home Economics Lahore Merit List 2024. As a result, our government is building new universities throughout Pakistan’s cities.

Third-Year Merit List for University of Home Economics Lahore

As soon as the merit list is made public, we’ll put it on our website to let everyone know. The list of applicants chosen for Punjab University 2024 is also available for free online download from this page. A table with the University of Home Economics merit lists for 2024 is shown. The dates specified by the official will see the appearance of all merit lists.

BS Sociology List Click Here
BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics Click Here
BS Fashion Design Click Here
BS Human Development and Family Studies Click Here
BS Art and Design Click Here
BS Home Economics (Internal Students) Click Here
Reserve Quota Click Here

 UHE BS Merit List

The College of Home Economics Lahore is famous for its College Of Home Economics. To establish a renowned center of excellence for teaching and research in the field of home economics, the Government College of Home Economics Lahore was established in 1955. Since its founding, the university has had an affiliation with the University of Punjab to confer a four-year integrated BS degree and a two-year M.Sc. Additionally, UHE Lahore offers graduate and post-graduate degrees. Housing, Home Management and Interior Design, Human Development and Family Studies, Art and Design, Textiles & Clothing, and Food and Nutrition all offer honors and master’s level courses. The university is a renowned hub of teaching, research, and excellence.

Admission Standards Home Economics College Lahore Merit List 2024

Applications for the class of 2024 have been sought by the University of Home Economics in Lahore. During business hours, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, admission forms and prospectuses will be available at the university admissions office. In 2020, UHEL Lahore was established as a center of excellence for education. Moreover, home economics research. It is connected to HEC Pakistan and HEC Punjab. As a result, the university also offers an integrated six-year BS program with M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs available in the five main fields of home economics. However, there is a deadline, a form, and an online application. Additional information is available to obtain entire instructions regarding the University of Home Economics UHE Lahore Admission 2024.

Home Economics College Lahore First Year, Second, and Third

There is also a deadline for fee submission. The Government College University of Lahore will also release the Merit List 2024 this year. And when the merit list is made public, the list will be posted here for public knowledge. On this website, those who are interested in applying can access the whole Merit List 2024. The ethics of the job, which are based on the values of responsibility, fairness, and accountability, regulate it.

Contact information

Address: Dr. Mateen Fatima Road Block H. Gulberg 2 Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan University of Home Economics

Email: [email protected] Phone: 042-35761834

Website of UHE: www.uhe.edu.pk


What do you do in Home Economics?

At its essence, House Economics is about home management. This encompasses various themes, such as human development, personal and family finance, housing, and interior design, food science and preparation, nutrition and wellness, textiles and apparel, and consumer concerns.

What are the benefits of studying home economics?

When teenagers learn how to take care of their homes and themselves, it encourages them to become more responsible at home. Home economics also teaches students how to be informed, shoppers. It helps kids learn how to budget and spend their money properly.

What is the introduction to home economics?

Home Economics is a branch of study that serves to build knowledge, competence, and attitudes in learners in the following areas. It is the study of everything that serves to enhance the house and the family within the fields of home management, food and nutrition, and family living.

Karakoram International University KIU Result 2024 Check Online

KIU Result 2024, Second Part Visit this page to check Online. Results from www.kiu.edu.pk in 2024. Using your name and roll number, you can check the Karakoram International University KIU Result 2024 Check Online BA, BSc, MA, MSc, BA, SSC, HSSC, ADP, ADA, M.Com as well as Associate Degree Part 1 and Part 2 Online. KIU Results for SSC and HSSC in 2024, Parts 1 and 2 (9th and 10th classes 11th and 12th) Results of the Karakoram International University of Gilgit Baltistan’s yearly examination Look it up Online at www.kiu.edu.pk.

KIU Result 2024 Check Online – Here you can check KIU results for different programs. The examinations for several programs were taken at the Karakoram International University in Gilgit Baltistan. The students were anxiously awaiting the outcome of their labor of love. The results of the following programs will finally be announced by the KIU: SSC and HSSC Part 1, 2, BA, BSc, B.Com, ADP, MA, MSc, M.Com, and Associate Degree in Sciences.

Karakoram International University KIU Result 2024 Check Online

KIU Result 2024

KIU Result 2024

Gilgit Baltistan’s International University is known as KIU. After receiving the notification from the KIU test officials, students can access their KIA Online using their name and roll number slip.www.kiu.edu.pk Karakoram International University Result 2024Karakoram University in Gilgit, Baltistan, conducts exams for Supplementary and Annual subjects (GB). Online Outcome. Exam Season. 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2024, 2024. Exam.

HSSC-II, B.com, and the SSC-II Old Syllabus Section I, B.com M.A. Economics, Part 2. Results for KIU in 2024. BA Module 2: View Online. KIU-affiliated students who are eagerly anticipating the release of the results of the upcoming exams. The BA and BSc categories of the KIU’s Online Result for 2024 have been made public. BA and BSc. Online verification is available for SSC, HSSC, ADP, ADA, M.Com, MA, MSc, and Associate Degrees of Part 1 and Part 2.

 KIU Result 2024 SSC 1 and SSC 2

Students have been informed that KIU is now prepared to release the Matric/Intermediate Higher Secondary School Certificate, SSC Part 1, and Part 2 results. On, you may find the Karakoram International University KIU Result 2024. The most current KIU Results for the years 2024 SSC I, SSC II, HSSC I, HSSC II, BA, BSc, B.Com, ADP, MA, MSc, M.Com, and Associate Degrees are available on the date at Pakmcqs. pk. The KIU officials will soon make the final results public. Download the results from kiu.edu.pk for 2021 right away.

 Students who are excitedly awaiting their exam results are invited to follow us on social media to stay up to date. KIU Matric Board Result 2024 will be revealed shortly here. You can examine your KIU future results in 2024 by visiting this page, which covers all regular and private students from the science, arts, and computer departments. Keep checking back for the latest updates. KIU Results Online for the main Karakoram campus as also other colleges and schools are published by Pakmcqs. pk immediately. Soon, you’ll be able to watch Online or download the results of the SSC-II and HSSC II Annual Exam 2023 here.

 Karakoram International University

Karakoram International University Gilgit-Baltistan admissions are open for B.Ed. Click on the “Find Result” button. The result will be what you’re searching for. kiu result ba part 2 2024. After ADE, B.Ed. (1.5), B.A, BSc, B.com, M.A MSc Fall Admissions 2024. The Karakoram Institute of Gilgit Baltistan’s annual exam results is Online at www.kiu.edu.pk. Apply Online. In the wake of KIU’s announcement, students will be able to check their KIA results Online with their names as well as the number of their roll on their test slips. The result of the SSC annual test is scheduled to be announced today.

