HEC Online Degrees Verification 2024 Guidelines

Verification of HEC Online Degrees 2024 Higher education commission is referred to as HEC. Degrees, transcripts, bachelor’s degree certificates, and diplomas are all HEC papers that can be attested. HEC Online Degrees Verification 2023 HEC does not vouch for Deeni or international degrees. If you have documents from another country, HEC will need to certify their equivalents before they can be verified by their equivalence cells. For students who have completed the MS/MPhil exam, the number of HEC degree verification processes, attestation requests, and equivalency questions is enormous. You are on the correct webpage, which offers all the details and instructions for HEC degree verification.

The new HEC Online Degrees Verification website, which will enable swift and safe certification that degrees are earned online, has been unveiled by the Higher Education Commission. This technique now makes it possible for students to receive assistance as they may submit their degree applications online from the comfort of their homes without having to physically go to an office. Through the website link: http://www.eservices.hec.gov.pk, applicants can easily submit their applications.

HEC Online Degrees Verification 2024 Guidelines

HEC Online Degrees Verification

HEC Online Degrees Verification 

What is the procedure for HEC degree verification, attestation, and equivalency before you start? I’d want to start by congratulating my readers on receiving their MS or M.Phil. from a private or public university. How to apply for this through the HEC Portal Online or by courier, as well as information on the HEC process for degree attestation, degree verification, and attestation fees.

  HEC Online Degrees Verification 2024 of Fee

On request from applicants, HEC provides the service of sealing the HEC-attested documents in envelopes (for WES/ICAS and other systems). Before sealing the documents in an envelope, applicants are advised to save copies of the HEC-attested documents for their records and future use. Visit the website “Requirement for documents sealed in an envelope” for more information. There are two approaches you can use in Pakistan to validate your HEC degree.

Register Online at HEC.Gov.Pk

By courier, HEC regional offices, or in-person visits to HEC offices in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, and Peshawar, degrees can be verified. (Page: Contact Us) Update (26th December 2019) The Higher Education Commission (HEC) will soon introduce an Online verification and attestation system for education documents, according to this news. The new service aims to prevent fraud while streamlining the application process for applicants. Read the “Procedure for Online Attestation,” “User Manual,” and “FAQs” documents if you ever need clarification or have any questions.

What is HEC Attestation?

HEC attestation is the process that confirms and attests to authenticity of papers issued by universities like diplomas, transcripts, and degrees. It is required for students as well as professionals who are seeking jobs or higher education elsewhere. The procedure of attestation is managed by HEC who is the authority that oversees the higher education systems in Pakistan.

Degree Verification Form for HEC

If you still have inquiries, remarks, or recommendations, please submit them to the appropriate email address or give the number a call (details are provided under “Contact Us”). Responses to all questions come within 72 hours. A task force for Civil Service Reforms, Austerity, and Restructuring has advised the HEC to make sure that academic institutions are monitored to begin e-verification immediately, according to a well-known English daily task force.

Islamabad HEC Degree Attestation

The system Online will allow universities to send academic records for verification as soon as they acquire their degrees, according to the report. Are you having trouble comprehending the HEC degree attestation process or are you unsure of where to begin? If so, the step-by-step instructions in this article will help you get your documents verified by HEC.

HEC Online Degrees Verification Portal for HEC

With certain courier services, both domestic and international applicants can send documents for attestation; the courier service is responsible for the attestation process and for returning the documents to the applicant. You will need an education assessment report whether you’re applying to take a course at a foreign institution, applying for some international scholarships, looking for a job abroad, or considering moving abroad. Simply said,

Documents Necessary for HEC Online Degrees Verification  Attestation

It serves as evidence that you have completed the minimal educational requirements set by a facility, an employer, or immigration authorities. Two methods exist for application: Both the Walk-in Mode (reserved for urgent applications only) and the Authorized Courier Service Mode are available (For all other applications). When in walk-in mode, the applicant has the option of self-submitting their request for degree attestation or allowing someone else to do so on their behalf.

These Records are Necessary for a Master’s Degree:

  1. Original Master’s Degree.
  2. Original Master’s Degree Transcripts.
  3. Original Bachelor’s Degree.
  4. Authentic transcripts for bachelor’s degrees.
  5. Original Intermediate Certificate.
  6. Original matriculation certificate.
  7. copies of each of the educational certificates mentioned above.
  8. color replica of an ID card
  9. Here is a printable version of the HEC form that you can complete. HEC Form Completion

Through TCS,HEC Online Degrees Attestation

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan must review and attest ate all documents from higher education before you may submit them for an exam. It’s not as difficult as it would seem, even though it takes time.

Conditions for HEC Online Degrees Verification

Simply create an account on the HEC portal and complete the Online form to get started. Your educational records may also need to be scanned for this site. First-come, first-served consideration is given to applications submitted by courier services, which are also used to return the application to the applicant. The applicant is informed via email and SMS when an attestation process at HEC is complete.

How To Apply For HEC Degree Attestation 2024
Step 1  Open the link to the website provided HEC E-Services Portal. E-Services Portal
Step 2  You can log in using CNIC/Passport/POC
Step 3 Complete the Online Profile
Step 4 Upload Scanned copies of documents required and fill out the application form

 HEC Online Degrees Verification of Helpline

You will be needed to schedule an appointment after the Higher Education Commission representative has carefully examined your transcript, degree, and other relevant documents. After that, you can go to the nearby HEC facility for attestation. Applications submitted in the urgent walk-in form are attested, followed by receipt the following day, the day of your visit.


Q: How can I verify my HEC degree online?

Please submit an application for an attestation of a Foreign Equivalence Certificate issued by the HEC at https://eservices.hec.gov.pk. Please choose the appropriate country from the drop-down list that has granted the degree before choosing the name of the applicable university. Please use the programme title found on the certificate of equivalence.

Q: How is degree verified by HEC?

Two different modes exist: Walk-in Mode (a) (Only for Urgent Applications) In the walk-in option, a candidate may submit their own application for degree attestation or may choose a third party to obtain document attestation on their behalf.

Q: How much time required for HEC degree verification?

The Higher Education Commission reviews your documents for up to three days. Following the successful conclusion of the scrutiny, you’ll get an email and an SMS alert with further instructions. You have 100 days after that to make an appointment for HEC document verification.

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