PMF Result 2024 Check Online

The PMF Result 2024 Check Online has been released. All applicants can view the results for the old and new Scheme Dispensers, CDC, and X-ray assistant categories on the Punjab Medical Faculty website. Dental technicians, lab technicians, and additional technologies. In Punjab, Pakistan, the Punjab Health Department is a legitimate government organization that offers both curative and preventive healthcare services, from primary care to third-party treatment. The Drugs Act of 1976 established the Provincial Quality Control Board to make sure that everyone has access to high-quality medications. Medical schools and teaching hospitals were made autonomous entities under the Punjab Medical and Health Institutions Act of 2003.

Pakistan Medical Commission National Medical and Dental College Admission Test is referred to as PMF. In Pakistan, there is a yearly entrance test for medical and dental schools. The exam is intended to assess the candidates’ knowledge and abilities as they prepare to seek careers in medicine.

 PMF Exam 2024

It is anticipated that the PMF test for 2024 will take place in August. The Pakistan Medical Commission has not yet disclosed the precise schedule of the exam. But it’s anticipated that the commission will make the official announcement shortly. 200 multiple-choice questions covering four subjects—English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics—make up the PMF test.

Date of PMF Result 2024

The PMF exam outcome date for 2024 has not yet been made public. However, based on past patterns, it is anticipated that the outcome will be made public in the first week of September. The Pakistan Medical Commission’s main website will host the results. Result

The establishment of the Punjab Medical Faculty (PMF) in Lahore took place in the year 1916. An 11-member, autonomous Governing Committee oversees PMF. The development of a diploma-level program and the delivery of exams for these programs are among the Punjab Medical School’s main duties. Additionally, it coordinates and oversees a variety of commercial and public institutions engaged in the teaching of related health sciences.

Old Scheme Dispenser Result 2024

The results of the Lahore PMF 2024 have all been released. The university’s official website is a wonderful resource for students to use to keep track of their progress and is where you can find the Punjab Medical Faculty 2024 Results. Results for your PMF for 2024 can now be viewed online. Here are the scores for 2021.

PMF Result 2024 Check Online

PMF Result 2024

PMF Result 2024

All of the applicants who were accepted into the Punjab Medical Faculty are interested in attending CDC, X-ray technician, and dispensing schools. Dental technicians, lab technicians, and additional technologies. Now that the results have been released, all candidates may check them online, they seek the most recent information about them from the Punjab Medical Faculty Result. You can find the most recent information about the Punjab Medical Faculty Result on this website, so check back often for updates.

How to Check the PMF Result 2024

The methods below should be followed by candidates who need to learn how to check the PMF results in 2024. You can determine the Result by following the stages below, which detail the procedure.

  • Visit PMF’s main website first at
  •  What kind of test do you want to take?
  •   Select a class.
  •   Decide on a group.
  •    Enter the registration number.
  •    To refine your findings, click the “OK” button after reviewing your results.

PMF Lahore Results 2024

The findings are as follows. All candidates may verify online at the following link.

  • Dispenser Result
  • Medical Lab Technology Result
  • Radio & Imaging Result
  • Operation Theater Result
  • Physiotherapy Result
  • Public Health Technology Result
  • Dental Technician Result
  • Lab Technician Result
  • Lahore Lab Assistant Result
  • Clinical Assistant Result
  • Public Health Technology Result Observed 2024

This regulatory body is linked to all private and public schools that offer Allied Health Sciences programs. Checking results on is advised for participants who did the PMF exams in 2024. This week’s PMF findings are anticipated to be released later.

Vaccinator PMF Result 2024

Students may be surprised to discover that they did not perform particularly well now that the results have been made public for the vaccinator students. Don’t fret if you were one of the students who received high marks in the PMF Punjab Medical Faculty result 2024! By reevaluating your applications and submitting superior ones, you can still receive higher grades.

 PMF Result 2024 OTT

You’ve come to the correct page if you’re looking for PMF Lahore Result 2024 Ott Punjab Medical Faculty. All classes’ MF results for 2024 have been released in Lahore. Candidates should check the websites provided below while they are waiting for the Punjab Medical Faculty Lahore results.

How do I find out my PMF outcome for 2024?

  1. View your PMF score by clicking the provided link. Press the submit icon after entering your CNIC or the necessary information. The outcome will be shown, and you can obtain it as a pdf.
  2. Candidates, if you experience any difficulties while viewing your PMF results, please leave a remark at the bottom of this page. Your outcome will be displayed on this screen.

How to Check the PMF Result 2024

Follow these easy procedures to check your PMF result 2024:

  1. Visit the Pakistan Medical Commission’s main website.
  2. The “PMF Result 2024” tab can be clicked.
  3. Enter your registration number and any other necessary information.
  4. Select “Submit” from the menu.
  5. Your outcome will be displayed on the television.
  6. Print out your results so you have them for reference.

 PMF Result Statistics 2024

After the results are announced, the Pakistan Medical Commission will publish the PMF result 2024 data. The statistics will show how many candidates showed up for the test, how many qualified for the exam, and what percentage of candidates passed.

 PMF Result 2024 Supplemental

The public can now view the PMF findings. On this website, you can verify the PMF 2024 Results. Visit this site frequently for the most recent information if you’re interested in learning more about PMF Core Course 2024 Results and the most current information about PMF Today Results.

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What is the PMF exam?

The PMF test is an entrance exam for Pakistan’s medical and dental schools.

What is the verification fee of Punjab Medical Faculty?

For each document that needs to be verified, a verification charge of Rs. 1000 should be sent in the form of a bank draft in the name of the secretary of the Punjab Medical Faculty in Lahore.

What should I do after the PMF result 2024 is announced?

You can begin submitting applications to the medical and dentistry colleges of your choice once the PMF result for 2024 has been made public.


Students who want to study medicine or dentistry in Pakistan must first pass the PMF test. In the first week of September, the outcome of the PMF test 2024 is anticipated. For the most recent information on the exam and the results, candidates should regularly check the Pakistan Medical Commission’s official website. All the aspirant medical and dental students have our best wishes for success on their exams and in their future undertakings.

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