KIU Matric Result 2024

KIU Matric Board Result 2024 is expected to be announced shortly here. Keep checking back for the latest updates. All KIU students who are interested in finding the date when their examinations will be announced. We’d like to inform you that KIU will soon announce its results for examinations for HSSC, SSC Part 1 as well as SSC Part 2 exams. Karakoram International University Result 2024 All Programs. There’s a good possibility for the 2024 KIU Matric Board Result will be released shortly. Keep your eyes on this page for any announcements. Gilgit Baltistan 10th Class Matric SSC Result is declared.

KIU Result 2024 Matric FA BA MA Part 1, 2

You can access the results 2024 with the Name or Roll Number on the internet. Shortly, you’ll be able to download and lookup up the outcomes of SSC-II and the HSSC-II annual Exam 2024 on this page. Karakoram University or KIU has announced its results for HSSC II (F.A/F.Sc half two) Results 2024. An international university, Karakoram International University, is situated within the Karakoram Mountains. It is the International University of Gilgit Baltistan also known as KIU. Gilgit Baltistan is where you’ll be able to find it. It was established in 2002.

KIU Online Result 2024 BA, BSc, MA MSc

This page will cover all 2024 Karakoram International University KIU Exam Results. Karakoram International University Gilgit Baltistan is an international-level university that was formed in 2002. Students who were waiting for their results were informed. The mission of the university is to be a world-class university of higher learning that contributes to sustainable development and fosters pluralistic communities and knowledge economies in the mountains of Pakistan as well as similar geographically-based settings across the world.

The results are accessible via KIU’s website. KIU website (www.kiu.edu.pk) (www.kiu.edu.pk). Sometimes, the official website is inaccessible. The purpose of KIU GB is to deliver top-quality academic programs that fit regional, local and global needs. KIU Hunza and Women Campus is under the direction of the school. It is not required to sweat over it since you may acquire the findings through a direct link. It is free to talk with us using the comment box. We will react to you as quickly as we can. Just click the “Find Result” button and enter the roll numbers and your names. Click in the “Annual or Supplementary” drop-down menu to select your test year, year of study, and exam session.

Online Result

SSC-I First Annual 2024 Check Online
SSC-II First Annual 2024  Check Online
HSSC-I First Annual 2024  Check Online
HSSC-II First Annual 2024  Check Online
MA Economics – II Supplementary 2022  Check Online
MA Political Science – II Supplementary 2022  Check Online
MA Urdu – II Supplementary 2022  Check Online
MA English – II Supplementary 2022  Check Online

MA Result 2024

Karakoram International University KIU result 2024 BA Part 2 is available Online at the KIU’s official website www.kiu.edu.pk. This page provides the KIU results for 2024. The major cities of Gilgit Baltistan such as Skardu, Hunza, Ghizar as well as Diamer, Chilas, and University have satellite campuses that are part of their main campus. Gilgit along with Baltistan is the home of Karakoram University. Admissions are available currently for the following courses: B.Ed. After ADE, B.Ed. (1.5), B.A., BSc., B.com, and M.A., M.Sc. Fall 2024 Admissions. It is possible to apply by making the Online form. Go to www.com Kiu results in 2021 here.

The results of the Intermediate/ Higher Lchee Certificate HSSC Part 2 of the 12th class are being released by KIU. This campus Skardu campus was inaugurated with the help of Gilgit Baltistan Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah in 2011, following receiving an official charter issued by the Federal Government on the directives of General Pervez Musharraf. Its Karakorum International University (KIU) is situated in Gilgit the capital of Pakistan’s executive and the largest city. The campus was named the University of Baltistan in 2017 after it was granted its independence.

At present, the 9th-grade pupils might develop a belief that the outcome is likely to be sooner, and that there’s some time left. Pakmcqs. pk has the most current KIU results in 2024 HSSC I BA BSc B.Com ADP MA MSc M.Com and Associate Degrees at the year of the publication. Find the results of KIU 2021 SSC 2. By staying connected and attentive to us and you’ll be able to look forward to the formal proclamation piece. The chancellor of KIU and Pakistan’s president and president of Pakistan, Ms. Mammon Hussain, stated that the University’s Hunza and Women Campus will be open soon.

 How Can I Check KIU Result 2024 Online ?

The KIU Online Result 2024 may be viewed here.

  • Select a Year of Exams (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2024, 2024) (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2024, 2024)
  • Make a Decision Regarding the Form of Assessment (SSC-II Old Syllabus) (SSC-II Old Syllabus)
  • (Annual/Supplementary) Exam Session
  • Enter Your First and Last Name Here
  • Please enter your Student ID number.
  • Select the “View Result” button.
  • KIU Result 2024 SSC, BA Part 2

KIU Contact Information

Ph. 05811-960010

Email: [email protected]

Website: examinations.kiu.edu.pk

Check Also: KIU Admission 2024

KIU Result 2021 SSC and HSSC | www.kiu.edu.pk says:


Q: How do I check my KIU Result 2024?

The annual exam results for Karakoram International University Gilgit Baltistan are available online at @www.kiu.edu.pk. Soon after receiving the notification from the KIU examinations administration, students can see their prior KIA results by names and roll number slips.

Q: How much is admission at KIU?

For both Ugandans and foreign students, the application fee is 50,000 Ugandan Shillings (non-Ugandans). The application cost for online applicants is paid to the Finance Office when you report picking up the initial admission.

Q: How much is tuition at KIU?

The exchange rate will reveal that five-year medical courses, such as medicine, cost approximately five million (five million) naira to finish, whereas liberal arts, law, information technology, and business management courses require about one million (1,000,000) naira to complete.

HITEC University Taxila Admission 2024 Apply Online

The official announcement of the HITEC Heavy Industries Taxila Education City University Admission Test Result 2024 will be made here. HITEC University Taxila Admission 2024 Apply Online As soon as feasible after the test, those applicants who took the exam can view their HITEC University NTS admission test result 2024 here. The National Testing Service NTS administers the entrance examination for admission to HITEC University. As a result, if you want to obtain the NTS Entry exam 2024 result and answer key, you must often check this website.

