Sargodha Medical College Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd

The Sargodha Medical College Merit List 2024 First, Second, and Third are going to announce, and within a few days, they will publish our admission notice. Because this is a public institution and not a private one, therefore, the government will only give admission to those applicants whose names appear on the merit list. Don’t thus assume that you will enroll based on a reference basis. Further PMC timetable since everything will proceed by the PMC plan that is outlined below. A minimum of 65% in FSc pre-medical coursework and a passing score of at least 60% on the MDCAT are required for consideration for admission, under the rules governing medical college admissions. Therefore, if you are qualified for admission and have also submitted an application, review the Sargodha Medical College Merit List 2024 provided on this website.

Sargodha Medical College Merit List 2024 1st 2nd 3rd

Sargodha Medical College Merit List 2024

Sargodha Medical College Merit List 2024 Download

The management of this company will present three merit lists given that the government permits private institutions to enroll more than 100 students in their MBBS programs and that this is allowed in their curriculum. Therefore, it is hoped that those who performed well on both the PMC MDCAT examination and the prior exam will make the merit list. Therefore, we will inform them of any updates on the first, second, or third position The Sargodha Medical College has been providing MBBS education for many years and is situated in Sargodha, Punjab. The guiding principles of our institution and our vision are to offer top-notch instruction, train the greatest medical professionals who are at peace with illness and amuse patients who are dealing with many bacteria.

First Merit List for Sargodha Medical College 2024

Therefore, if you are qualified for admission and you have also applied, please see the Sargodha Medical College merit list, which is available here. The initial selection list will be posted soon, according to the UHS admission exam timetable, it is advised. You must thus exercise patience while waiting for the merit list to be released by UHS officials about the admission test. Once it is uploaded online, you will then be able to view your name on the list. will be able to click the link and be prepared to do so. For teaching doctoral and medical faculty like MBBS, DPT, and Form-D, Sargodha Medical College is a public type college and is the medical department of the University of Sargodha.

2nd Merit List for Sargodha Medical College 2024

In Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan, there is a public medical college called Sargodha Medical College. But it belongs to the University of Sargodha and is a constituent college. In light of this, this is a postgraduate training program with MBBS undergraduate degree holders from the University of Health Sciences (Lahore), Fellows of Pakistan College of Physicians and Surgeons (FCPS), and members of the Pakistan College of Physicians and Surgeons (MCPS). provides and links to colleges. Pakistani Surgeon and Physician (CPSP). Consequently, the International Medical Education Directory recognizes it and lists it as a college (IMED). As a result, the Pakistan Medical and Dental Commission has acknowledged it (PMDC).

3rd Merit List for Sargodha Medical College 2024

The institute’s educational building was finished in 2011 and opened by Yousuf Raza Gilani, who was Pakistan’s prime minister at the time. It is situated in front of the stunning mountain Kirani on the main Faisalabad Road. As a result, the Sargodha Regional Headquarters Hospital has been upgraded to the tertiary care level and is now used as a university teaching hospital affiliated with the Punjab State Government of Pakistan. As a result, the University of Sargodha has administrative control over this college. To assist the institution in succeeding, many departments are working together. Some of these divisions—basic sciences—are housed at academic institutions, whilst others—medical divisions—are found in Sargodha DHQ Teaching Hospital.

Conclusion for the Sargodha Medical College Merit List 2024

The University of Sargodha’s medical school, which teaches doctoral and medical faculties including MBBS, DPT, and Pharm-D, is called Sargodha Medical College. It was founded in 2006 to satisfy the extensive medical discipline needs of Sargodha, allowing locals to receive the greatest medical training and practice in their city. The SMC is associated with the HEC, PMDC, and UHS, and the UHS and PMDC have approved the degrees it provides. Therefore, if earning a highly valued medical degree is also something you’re interested in, you must apply for admission to SMC. This is only feasible if you pass the entrance exam and your name appears on the Sargodha Medical College Merit List 2024-2022 1st, 2nd, and 3rd MBBS, BDS.


Q: Who is the best doctor in Pakistan?

Ans: Dr. Munawar Hayat Ahmed, who has been verified by PMC, is the best general practitioner in Pakistan. Other verified doctors include Drs. Nadia Asma Ahmed, Shakil Ahmed, G. Mehboob Bhatti, Javed Akram, Zulfiqar Ali Kango, and Shakil Ahmed.
PMC Verified. Dr. Mohammed Tanweer Khan.
PMC Verified. Dr. Muhammad Awais.

Q: What is the old name of Sargodha?

Ans: The terms “car” and “Godha,” which both imply “sadhu,” are the source of the name “Sargodha.” The origin of this name is the subject of several hypotheses. According to one interpretation, it is related to the Sanskrit word “svargadhama,” which means “heavenly habitation.” If it were the case, the Punjabi word “Sargodha” would have sprung from it.

Q: What is the famous food of Sargodha?

Punjabi cuisine is mainly known for Sargodha. Think luscious, fruity Rogan josh, sizzling butter chicken, and traditional clay ovens. Then there are munchies like paratha flatbread filled with sweet or savory fillings, which are ideal for incredibly quick delivery of fast cuisine.

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