Bano Qabil Online Registration 2022 Last Date

Everybody should have the opportunity to have a bright future through excellent education and fulfilling employment, according to Bano Qabil Online Registration 2022. Al-Khidmat intends to assist thousands of students in realizing their aspirations. A vocational and educational youth project called Bano Qabil serves students from Hyderabad and Karachi. Make your fantasies come true by coming to the big event on July 3rd. You may now determine your route to success and take charge of your life! Al-Khidmat has collaborated with several respectable universities and organizations to allow thousands of students to enroll in these programs/degrees for free. We are concerned about the present and the tomorrow that our children will build. In YOU and your future, we wish to invest! Prepare yourself for a brighter future. Register right now for this city’s largest educational event.

Bano Qabil Online Registration 2022 Last Date

Bano Qabil Online Registration 2022

Bano Qabil Online Registration 2022

The program for acquiring employable skills provides information technology courses. The way this program works is as follows: Students have the option to create a free account on Banoqabil.Pk. using the website and the Android app. By giving students who cannot afford an education through a regular system the chance to pursue their education, the goal is to empower the next generation.

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Because a sizable number of students must apply, there isn’t enough funding to award scholarships exclusively for IT degrees, thus an aptitude test will be given to choosing the best candidates. The event took place on Monday morning at a local hotel, and notable visitors included Alkhidmat Chief Executive Officer Naveed Ali Baig, APTECH CEO Iqbal Yousuf, Shameem Rajini from PASHA, Innovators Solutions MD Tahir Aziz, Social Entrepreneur Rehan Allah Wala, and others. You have the amazing freedom to decide how you work. Freelancers have the freedom to work whenever and wherever they want. The freelancing economy is expanding as a result of these alluring benefits.

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To empower the next generation and assist the country’s young in their academic and professional endeavors, Alkhidmat Karachi has started a new project called “Bano Qabil.” The speakers emphasized the need for the next generation to have the skills essential to enhance their jobs and lead developed lifestyles. The goal is to provide hundreds of young boys and girls in Karachi the chance to master sophisticated IT skills and begin making a respectable living.

Date of Bano Qabil Entry Test

Registration has ended! Prepare for the Bano Qabil entry test taking place at Bagh-e-Jinnah Ground on October 19, 2022.

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The group has worked with several academic institutions to provide free training to students. In this regard, Alkhidmat has joined up with the well-known IT firms APTECH and CISCO to develop a comprehensive scholarship program that offers Karachi students Certificates and Certificate programs that concentrate on Information Technology and Skill Development.

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The program run by Bano Qabil enables college and high school students to acquire their initial training in the field of information technology. These programs were created in partnership with academics and businesses, and they have received endorsement from several business organizations such as PASHA and PSEB. These groups will also help students find employment in different parts of the country.

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As they assist them in earning a living salary and sustaining their own lives and the lives of their families. Top IT colleges will be brought in to offer support and technical expertise. This Bano Qabil project will greatly help gifted students prepare for self-employment through freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork and get familiar with the most recent technology.

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Only 22,000 kids will be selected for this Bano Qabil program out of a large number of applicants, according to a specifically created aptitude test. Alkhidmat has partnered with renowned IT companies APTECH and CISCO.

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Content, Affiliate Marketing & Nurturing, Email Marketing & Lead Nurturing, Search Marketing & Optimization, Social Media Marketing & Optimization, and Marketing Principles. Analytics. Millennial Entrepreneurship: The Basics.

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Through collaboration with academia and business, the courses were created. These courses are certified by several professional bodies, including PSEB and PASHA. This Bano Qabil program will significantly help gifted students advance their careers and become tech-savvy while preparing them to work for themselves through freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and the Upwork platform.

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They stand for the nation’s future and will be able to meet not only their own needs but also those of their families and the general public. Top IT colleges will be brought in to offer support and technical expertise. You can support your participation in the Bano Qabil program by funding whatever many kids you choose to sponsor. Up to now, over 30,000 pupils have participated in the program.

App for Bano Qabil

A modified Aptitude Test will be used to select around 2,000 candidates in the beginning. You have the option of limiting your financial assistance. Different levels of scholarships, some of which give a 100% tuition reimbursement, will be made available to the chosen students. An online registration tool called Bano Qabil App is utilized to complete paperwork for a variety of government services. Through the Bano Qabil App, consumers may register online. The deadline for registering online is November 30, 2022. The following requirements must be met to use the app:

  • Both the users’ email addresses and phone numbers must be current.
  • Indian citizens must be users.
  • Users must not have any prior convictions.

Eligibility for Bano Qabil

The final day to register for Bano Qabil online is November 30, 2022. By November 30, 2022, eligible persons who desire to register for the elections must do so. Even if they are ineligible to vote in future elections, citizens may still register online. The following people are prohibited from taking part in the online registration process: People with criminal convictions.

  • Adults who are not Pakistani citizens and are above 18
  • People who want to register but haven’t lived in Pakistan for at least six months
  • People who lack legitimate identifying documents (such as a passport or driver’s license).

How to Use?

Students that satisfy the following qualifications may apply for the Bano Qabil scholarship:
being a high school student in the United States in grades 9 through 12
possess a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
Before March 1, 2019, submit an application form and an essay.
Students from all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., are eligible for the Bano Qabil award.

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