The application period for the MS and Ph.D. programs at HITEC University Taxila Admission 2024 is now open. The application form is available here, and the merit list and results of the entrance exam will also be made available on this page. HITEC University was founded in 2006, and its first group of 250 students enrolled in studies in 2007. The government of Pakistan announced in 2009 that HITEC University had become a licensed university of Pakistan following two years of affiliation with the University of Engineering and Technology UET Lahore. The Heavy Industries Taxila Education Welfare Trust fully funds the university (HITEWT). University in such a short period of time The University currently provides Bachelor’s, Master’s, along with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Islamic Studies, a Master’s in Business Administration and Mathematics, and Doctoral level programs in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

 HITEC University Taxila Admission 2024 Apply Online

HITEC University Taxila Admission 2024

HITEC University Taxila Admission 2024 Apply Online

Candidates who have taken the prerequisite test required for admission to programs and are awaiting results will be admitted under the condition that they will pass the exam in accordance with the requirements for admission. Within two weeks of the results being announced, students must provide authenticated copies of their certificates or degrees, otherwise, the university would revoke their enrollment. Only applicants to undergraduate programs may take the admission test. The university won’t only charge you for admission and testing. Fee for Prospectus: Rs. 1000

Events Date
Starting date for admissions January 2022
Last date to submit applications January 2024
Hafiz e Quran Test Update Soon
1st Merit List Click Here

Eligibility Requirements

Graduate-level courses:

  • BE or B.Sc. in Engineering in a relevant field
  • A minimum CGPA of 2.0/4.0 or 50% is required.
  • NTS’s GAT General test requires a minimum cumulative score of 50%.

Doctoral Programmes:

MS/M Phil or equivalent (in relevant discipline) from a school recognized by HEC with a minimum CGPA of 3.00/4.00.
GRE (subject) test with a minimum 60% percentile score or a GAT subject test administered by NTS with a minimum 60% total score.

Admissions form for HITEC University Taxila Admission 2024:

  • The admission prospectus for HITEC University Taxila is available on the university campus from Monday through Sunday from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.
  • In addition, the admission form can be downloaded from the ilm.com.pk page as well as the official website.

Financial Support:

For the top 50 merit positions in the HITEC University Entry Test, full tuition fee waivers are available. For needy students, financial aid is also available in accordance with university regulations.

Undergraduate Degree Split Programs:

  • 2 years each at the UK’s HITEC University and Strathclyde University (declared University of the year 2013 by Times Higher Education)
  • Strathclyde University will be the one to grant the degree.

MS/Ph.D. Admissions are Available at HITEC Taxila in the Spring of 2024 Apply right away Online

MS/Ph.D. (evening)

  • Engineering in Electrical
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Islamic research (Morning)

Application forms for HITEC University Taxila Admission 2024

College Campus

9:30 am to 3:15 pm, Monday through Friday

Check Online the 2024 HITEC University Taxila Entry Test Results

Higher Education Commission, Pakistan ETC Registration 2024 Apply Online

ETC HEC Gov PK Online Registration 2024 for HEC LAT, Hat, LAW GAT, USAT scholarships, and other recruiting examinations is provided. Higher Education Commission, Pakistan ETC Registration 2024 Apply Online The Education Testing Council’s website, www.etc.hec.gov.pk, currently offers online registration for the LSAT 2024. To enroll in a 5-year Bachelor of Laws (LLB) program, candidates must pass the Law Admission Test. A deadline has been set for the online signup period. To register online starting in 2024, please go to http/etc.hec.gov.pk, the official government website.

The ETC Registration 2024 for various competitive exams has begun by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. For ETC HEC Online Registration 2024, the HEC invites new applicants. HEC has opened online registration for the HEC LAT Test for applicants who plan to take the HEC LAT, HEC GAT, or any Competitive Exam. Details on how to register for the law admission test for 4 year LLB programmes are accessible here. In conclusion I’m going to go over the entire enrollment process for ETC HEC in today’s post. Let’s get going!

Higher Education Commission, Pakistan ETC Registration 2024 Apply Online

ETC Registration 2024

HEC Online for ETC Registration 2024

Updates regarding the ETC HEC Online Registration, Exam Date, Answer Key, and ETC Result 2024 will be posted here. You must log in to access the Education Testing Council of Pakistan. Presently Please complete the following form. Password * ID card or passport.

Etc.hec.gov.pk The 2024 Lat exam registration form is now accessible. The HEC Law Admission Test 2024 LAT application session has begun. On August 7, 2024, the five-year LLB Program will start, and prospective students will need to take the Law Admission Test (LAT). The 2024 HEC LAT registration deadline is July 22. Enrollment in the five-year LLB program is now open online.

HEC Portal Login to Etc.Hec.Gov.Pk

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) is getting ready to provide the Law Admission Test (LAT) in 2024 based on the verdict of Pakistan’s top court. A testing schedule for admission to all public and private law schools in Pakistan has been made public by the ETC. Prospective students can look through a list of Pakistan’s best public and private law schools. Here is the law school admissions strategy for the following year, 2024.

For more information about the recently launched 5-year LLB program, visit etc.hec.gov.pk. The LSAT registration form for 2024 The LSAT was a requirement for admission to HEC Law prior to April 25, 2024. The dates for the admissions exams mandated by the new legislation have been set by HEC.

SR Title Action
1. ETC Online Portal Click Here
2. Instructions for Candidate Click Here
3. LAT Test Pattern and Syllabus Click Here
4. The Curriculum of law GAT Click Here
5. ETC Registration User Guide Click Here
6. List of Public and Private Sector Universities Click Here
7. HAT Undergraduate Paper Distribution Click Here
8. Frequently Ask Questions Click Here

HEC releases the dates for each LAT administration twice a year. The LSAT’s results are valid for two years. This implies that anyone who takes the LSAT in the ensuing two years will be assured admission to the law school of their choice.

The topics covered, sample questions, and structure for both the LAT and the Hat are listed here. HEC will send out admit cards two weeks before the exam.

HTTP/etc.hec.gov.pk For Online LAT 2024 Registration

On this page and the ETC website, you can download your ETC LAT entrance card. You can view their ETC result in 2024 by entering their roll number on this page.

The ETC HEC registration form for 2024 is right here if you’re looking for it. You can register online if you’ve finished the 12th-grade curriculum.

Dear Candidates, If you encounter any difficulties, do let us know in the comments section of the ETC HEC Online Registration form located at http://etc.hec.gov.pk. We will include a link to the online registration form here once the announcement is made public.

Online registration at etc.hec.gov.pk

For online registration, use the URL /etc.hec.gov.pk as of 2024.

Students must register for the HEC Law Admissions Test before taking the test. The Higher Education Commission published a schedule, and on May 22, 2024, the Law Admission Test (Lat) was given. Easily register online for the HEC LAT by going to http://etc.hec.gov.pk. Learn how to sign up online for the HEC LAT Exam 2021.

Online Registration through ETC Registration 2024 Etc.Hec.Gov.Pk

In 2024, sign up for the HEC LAT online. The Law Admissions Test (LAT) is a requirement for admission to a five-year LLB degree. The LSAT application deadline for graduates in 2024 is drawing near.

Latest Date for LAT Test ETC Registration 2024

Visit the official website to register online in 2024.

On May 15, the LSATs for 2024 will be given. Admissions test for the HEC School of Law. Go here to view the LAT challan for the year 2024, undergraduates.

HEC LAT test, Registration,

For additional information about the HEC LAT test, registration, and the test date in 2024, visit hec.gov.pk. LAT online registration 2024. The final deadline must be made known. The deadline for submitting an online LAT test application is July 22, 2024. The HEC LAT will take place on August 7th, 2024. Students enrolled in the five-year Bachelor of Laws (LLB) program will take the Law Admission Test on May 15, 2024. (LAT). Candidates may start signing up for the ECLAT exam on April 25, 2024.

The deadline for online LAT registration in order to be taken into consideration for admission to the LLB 5-year degree program is August 7, 2024. According to the official schedule published by the Higher Education Commission, the Law Admission Test (Lat) was administered on August 7, 2024. For the most recent government information regarding the Lat Test 2024, visit www.hec.gov.pk.

For online ETC Registration 2024

Right here on our website, you may submit your application for the HEC LAT Registration 2024. Visit www.etc.hec.gov.pk to register for LAT 2021 online. Applying online to take the LSAT. In order to be admitted to the LLB 5-year degree program, 2024 is the last day to register online for the LAT exam. The HEC Law Admission Test 2024 is available here.

Last Date for LAT Online ETC Registration 2024

The HEC Law Admissions Exam for 2024 is planned for that year. The planned procedure has reportedly been abandoned, according to the notice. When a new date has been decided upon, we’ll notify you.  Visit this page to find out more about the LAW GAT preparation course.

Join the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) today (LAT). According to the survey, people with degrees from other countries are qualified to take certification tests for the legal profession. Applying for law school? Sign up now! (LAT). At any of the institutions on the list, you are free to switch your major and submit an online job application. The Higher Education Commission made the deadline for law school admissions slips known.

Remarks from HEC ETC Registration 2024

Applications for the Law Admission Test (LAT) LLB 5-year are now being accepted for the HEC 2024 testing cycle. The Supreme Court of Pakistan currently mandates that all prospective attorneys take the HEC Law Admission Test.

Pakistan’s Higher Education Commission

All applicants to public and private universities will need to take the Law School Admission Test before HEC makes its judgment in 2024. (LAT). The next application deadline for the final exam is June 15. Your contact information, including a working email address and a cell phone number, must be included when applying for a job online.
Etc.hec.gov.pk LAT 2024

Expensive Candidates, please type in us in the comments section if you have any trouble downloading the ETC HEC Online Registration form from http://etc.hec.gov.pk. Long after the formal announcement, we’ll still provide you with the online registration form here.

HEC.Gov.Pk Online Registration Ends 2024.

Students should register if they intend to take the HEC Law Admissions Test. Admission Test for Law (Lat) The Law Admission Test (Lat) was administered on May 22, 2024, in accordance with a schedule released by the Higher Education Commission. Simply click the following link to register for the HEC LAT online: http://etc.hec.gov.pk.

HEC Law Gat Test Result 2024 Merit List Check Online

The Law Gat Result for 2024 has been made public by the Higher Education Commission. To view the outcome, enter the roll number or CNIC (with dots).HEC Law Gat Test Result 2024 Merit List Check Online. We will soon make the LAW GAT Test Answer key available to the Law Result. Check back here before the year 2024 for the most recent information on the court ruling. and name. To get your HEC LAW GAT Answer key, please select your book color. To verify results, candidates can now provide their reference number or CNIC (with dashes).

For the candidates who took the exam, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in Islamabad just released the HEC Law Gat Test Result 2024 results. They can now access the results of the Law admission test on our website. All LLB graduates are required to take the test, which is regarded as an entrance exam. Candidates must successfully pass the GAT admission test if they want to begin practicing law and begin their professional careers. For the convenience of the applicants, the GAT test solution manual is also provided. Visit our website to receive your results promptly. 23 October ETC HEC LAW GAT 2024 result Check the online answer key (BLUE, GREEN, PINK, WHITE, and YELLOW) by CNIC Number and name. In order to download your HEC Law, please choose your book color.

HEC Law Gat Test Result 2024 Merit List Check Online

HEC Law Gat Test Result

HEC Law Gat Test Result 

The Law Graduate Assessment Test (Law GAT) Final Result, which was administered on July  2024, will be made public shortly. The Law GAT Test Answer Keys will also be released today at the same time. Please keep returning frequently to our page to look for the HEC Announcement.

Online HEC LAW GAT Test Result 2024 Check Merit List

The official Law GAT results will be announced on March 10, 2024. the newest news from HEC! Law GRE scores are now available! Report on the GAT for Legal Practice The exam dates are spaced out. The official results release for the 2024 Law Graduate Assessment Test is  @etc.hec.gov.pk.(Law GAT).

The HEC Answer key, and the Final Merit List. The technique to download Hec Law Gat Keys for 24 July 2024 is provided below. Simply use the instructions provided to download the appropriate answer keys.

Download the ETC HEC Law GAT Answer keys for 2024.
For the exam that was given on July 3, 2024, the answer keys have been made available.

Law gat solution key for July  2024

July 2024 Hec Law gat answer key has been posted. You may get the answer keys for the blue, green, yellow, black, and white papers here.

HEC LAW GAT 2023: Graduate Assessment Test

Every year in December, HEC conducts the GAT entry test to provide a chance for candidates to practice law. But for this, an applicant needs to hold a law bachelor’s degree from a school approved by the PBC and HEC. Only those are qualified to take the GAT admission exam, and they need a 50% score. The test, however, is made up of multiple-choice questions. It is beneficial for you if you plan to take the Law GAT entrance exam in the future. You can access the GAT result 2024 on this website. From here, you may also view the list of centers.

 Law GAT passing score 2024

40% of those who applied and were accepted to enrol obtained passing scores on the LAW GAT. Soon, test takers from abroad will be able to access this website to view their results online.

How to Check the HEC Law Gat Test Result 2024

The HEC Law GAT Test results are available. You must enter the CNIC (or ticket) number in the proper field and select Get result to view the Law GAT Result 2024. The official website http://www.hec.gov.pk will announce the official date for the release of the Law Graduate Assessment Test results. On the day of announcement, you can also obtain the Answer Key and the outcomes here.

How to View the HEC Law GAT Test Result 2024

  • Visit the ETC HEC Pakistan official website.
  • Put your CNIC or ticket number here.
  • Give a password
  • Your screen will display the outcomes.


The Higher Education Commission held an entrance test for recent law graduates on July 3. All applicants who have successfully finished their legal education are eligible to take the HEC LAW GAT entrance test in 2024. All law graduates in Pakistan must take the HEC Graduate Assessment Test in order to join a legal organization. A candidate who receives a 50% mark in the LAW GAT Result 2024 is eligible to practice law in Pakistan.

Visit the official website, which is just below this page, to check your result

Click on the provided Link to view the results of the HEC Law Gat.

LAW GAT Solution 2024

The GAT Law Test is given twice a year by HEC Pakistan. Once you have completed your LLB, take the LAW GAT. You need a 50% average to pass the bar test for attorneys. An applicant is limited to three attempts at the GAT. You require a degree in law to work as a police officer, judge, or in a profession linked to law. Only those who have taken and passed the GAT will have their applications approved by universities recognized by the HEC.

Results of the 20 February 2024 Law GAT Exam

The Higher Education Commission administered a test for recent law school graduates to enter the profession on February 20, 2024. To sign up for the legitimate GAT entrance test, go to the official HEC website. The final list of qualified candidates as well as admissions certificates must be approved by the HEC. The test is required to determine the grade in the end.

 HEC LAW GAT Entry Test Score 2024

There are 100 practice questions on the HEC LAW GAT 2024 entrance test. A 5 Answer Book is given to each student to utilize throughout the test. The questions weren’t in the proper order, but they were all the same. The 2024 LAW GAT answer papers are now accessible. Those who will take the Law School Admission Test on July  2024, are anticipating the HEC LAT GAT Results. Continue reading for hec law gat key 2024.


Q: What is passing marks of law GAT test?

The Law Graduate Assessment Test must be passed with a score of at least 50%. (Law-GAT). Candidates must also satisfy any other requirements outlined in the PBC Rules and Regulations. A maximum of three attempts are allowed for applicants to pass the Law-GAT exam.

Q: How many times law GAT is conducted in a year?

B examination for the last year. The NTSTM tests are given to candidates three times a year, giving them a maximum of three chances to pass.

Q: How do I get a law GAT test on HEC?

For online registration, go to the following address: http://etc.hec.gov.pk. For assistance, candidates can contact [email protected] via email or visit the HEC Secretariat’s regional offices in Quetta, Peshawar, Lahore, and Karachi. An online or ATM deposit of Rs. 3000 for the Law GAT Test is required.

HEC Law Gat Registration 2024 online at hec.gov.pk

We made the enrollment deadline for recent law school graduates known. HEC Law Gat Online Registration 2024. HEC Law Gat Registration 2024 online at hec.gov.pk The test is a means of getting into the legal profession, much like ECAT and MCAT. The candidates can complete their request form by visiting the HEC website. Applications to take the LAW GAT test are now being accepted by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. It is a requirement of the test that all students who want to practice law have to take part in. With a passing score of 50%, the Pakistan Bar Council would have cleared the exam.

The deadline for online registration is June 22, 2024, according to a recent update. – Law HEC GAT (Graduate Assessment Test) Online registration is now underway. Holders with foreign degrees may apply for admission to five-year undergraduate LLB programmes through the Law Admission Test in 2024. Candidates can still apply if they choose Other from the list of universities. As a result, HEC Pakistan administers a Law Graduate test to determine a candidate’s eligibility for Bar Council enrollment as an advocate. For the test on October 3rd, you can download the New Syllabus for the LAW GAT.

HEC Law Gat Registration 2024 online at hec.gov.pk

HEC Law Gat Registration 2024

HEC Law Gat Registration 2024 online

The whole HEC Law GAT Test Registration 2024 information. You can find test dates here. The LAW GAT Test 2024 has been deemed mandatory from, so the Higher Education Commission has opened the online registration process for the HEC LAW GAT test 2024 to law students through the publication of ads in the paper for candidates who wish to obtain a license and be a member of the Pakistan Bar Council PBC.

Registration online at hec.gov.pk

Multiple-choice exams make up the LAW GAT test (MCQ). Candidates should read the terms and conditions of the application procedure before registering on the HEC website. Under the direction of the Pakistan Bar Council, the Higher Education Commission administers the Law Graduate Assessment Test. The test’s goal is to evaluate and finish the examination of law students.

LAT Test at www.hec.gov.pk 2024

Log in to the Pakistan Education Testing Council website. Please fill out the form below. Passport and CNIC. * Password Password forgotten? Sign In. Do not possess an account? outline of the course, past essays, the most recent essay formats, and answered queries. Bypassing this test, the legal student might apply to become an advocate on Bar Council. Candidates who pass the exam may start practicing law. Graduates from abroad may seek to participate in the five-year law programme. Candidates are permitted to apply and may select another university from the list. Graduate students in law will not be permitted to practice law in Pakistan if they fail this exam. Candidates for the HEC Law Graduate Assessment Test 2024 who satisfy the prerequisites can apply online. Before the deadline of February 7, 2024, you may also apply through hec.gov.pk.

 Online Registration, visit Etc. Gov.Pk

The test has been mandated by the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan for the conduct of exams like the PBC LAW graduate Assessment Test 2024 under the supervision of the Higher Education Commission with adequate examination and scrutiny of law students for admission into the legal profession. To qualify applicants for Pakistan Bar Association nomination, HEC conducts a postgraduate law test.

Online Schedule for HEC Law GAT Test Registration 2024

Find the HEC Law registration schedule, the online HEC Law test, the dates for the online entrance exam and exam in 2024, the deadline for applications, as well as a model letter for the registration invoice fee.

Login to etc.hec.gov.pk

Twice a year, HEC releases the LAT test date. Two years pass after taking the LAT. It implies that everyone who has taken the test once can be admitted to law programmes within two years. The curriculum, previous exam results, sample papers, and paper patterns for the LAT and HAT tests are available. Create a profile on the online portal of the Higher Education Commission. Greetings from Scholarship Portal. To continue, sign in. CNIC/POC/Passport. Lost your password? Log in. You don’t yet have an account? Register a Complaint/Ticket at http://wcs.hec.gov.pk; phone: +92-51-111-119-432; email: sup [email protected]. All Rights Reserved Copyright 2018 Punjab IT Board. Ehsaas Scholarship Pakistan requires logging in. Please fill out the form below. Password forgotten? Log in. Do not possess an account? VIEWED BEST ON CHROME EDGE.

Login to ETC HEC Law Gat Registration  2024 at www.etc.hec.gov.pk

The GAT Subject Test Preparation Book Downloads is available here, along with practice papers, past questions, and a PDF version of Solve MCQ. Online MCQ notes and sample paper guides are available on our website, NTS. outline of the course, past essays, the most recent essay formats, and answered queries. Bypassing this test, the legal student might apply to become an advocate on Bar Council. Candidates who pass the exam may start practicing law.

Division of Question Nature of Questions Marks
Essay(English or Urdu) 200 words maximum 15
Personal Statement (English or Urdu 200 words maximum 10
MCQs English Synonyms/Antonyms/Prepositions 20
Mcqs GK 20
Mcqs Islamic Studies 10
Mcqs Pak Study 10
Mcqs Urdu Vocabulary 10
Mcqs Basic Math 05
Total Marks 100
Passing Marks 50

Test Date, HEC LAT Test Registration, etc.hec.gov.pk

You must only possess an LLB from a Pakistani university that has been accredited in order to sit for this LAW GAT test. You can find information on the HEC Law Gat Test Online Schedule and test dates here.

LAW-GAT Test Centers

  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Sukkur
  • Abbottabad
  • Quetta
  • Multan
  • Hyderabad
  • Turbat
  • Bahawalpur
  • Peshawar
  • Muzaffarabad
  • Faisalabad
  • Gilgit

How to Register | Applying for a Law Gat

For online registration, you must go to the official website at http://etc.hec.gov.pk.
If you need assistance or run into any problems while registering online, please contact the HEC Secretariat at [email protected] or stop by one of the HEC Regional Centers.
Candidates must deliver the original fee deposit slip via courier to Room No. 13-207, 2nd Floor, HRD Building, HEC, H-8, Islamabad, or by ATM or online transfer.
Your Complete CNIC number must be written on the back of the deposit slip.
Remember that the unfinished mode won’t be supported.
The entire charge of Rs. 3000 must be deposited into the account online or at a bank machine.
Make sure the “My Profile” section is used when creating a profile.
Go to the link for the “Law GAT Test” On the navigation panel in the left-sidebar of the online portal, click the “Law GAT Test” link.
The HEC LAW GAT Test will only consider applications that have been submitted online.

Contact information for HEC

Contact Information: 91-9217643

Address: Phase-V, Hayatabad, Peshawar, Higher Education Commission Regional Center

Email address: [email protected].

 Official website:    Hec.gov.pk

HEC Law Admission Test 2024 for LLB and LLM

Admission to a five-year undergraduate LLB degree program at HEC/PBC recognized public and private sector universities/institutions and their certified associated schools, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is holding the Law Admission Test (Law-LAT). The HEC Law Admission Test 2024 will be given in the nation’s major cities. Any center can be chosen by the students.  On the HEC website, applications can be filed electronically. Please be aware that entrance to any government or private university’s LLB program and its associated institutions requires passing the HEC Law Admission exam.

LAT test registration is now closed, and people are looking for the 22 January 2024 LAT test date. Additionally, the Supreme Court’s judgment states that the LAT results are admissible for entrance to the undergraduate LLB degree program. In this sense, the order from March 6th, 2018 was significant. All students who plan to continue their legal studies must pass this exam. No admission will be allowed without this. As such, it serves as a prerequisite test for LLB admission. The Supreme Court’s ruling did not specifically address the test fee. This examination is valid for the LLB 5-Year program. The purpose of this announcement is to determine whether or not the candidate is qualified to pursue legal studies, not to evaluate any of his abilities. Admission to a law school is a separate process that is offered by several institutes and is entirely based on merit. You must therefore strive and pass this test in order to continue. The exam will now take place this year. Check the LAT Test Date 2024 right now.

HEC Law Admission Test 2024 for LLB and LLM

HEC Law Admission Test 2024

HEC Law Admission Test

Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or equivalent-qualified students
Students whose results are pending after they took the HSSC final test or an equivalent exam
Any adjustments to the exam date will be announced on http://etc.hec.gov.pk. A week before the test date, candidates who registered themselves through the HEC Online registration method may get their Roll Number Slips at http://etc.hec.gov.pk.

To inform registered candidates of the examination date, time, and location, emails, and SMSs will be issued. Candidates must fill out the Online application form with a valid email address and cell phone number.

To access the examination center, a printout of the roll number slip and the original CNIC will be needed.

Schedule, date, and time for LAT exams

The LAT Test will be given by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on January 22, 2024. Only once every two years will the test be administered, and it will be valid for admission to five-year LLB programmes. There will be no charge for the exam. You may find detailed information on the LAT Eligibility Procedure and the application deadline below. Online MCQs and solutions for HEC Law Preparation. Online registration at etc.hec.gov.pk LAT has begun and will continue through January 10, 2024.

HEC LAT Written Test Roll Number Slip 2024

Get your LAT Test Roll No Slip 2024 on the day and at the time of the test. On its main website, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) awards qualified candidates a roll no slip for the LAW Admission LAT Test 2024. On this website, you can access the ETC HEC Roll No Slip online. The candidate’s name, roll number, test date, test location, and other details are all listed on the HEC roll number slip. The Higher Education Commission took a fantastic action in response to the Supreme Court’s and the Supreme BAR Council’s honorable directive.

Online registration for the LLBHEC Law Admission Test 2024

With this strategy, the standard of legal education would rise and the industry would be rejuvenated. Such a test must be passed before a student can submit an application for intended admission to any university in order to pursue LLB (Hons) or admittance. This standard has been introduced simultaneously for all types of law colleges and universities. Choose a testing location, pay the 1250 Rs. entry cost (Non Refundable). This Sunday, January 22, there will be 100-point MCQ exams.

Visit http /etc.hec.gov.pk to register online as of 2024. final date

The HEC LAW admission test registration period has officially begun, and the deadline to apply is January 10, 2024. LAT LLB Admission Test 2024 Registration was just made public by HEC. The Roll No Slip, Last Date, Test Date, Apply Online Registration Roll No Slip, Result, and LAT Test Roll No Slip are all available to candidates on this page. Registration for LAT LLB Admission Test 2024 Rolling No Slip Challan Form Stay tuned for the LAT LLB Roll Number Slip 2024. This is a fantastic chance for those who wish to ensure their career in the field of LLB. Don’t miss this opportunity, so be ready to apply for LAT LLB Admission 2023.

Centers for the HEC LAT LLB Exam  2024

Although it is advised that applicants select a test facility that is close to their home or district of domicile for their own convenience, applicants may choose a test center from the list provided on the HEC website.

LAT Submission Forms Due Date

The LAW Admission Test LAT’s online enrollment period ends on January 10, 2024. Consequently, register online before the deadline to avoid any problems.

Test date for HEC Law Admission Test 2024

The test will be administered in January 2024, and LAT Roll Number slips will be sent to the applicants’ respective addresses as soon as possible, in accordance with HEC regulations. The list of qualified candidates and their roll numbers will also be available on this website.

Lat Test HEC Account Number

You can pay the charge at Habib Bank Limited using account number 1742-79001334-01. For submission to the HEC when required, the applicant should keep the original Bank payment record or slip on hand.

LAT Test Online Registration Deadline 2024

Use the link below to register online for the HEC LAT Test 2024. The HEC LAT Registration deadline is January 10, 2024. Before the first week of the HEC Written Test of LAT on January 22, 2024, a roll number slip for the law admission entry test (LAT) will be provided. The HEC LAT Entry Test 2024 is open to applicants who have passed the Intermediate Class or the Intermediate Part 2 Exam. Applications can be submitted online at etc.hec.gov.pk.

HEC LAT Exam Syllabus 2024 Sample Questions

100 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are included in the Law Admission 2024 admission tests. A 50% passing mark is required for LLB admission in any university or college in Pakistan, according the Honorable Supreme Court. The following describes the HEC LAT Test curriculum and paper format:

How to Apply for the January 2024 HEC Law Admission Test?

  • Candidates for the LAT must have completed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or a test of equal standing.
  • Students who are awaiting the results of the HSSC or analogous final exam
  • Through http://etc.hec.gov.pk, you will be advised of any changes to the exam date. One week prior to the exam date, applicants who registered online with HEC could access their Roll Number Slips at http://etc.hec.gov.pk.
  • A message with the date, time, and place will be sent to registered applicants by email or SMS.
  • Online applicants must use their real phone numbers or email addresses.
  • A duplicate of the Roll Number Slip and the original CNIC are needed in order to enter the examination center.


Q: Is LAT test necessary for LLB 3 years?

Although the LAT test is a requirement for LLB entrance, all universities and institutions are currently accepting applications for LLB admission without LAT results. Apply for LLB at universities or institutions that provide open admissions because you must give them your LAT results within a year of being accepted.

Q: How do I apply for HEC entry test?

Select Add The screen below will appear. Completely fill out the Matriculation or O Level Information form, then click Add. The screen below will appear. You have been successfully enrolled for the Entry Test; click Apply for Test (you will receive this message).

Q: What is LLB salary in Pakistan?

Admission to the LLB programme requires the LAT test, however all universities and schools are
The base salary package starts at 35,000 per month and can reach as high as 250,000 per month, depending on experience and expertise.

Hazara University Result 2024 Check Online

The Hazara University in Pakistan will soon release the results for all of its courses, including BA, MA, BCOM, MCOM, BSC, MSC, B.Ed., BSc Nursing, and many others. Hazara University Result 2024 Check Online Through this page, all regular and private students at Hazara University can check their results for the 2024 academic year. Final exams for all UG and PG Courses were successfully administered by Hazara University in HU Mansehra from March to May 2024. Currently, thousands of HU Mansehra students enrolled in BA, BCOM, MA, MCOM, BSC, B.ED, MSC, and other programs are anticipating the release of the Hazara University Result 2024.

The majority of students take the yearly exams for the various degree programs at Hazara University each year. The BA test candidates are keen to learn the Hazara University BA result for 2024. They are advised that no official outcome deadline has been set by university officials. Students can easily view the results after they are announced by visiting this page. For the benefit of the candidates, all the information is provided here. Exams are in fact thought to be challenging, and students must exert themselves to the fullest to do well. In addition, it takes the university officials a few months to compile and announce the results. Students are advised to wait patiently till the Hazara University BA BSc result 2024 is released, which is anticipated to happen shortly. The university makes sure that the candidates receive their BA results from the Hazara University of 2024 without any errors, thus they gave the highly qualified staff members the responsibility of checking the papers.

Hazara University Result 2024 Check Online

Hazara University Result 2024

Hazara University Result 2024

Dear Friends, you can use this page to check your BA/B.Ed./BSc HU Mansehra Result 2024 for all UG and PG Courses. Just carefully read the information and use the links that have been activated on this page.

Final exams for all UG and PG Courses were successfully administered by Hazara University in HU Mansehra from March to May 2024. Currently, thousands of HU Mansehra students enrolled in BA, BCOM, MA, MCOM, BSC, B.ED, MSC, and other programmes are anticipating the release of the Hazara University Result 2024.

Hazara University BA, B.Com, B.Sc., MA, and B.Ed. Result 2024

Name of University Hazara University
State Name Rajasthan
Name of Course All UG and PG Courses
Year of Course 1st Year, 2nd Year & Final Year
Session 20120
Category Admit Card 2024
Hazara University Exam Schedule 2024 March to May 2024
HU Mansehra Admit Card 2024 Feb 2024
Hazara University Result 2022 BA, BCOM, BSC, B.Ed., MA, MCOM, MSC, etc. June or July 2024
Authorized Website of Hazara University

Results of Hazara University for 2024 include BA, BCOM, BSC, B.Ed, MA, MCOM, and MSC.

June or July 2024

Hazara University’s official website is located at hu.edu.pk.

MA, BA, B.Ed., and Other PG Courses at Hazara University Result 2024

We are all aware of how significant academic performance is for all students. Results from final exams are even more crucial for all students. Final exams for all UG and PG Courses were administered by Hazara University from March to May 2024. Numerous regular and private students have taken part in these tests. All of them are currently eagerly awaiting Result 2024.

Dear Students, stay tuned to this page for the most recent information on Hazara University Result 2024 announcements. The HU Mansehra will reveal each course’s results in turn. As soon as they announce the results for any course or subject, we will update this website.

Stay in touch with us, therefore. You can access the link to your Hazara University results for the following programs through this page: BA, BCOM, BSC, B. Ed, MCOM, MA, MSC, and all other programs.

How to Online Check the Hazara University Result 2024?

By following the instructions below, you may check the Hazara University Result 2024 for BA, B. COM, B. SC, MA, M.COM, and M.Sc:

Final Words for  All University students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs may see their results by clicking on the website provided above.

B.A., M.A., B.Com., B.Com., B.Sc., B. Every year, the MA and MSc annual examinations are organized by Hazara University. You can find the Online results for BSc Nursing, Education, and many other UG and PG degrees here. Candidates who sat the exam, both regular and private, are now eager to learn the most recent updates regarding the Hazara University Mansehra result 2024.

You can view your Hazara University, Mansehra Results in 2024 on this page if you are a student registered in one of the colleges connected with Hazara University, both regular and private.

 Mansehra Hazara University Result

The university administration has not yet made any announcements on the matter, although it is anticipated that they will do so soon. According to speculations, the Hazara University BA/BSc result 2024 would probably be revealed soon. The MA results from Hazara University will be easily accessible through this platform in 2024 for the students who sat the MA exams. This website is the greatest option for Hazara University HU Bs Bsc students who took the annual exam in 2024 and are interested in learning their results.

Students will also get immediate access to specifics and the most latest information regarding the HU Mansehra outcome 2024. You can find all the information you need concerning the outcome on this page. We hereby inform Hazara University students who are anticipating their MA or MSc results in 2024 that the institution has not yet announced the date on which the results will be announced. For the most recent results information, click here. Use the comment space provided below to contact us with any questions you may have about the Hazara University Result 2024. For the most recent updates on Pakistan’s Hazara University, visit www.hu.edu.pk.

BA BSC B.com Results

From March to May 2024, Hazara University’s UG and PG final exams were completed for all programs. The Hazara University annual Result, which will comprise results for undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as certificates and diplomas, is eagerly anticipated by students who are typically enrolled at HU Mansehra right now. Result 2024 from www.hu.edu.pk

All of the pupils agreed that academic success is crucial. The results of the final exams are even more significant for all pupils. The Hazara University offered final exams for all UG and PG programs from March to May 2024. These tests attracted thousands of regular and private students from across the nation. They’re all waiting impatiently for the Hazara University Results right now.

How do I check the results from Hazara University?

  • The primary website of Hazara University is located at www.hu.edu.pk.
  • Select the link for the Student Corner.
  • When you click on Current Student, the Results page will open.
  • You can now select the year and the course.
  • Please include details like your first and last names.
  • A screen displaying your Card will appear once you have input all of your information.

Sindh Law College Hyderabad Admission 2024 Apply Online

Government admission open Sindh Law College Hyderabad 2024 – admissions to Sindh Law College Hyderabad Admission 2024 Applications are currently being accepted for admission 2024 session for the LLM (5 years) and LLB (5 years) programmes in both the morning and evening sessions. Candidates are informed that admission to Sindh Law College Hyderabad for the fall of 2024 is now available. Please visit the administrative office of the Sindh (Govt.) Law College in Hyderabad for additional information. Admissions are only offered once every school year. Both male and female Pakistani citizens are eligible to apply for admission, according to the release. The University of Sindh UOS has registered Govt Sindh Law College Hyderabad. Online registration for the Sindh Law College Hyderabad Admission 2024 LLB 3-Year, LLB 5-Year (Morning), & LLM (Evening) Programs has begun.

Last day to apply for government admission to Sindh Law College Hyderabad Admission 2024 Applications are currently being accepted for admission to the 2024 session for the LLB (5 years) and LLM programmes in both the morning and evening sessions. Admission to Sindh Law College in Hyderabad begins in 2024. Candidates are informed that admission to Sindh Law College Hyderabad for the autumn of 2024 is now open.

Sindh Law College Hyderabad Admission 2024 Apply Online

Sindh Law College Hyderabad Admission 2024

Sindh Law College Hyderabad Admission 2024

Hyderabad is home to the University of Sindh Law College, which is connected to UOS. the UOS of Sindh University. Information about the Govt Sindh Law College Hyderabad may be found on this website. Admissions timetable, entrance exam date, merit list based on results and fees, final merits from the previous year, and admission requirements. Be wary of individuals who want to enrol in LLM (evening) courses as well as LLB 3-year or LLB 5-year (morning) courses.

Admission to Sindh Law Colleges for LLB 2024

Admissions for the Bachelor in Law (LLB) programme at Sindh Law College Hyderabad is available from September through November, while those for the Master in Law (LLM) programme are open from November to January.

Please visit the Sindh Provincial Government Office in Hyderabad for additional information. Legal College Sindh, which is located on Resale Road in Hyderabad, is one of the oldest law schools and colleges in the province of Sindh (Sindh). Admission is only available once a year, for the whole academic year.

Sindh Law Colleges Hyderabad Admission 2024

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Online Form for Sindh Law College Hyderabad Admission 2024

Both Pakistani men and women are eligible for admittance, according to the proclamation. Students are now being encouraged to apply for admission to LLB or LLM programmes by the college. The first-level courses for the Bachelor of Law were introduced in Sindh Province by the following regulations, which were authorized by the board of Oman Solo University.

Sindh Law College Admission Schedule 2024

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Government Sindh Law College Admission Requirements

For more information about Govt Sindh Law College Hyderabad Admission 2024 Last Date for LLB, LLM morning/evening, admission schedule, online registration, fee structure, merit list, entry exam schedule, scholarship, faculty, ranking, prospectus, hostel, and Courses programmes, keep checking our website.

Sindh Law College Hyderabad Admission 2024 Schedule 

Class Admission Period
Bachelor in Law (LLB) September to November
Master in Law (LLM) November – January

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 Sindh Law College Hyderabad Admission 2024 Merit List

To stay up to date on Govt Sindh University Law College Hyderabad 2024, LLM deadline, LLM evening/morning, admission schedule online registration costs, fee structure, and admissions time, we welcome you to often visit our website. Candidates who are interested in applying for the LLM can now download the Sindh Law College admission form 2024. The advertisement on this page also explains how to fill out an online admissions form, including how to carefully and precisely enter your personal information before clicking the “Submit” button. Hyderabad’s Government Sindh Institution School of Law is a public university.

Sindh Law College Hyderabad Admission 2024 Fee Structure

The prospectus contains the most recent pricing schedules for all programmes, which are available to applicants. By phoning the office number listed below, one may also inquire about the pricing structure. Because we have information on admissions for all programmes in Pakistan, candidates searching for admissions into private and government institutions and colleges are recommended to consult this site every day. One of Hyderabad’s most renowned and established law schools is the GSLC. You may look out for each program’s entry criteria and age-related restrictions here or on their official website.

Entry test results and merit list for Sindh Law College in Hyderabad

Government In Hyderabad, there is a public institution called Sindh University School of Law. One of Hyderabad’s best and most prestigious law schools is GSLC. It is situated in Hyderabad on Resale Road (Sindh). The long-standing Sindh University School of Law educates students in legal writing and other legal and professional skills necessary to succeed in the legal profession. A written test and an interview are required for admission to Sindh University Law School in Hyderabad. Additionally, it is housed in a large, well-organized facility.

The number for Sindh Law College Hyderabad

Address: Resale Rd, Gari Khata, Hyderabad

(022) 9200161


Q: How can I become a student at Sindh Law College?

Ans: Both male and female Pakistani citizens may apply. No one may enrol in the LLB Part-I Class unless they have graduated from the University of Sindh with at least a second-class grade. However, first-class graduates are given preference, provided they pass the “Entry Test” portion of the Pre-Admission Test.

Q: Which college in Hyderabad, Sindh offers the finest LLB programmes?

  • The University of AJK.
  • University of Bahaud Zakariya.
  • Sargodha College.
  • Peshawar College.
  • Bahawalpur Islamia University.
  • The Open University of Allama Iqbal.
  • Online University.
  • Health Science University

Q: Which LLB kind is ideal?

Ans: If you are certain that you want to pursue a profession in law directly after your class 12th, the 5-year LLB degree is your best option.
Here are a few of the top LLB job fields in India:

  • Criminal lawyer
  • Advocate, corporate attorney, and civil lawyer.
  • Cyber attorney.

Q: Which legal position is best?

Ans: Best Careers in the Legal Sector
Criminal lawyer Criminal attorneys, corporate lawyers, judicial services, legal journalists, legal analysts, civil lawyers, and legal advisors are in charge of defending their clients in court for criminal charges.